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Do customers have responsibilities too?

Hello BEAUTYTALK i was thinking today, we always post on here our expectations of company's, but do you believe there is certain responsibilities for customers towards company's / sales associates? Do you think there isn't any and that customer is king? I was at a certain beauty store and noticed a customer brushing her hair with a brush then putting it back just to grab the one behind it!? So is there a code of conduct for customers as well?

Re: Do customers have responsibilities too?

Niccccce!    A   1, 2, 3 person, love it and well said.


BTW, I notice the  " I was fired from Sephora" thread has been removed.

Re: Do customers have responsibilities too?

If you sent someone to shop for you make extra sure they know what they are getting for you. Example I work in a drugstore and was covering my coworker lunch break ( she works the front register) a lady came in with a note asking for cigerettes  she said which ones she wanted paid and left an hour later a different lady came in to return them saying she sent someone and they got her the wrong ones I called the manager and he told her its our policy that we do returns on cigarettes. So what did she do yell at me from the top of her lungs that I sold her friend the wrong ones my mistake was saying I didnt sell the wrong ones she asked for those. Big mistake. She literally almost punched me! My manager told her to never come back.

Re: Do customers have responsibilities too?

Obviously I have been on both sides of the field, a customer and a client. Generally when I have a frustrating situation, whether it's Comcast messing something up or me not getting an additional coupon added to a purchase that I made, I always try to put myself in the reps shoes.


Mistakes happen, regardless of if it is that person's fault or not. Usually I try my best not to lash my frustration out on them, because at the end of the day we are all human and have feelings too. I also always try to make an effort to say something along the lines of 'thanks so much for your help' or 'the company needs more people like you' if they really do make an effort to get something resolved for me. It makes their days a bit brighter Smiley Happy.

Whimsically yours,

Re: Do customers have responsibilities too?

I 100% agree here... Everyone makes mistakes.  And you should always treat employees and customers with respect.  For me, it is how a person or a company recovers from their mistakes that really shows intentions.  An apology (if sincere) will go 1000 miles to making someone feel better, but the best thing is to try and fix the situation as fast as possible WITHOUT pointing fingers and playing the blame game.  Who cares?  Let's just get it fixed!!


Customer's responsibility is to treat employees with respect.... and that age old rule of treating people how you would be treated and treat things as if they were yours.  Would you like a stranger using your hair brush, or putting their fingers in your makeup?

Re: Do customers have responsibilities too?

I have worked retail for many years and people still amaze me. Some people, I feel, treat me as though I am beneath them because I work retail. While others are super friendly and respectful. 


As far as it goes with clients or customers trying products and then putting them back to get another one, like your brush example, I think that's just plain rude. I do understand why they do it, but I am sure the next person doesn't want a stranger's hair on their hair brush. Also, there are people who will open a new product to test when there is clearly a tester right in front of them. 


I agree with what another BI posted about common courtesy, but the issue is that people have different versions of what they think is common courtesy and common sense, and also of what they think is acceptable. 

Re: Do customers have responsibilities too?

Try having free food samples to put out and keep safe and sanitary.  I've come to the conclusion that half the public was raised by wolves and the other half escaped from some state facility.  This year the prize is take by the woman with the $3,000 handbag who was in such a rush to stuff as much free food as possible in her face in as short a time as possible that she missed and shoved something quite spicy up her nose.

Re: Do customers have responsibilities too?

Working in retail has been the best for me, because I know to treat other retail workers the way I myself want to be treated.  


However, this doesn't stop me from being assertive when I know something is BS or isn't right.  Could be the legal studies major in me, but I often stand up for myself if I know I've been wronged.  


So I think it comes down to: be respectful and courteous, but assertive when it is necessary.  

Re: Do customers have responsibilities too?


Unfortunately people don't always have good manners, on both sides. I think if people used common sense and good manners, 90% of problems would disappear. That brush thing is gross.... who would do that??

Re: Do customers have responsibilities too?

The thing is everyone have different idea of common sense and good manners. I know that in China you don't tip. When I first came here I never tip and I don't understand why you would shell out 15% more than what you should pay. My friend explained it to me then I started tipping everybody. Once I tipped the girl at a fast food restaurant and she was so happy that she ran out after me to say thank you with a big smile. Now I tip the appropriate amount in appropriate situation (I hope).


Re: Do customers have responsibilities too?

Great example about how etiquette varies.  I believe in tipping 20% at restaurants, and for personal services such as hair cuts, massages, facials, etc.  I had this convo with a friend once and she told me she tipped 15% and she thought that was being generous.  Smiley Happy

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