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Do you keep your product boxes?

Does anyone else keep some of their product boxes? 


I know sometimes if I'm a bit iffy on the product or it comes in a set I'll keep the box just incase I feel the need to return it.


That and if the box is really pretty I want to decorate my vanity with it when I get my own room. 


Re: Do you keep your product boxes?

I keep some of the nice, heavy duty ones for wrapping gifts throughout the year. I also use most GWP bags I get as "wrapping" throughout the year-add a ribbon and a card, very cute.


If it hasn't been used by Christmas it goes into recycling or, if really nice, to the women's shelter filled with samples. Most are put into my recycling bin as soon as I open the product-I rarely buy a product without sampling 1st.

Re: Do you keep your product boxes?

I keep my boxes in a bag in my bedroom closet until I know the product is going to work with my crazy sensitive skin & picky eyes then the box goes into recycling or trash.  Smiley Happy

Re: Do you keep your product boxes?

I started saving my product boxes for the past few months. The amount of them is sort of alarming! I had to return something this past summer without the packaging or the receipt and it was kind of a hassle (I wasn't super happy about having my driver's licensed recorded). So I've been saving all the packaging as well as all my Sephora receipts in an envelope. I'm also really hoping to find an beauty organizing/tracking app that will allow me to scan product barcodes and import the info automatically. If I can find that, then I'll start recycling the boxes of everything I know I'm going to keep for sure.

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