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Do customers have responsibilities too?

Hello BEAUTYTALK i was thinking today, we always post on here our expectations of company's, but do you believe there is certain responsibilities for customers towards company's / sales associates? Do you think there isn't any and that customer is king? I was at a certain beauty store and noticed a customer brushing her hair with a brush then putting it back just to grab the one behind it!? So is there a code of conduct for customers as well?

Re: Do customers have responsibilities too?

Working in retail myself, I feel like customers SHOULD take the more responsible approach. I.E, follow basic rules of respect- don't steal, don't ruin things that aren't yours, treat each other and associates with respect. But also things that really tend to make me wonder about people are when customers 'look' around with no intention of buying and completely ruin displays, shelves, products, etc. Or when people try to destroy a company's property- dismembering signs, writing on things (the worst is when people take lipsticks, lipglosses, eyeliner, etc, and physically DRAW on the displays with them. Wastes product and ruins a pricey sign or display.) I really do understand wanting to serve the customer, but customers should also respect a product and company. Just my opinion though! Of course not EVERYONE is that way, you just get the few oddballs. Smiley Wink

Re: Do customers have responsibilities too?

Amen! It is one thing to look around and not buy (been there, done that), but do NOT make a mess if you are not buying. Do not make a mess period, but especially if you are not making it worth cleaning up after you!


I had a lady threaten to cough on me (after saying her family had the flu) when I told her she was past the return date and could only exchange or get a store credit. True story.


Also, do not leave used tissues, etc. around the store or stuffed behind product. It is unhygienic and disgusting.


For the love of heaven, if the top sweater is already unfolded, do not unfold the one right under it. And do not unfold the same sweater in every color!!!


It all comes down to the usual: do not do anything you would not want done to you, do not make a mess you would not be willing to clean up, and treat others as you would have them treat you!

Re: Do customers have responsibilities too?

I think customers should be patient, especially during busy times.

I think customers should not be so distracted on the phone they wont even respond to the associate trying to ask them important questions.

I think customers should remember there is other customers and be considerate.

Also never belittle or snap unfairly at sales associates.

Re: Do customers have responsibilities too?

Customers should:

Pay promptly, with payment methods they know have the available fund necessary to make the purchase. 
Treat the in-store for-purchase products like produce at the grocery store, handle it carefully, treat it nicely, and know that if you put it back someone else will be buying it so don't tear the packaging/drop it and not say anything. (And if you try it, you buy it. That's what testers are for! No testers? Find a store with a good return policy.) 
Treat the in-store testers nicely - clean them before and after use and put them back in the appropriately labeled slots (I can't tell you how many times I've rearranged a rack of testers as a customer because none were in the right place!) 
Be reasonably patient with store employees, understand the limitations of their power, and give the respect you get. If you don't like a policy, the answer is not berating store employees or customer service, it's filing a reasonable complaint and then taking your business elsewhere if it's a deal breaker. You don't have to be quiet about it but there's no need to be mean, abusive, or just plain rude to people likely working for minimum wage who are trying to help you.
Being respectful of the employees at the register or helping you also means hanging up the phone, doing what you can to free up your hands, keeping your kids/friends in check (and if they won't behave, leaving the store and coming back at another time - I say this as a parent, folks.) 

Be _honest_ about returns, used products, promotions, and so forth. If you didn't like it, say so. If it was broken, say so. But don't say it was broken because you didn't like it. 

I don't see anything wrong with looking without intent to buy but don't tie up a sales associate if you're not going to buy - tell them you're happy on your own and window shop to your heart's content. You can even say, "I'm just window shopping today, thanks though!" 

Re: Do customers have responsibilities too?


Much of it is simply being respectful of others and mindful towards property that does not belong to you (until paid for, in the case of retail).


....what you saw with a customer brushing her hair with a 'for sale' brush then placing it back - is just plain wrong. Last I knew, the display for those items do not have testers. Yuck!




Re: Do customers have responsibilities too?

the kicker is she put it back and grabbed the one behind it to buy!

Re: Do customers have responsibilities too?

Excellent topic! As consumers, I think we have responsibilities too. Your post brings Macy's to mind as a place where I previously loved to shop, but currently avoid at all costs. The shoe and clothing departments are horrendous, as customers seem to just toss items they do not wish to purchase anywhere they want. The thought that someone would use a brush and then put it back without taking a moment to hand it to a sales associate and let them know that they used it in my opinion, is shameful and disgusting. I also think some shoppers can do a better job at treating sales associates and other customers with respect. For example, if you see an associate assisting another customer, don't stalk them people! It makes for a very tense shopping experience when another customer is peering over your shoulder, anxiously waiting their turn to speak to the associate. Be polite and wait, or go find somebody else to help you. Especially around the holidays, a little etiquette and respect can go a long way and improve everyone's experience. 

Re: Do customers have responsibilities too?

I definitely have my own set of internal standards, but I think some people take it too far. I would never return a completely or mostly used product and say it did not work. I've only returned one thing to Sephora and I feel really bad about even that! So I try to research everything the best I can before I invest. My husband worked in retail (men's suits/ties) for a while before going back to school. Said store has a fabulous return policy. That being said, they would get returns of clothes that were worn many times over and years old. I do not agree with that at all. I would personally be embarrassed to do that.

Re: Do customers have responsibilities too?

I think everyone deserves a standard level of common courtesy; Treat others as you would like to be treated.


Some of the behaviors mentioned in here are just disgusting and it gives you perspective when you think of why some associates can be mean or harsh. I hated working in retail for this very reason.

Re: Do customers have responsibilities too?

I wish there was a customer code of conduct. I waitressed all through high school and briefly after graduating and was always appalled by the messes people allowed their children to make.  You know they didn't allow their kids to pulverize crackers at home, yet it's ok at the restaurant because I was going to clean it up for your $2 tip?  As a parent  I always cleaned up pieces off the floor when my kids were littler (every parent knows that one swipe of their little arm sends everything flying off the high chair tray) and I always got thanked by the employees.


Later working at a bank I was yelled at more times than I can count.  How on earth is it the bankers fault if you spent more money than you had?  A good rule of thumb is to be nice to the person you want to help you.  If it's up to me to decide whether or not to refund your overdraft fees don't scream at me that I'm "stealing your money".  It will not make me want to help you.  Oh Lord, the stories I have from working in banking...

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