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Do customers have responsibilities too?

Hello BEAUTYTALK i was thinking today, we always post on here our expectations of company's, but do you believe there is certain responsibilities for customers towards company's / sales associates? Do you think there isn't any and that customer is king? I was at a certain beauty store and noticed a customer brushing her hair with a brush then putting it back just to grab the one behind it!? So is there a code of conduct for customers as well?

Re: Do customers have responsibilities too?

You want them to slow things down by putting it on the counter? That's generally considered rude in retail because it wastes time.

Re: Do customers have responsibilities too?

Agreed @SugaredMagnolia. Rude and unproductive.

Imagine being in a drive threw and they put the money on the window sill for you haha.

Realistically, when the cashier gives you your change it is in some form of order.

Re: Do customers have responsibilities too?

The one thing that irks me more than anything else are the (rare) times I've heard a customer throw a fit that ends with "I want that employee fired!" (Or something along those lines.)

If the employee had done something extreme, I understand (maybe). But you never know what is going on in someones life, why they need that job, what it would actually mean for them to be out of work. Am i saying that everybody deserves their jobs regardless of how they treat people? No. But thinking that you personally are just SO important of a customer that stores should base who they keep in their employ for you is just....ughhh there are no words.

Re: Do customers have responsibilities too?

My boyfriend was working a second job this summer, delivering Indian food.  He was out doing a delivery, and while at the door, a blind woman asked if she was at the church yet.  Being my darling southern gentleman, he walked her to the church as the sidewalk was very broken up and required crossing a street.  Upon his return to finish the transaction with the woman who had ordered, she threw a terrible fit, called his boss, and asked that he be fired in front of her.  His boss didn't comply for good reason, but the nerve of that woman still irks me to this day.


Re: Do customers have responsibilities too?

I work with two of the rudest girls in the world.  I was telling them about being in Target with two grumpy kids and having to walk back across the store to put an item back, what a pain it was.  One said, "Oh just put it anywhere, a worker will put it away for you."  I said that I thought that was rude.  She said, "Why?  It's job security for them."

I can't stand people like this,  it's disgusting how some people treat others. 

Re: Do customers have responsibilities too?

That makes me crazy!  What if it's the last of that item on the shelf, and someone else needs it, but the SA can't find it because they've left  it in the most random spot in the store?!  Ugh.

Re: Do customers have responsibilities too?

There's a few things, but the worst that's happened lately(bear in mind I work at a major competitor for Sephora, so I'm sure this has happened there):

A woman came in to get her make up done by one of the artists.  Upon completion of her make up, she announced she had pink eye.  They had to toss EVERYTHING used on her, as it's just so contagious and not worth the public risk.  Seriously, grow a brain.

Re: Do customers have responsibilities too?

what the heck?! why is she even getting her makeup done with pink eye. to make it worse?


i refuse to believe she was really that stupid.

Re: Do customers have responsibilities too?

Honestly, it seems to be a local thing.  When I was in school, we had camera and lighting equipment available for off campus use, (keep in mind it's a photography program), and a student had pink eye, checked out one of the most used cameras, and then told a teacher AFTER he turned it back in.  She asked him if he realized how contagious pink eye was, and he didn't seem too phased.  People generally really only concern themselves with what immediately benefits them, not how it will affect someone else around here.  I'm sure the teacher would have made alternative arrangements had they known about the pink eye.  But yes, I really do believe she was either that stupid or that selfish.  

Re: Do customers have responsibilities too?

Sadly, probably a people thing. I sometimes kick myself for certain behaviors or comments after the fact, but I sincerely hope I am never so offensive that other people remember it long after the fact (or long enough to write about me on a chat board). I wish I did not believe the pink eye or other stories, but truth really is stranger than fiction, and I have seen too much NOT to believe.


When I was 16, I got pink eye, and I called out of my work shifts for two days because that was how long my doctor said I would be contagious. You would not believe the attitude I got, and one supervisor could not believe that I was taking off Friday AND Saturday! I was a cashier, did they really want me giving everyone at Best Buy pink eye??? People are dumb on both sides of the counter.

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