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Did anybody go to Fashion's Night Out?

Was anyone able to attend FNO in New York? The events at Sephora looked so fun! Bummed I missed Gwen Stefani, I heart her. Smiley Happy




Re: Did anybody go to Fashion's Night Out?

No but I watched it on TV and it was so cool.  I'm DEFINITELY going next year!

Re: Did anybody go to Fashion's Night Out?

I went out to the store in SoHo but I didn't stick around for Gwen. She got there too late, I was partied out by then. But prior to her fashionably late arrival, I did get a chance to get some sample from the Harajuku Girls. It was very crowded and to make it worst, the space was very limited due to one side being closed off for construction process of the Make Up For Ever studio.

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