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Do customers have responsibilities too?

Hello BEAUTYTALK i was thinking today, we always post on here our expectations of company's, but do you believe there is certain responsibilities for customers towards company's / sales associates? Do you think there isn't any and that customer is king? I was at a certain beauty store and noticed a customer brushing her hair with a brush then putting it back just to grab the one behind it!? So is there a code of conduct for customers as well?

Re: Do customers have responsibilities too?

When I worked at a luxury beauty boutique, it was always interesting comparing the "extra" hours different stores in our area received. A year or two ago, our store that was actually IN DC, in Georgetown, that was the first one to open in the area, the tenth to open in the US, was actually allocated LESS hours than the store in Reston, VA. It is a nice store, but it is in the suburbs, is a lower volume store, and was open less hours during the week. Someone at corporate (or our DM, I do not know who had final say) apparently had math issues. Our employees were paid better than most, but corporate was plenty stingy with the hours. Then they told you to make sure you had enough coverage and to add extra shifts if needed. Though if you did add shifts and you did not blow goal out of the water (and even when you did, sometimes), you were expected to cut hours somewhere else. Because single coverage for extended periods works SO well during the holidays. All corporate decision makers should have to work as lowly associates every other month. You would see a lot of changes!

Re: Do customers have responsibilities too?

Agreed! We are now open and hour earlier and stay open an hour later then usual and we got NO extra hours given to us by the company for holiday or anything. Sometimes, the store just has to make due. Smiley Sad

Re: Do customers have responsibilities too?

The surveys and comments submitted through the website typically go to the "top guys" right?  Not to the store managers but the head honchos making the decisions?

Re: Do customers have responsibilities too?

Customers do whatever they want because of that stupid saying "the customer is always right". They are rarely right in my experience. And now they like to threaten to call the local news station when they do not get their way. A man actually wanted me to look up the number for the news station that investigates customer complaints because we would not cash a $5000 check for a non customer.

Customer service sucks.

Re: Do customers have responsibilities too?

-The politeness we expect from SAs should certainly go both ways.  Especially around the holidays, be patient and understanding and don't blame them for things that are out of their control.  Same with customer service reps, it can be a hugely demoralizing experience, the way a lot of people treat them.  


-Practice hygiene and good manners with the testers!  The things these eyes have seen...

Re: Do customers have responsibilities too?

-Give the company a chance to fix a mistake before slamming them in a review or online.  It's okay to complain to the company, often I think they prefer it so they can know what to fix, but be clear about what you want.  Don't make them deal with emotions or vent.  


Re: Do customers have responsibilities too?

Working in retail for over four years has taught me a lot. One thing that really annoys me is when a customer comes up to your till and is talking on there phone.

I also got annoyed when a customer would pay and I would have my hand out for them to put the money in and they stick it all over the counter. Like, thanks a lot jacka**! I don't know why people do this. You wouldn't expect the cashier to give you your change back and slide it on the counter towards you. No. They stick it in your hands. Lastly. Shoppers.. Customers.. Stand up for the sales associates if you see they are being abused by another customer!!!

Most stores try to enforce "the customer is always right" and allow there employees to get walked all over.

The best thing any customer can do is stop another customer who is verbally attacking a "defenseless" employee. I say defenseless because they generally aren't allowed to stand up for themselves if the customer is rude to them or says/does something. If you see something than stand up for the employee. It public humiliates the customer who thinks they can get away with treating someone crappy while the person being bullied can't say anything back without fearing the loss of there job.

Re: Do customers have responsibilities too?

You know, I feel like I stick my neck out in a lot of situations to help or protect other people but I've never thought of telling another customer to back off or calm down.  Thank you for bringing it up.  

Re: Do customers have responsibilities too?

It always works. People don't like to be confronted by someone who is "allowed" to defend themselves. That's why bullies prey on those who can't defend themselves. Just think of the customer as a bully who is picking on an associate who really can't say much. I always stood up for myself but when I worked retail I was a student and really didn't care about loosing my job. If my human rights were being violated I stood up for myself.

Even if you stand up for a SA and the customer starts attacking you or demands a manager, the manager will believe the SA and the customer who says the other customer was rude and generally this is a good way to get that customer banned from the store.

Re: Do customers have responsibilities too?

Oh my god, I hate it when cashiers put the money in my hand!  Seriously, it's my pet peeve.  It doesn't always get handed back to me in the order in which I want to place it in my wallet, so I have to jam it into my wallet uncomfortably and I'm being rushed to get out of the way for the next customer when I just want like 15 seconds to make sure all my 1s, 5s, etc are in order and the change goes in the coin purse.  Ahhhhh!

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