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Does a scent deter you from using it?

Just something I'm noticing lately from reading post. But does a scent really make you not use a product. I understand if the fragrance irritates you, but just in general if you don't like the scent of something, do you not use it?


I personally have only come across one product that was too over whelming that made me not want to really use it but I just got over. It was the Ole Henrikson truth cream advance hydratIon. Smelled way too much of oranges and I really didn't like it. But I still use it. What's everyone's opinion?

Re: Does a scent deter you from using it?

@nebel- I use that serum and it doesn't smell like hot dogs at all are you sure you didn't get a bad bottle or something?

Re: Does a scent deter you from using it?

No, I'm not entirely sure! It didn't smell *exactly* like hot dogs but for some reason that was all i could think of.  Smells can be funny to describe.  It was also several years ago (at least 5-6) so maybe they've reformulated?  I just remember it having this odd, strong odor that reminded me of.... hot dogs. lol

Re: Does a scent deter you from using it?

I do that also if it's a skin care product or cosmetics like a powder or something I can't stand the smell of something like that.  I definitely agree with you. The smell of some things just give me a headache especially if I smell them to long.

Re: Does a scent deter you from using it?

I think it depends on when I'm going to use the product. I mind a whole lot less during the day than if I'm trying to sleep at night when all I can do is smell something gross on my face.


I splurged once on the Skinceuticals CE Ferulic treatment.  And it smells like hot dogs.  But I spent soooo much money on it (and it did do very nice things for my skin) that I stuck with it. I couldnt use it at night, but during the day when I was wearing other products and had other stuff to distract me I could deal. 

Re: Does a scent deter you from using it?

Ew hot dogs. I wouldn't want to smell it! Good idea though for during the day. I think my nose is less sensitive to smells though cause I can never smell things on my face after about 2 minutes. 

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