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December Birchbox

Anybody get theirs yet or know what types of products will be in it this month?
I liked last months Birchbox better than this months Ipsy (usually it's the other way around.)

Re: December Birchbox

I had the mint cookie... loved it so much! My husband made me share unfortunately. haha. Seeing the happiness I got from the food in the box made my husband sign us up for a Love With Food box... so even if this month's Birchbox turns out to be a dud, I know I'll be getting a box filled with yummy goodies from LWF! Smiley Happy

Re: December Birchbox

I REALLY want to try this one, but it's 45$/month and I'm a bit too cheap for that :X It looks so cool, though. I might change my mind if it gets good reviews, I think it might be fairly new:

Re: December Birchbox

That one looks interesting! I don't mind the price tag of it, but it's a bummer that they only do it every 2 months... I may be too impatient for that. But it's neat that they offer cultural items along with food. I'm pretty sure the Tokyo box would be so great. I spend hours in Japanese markets when I find them during travels Smiley Happy

Re: December Birchbox

I never should've told my husband about the try the world box... now we've ordered it! haha. I spoke with Kat (one of the founders) and she actually told me that the deluxe Paris box is on sale right now for $49 and you get three extra things. Also, most items are full-sized! So if you're thinking of trying it, the deluxe box is the way to go! Smiley Happy

Re: December Birchbox

Yikes now I really want it. Please PM me with a review When yiu get if!

Re: December Birchbox

Sorry I just posted that on my phone haha

Re: December Birchbox

I got the toffee too and I was so happy. I've used the Chello pencil a few times and I really like it. 


Mine shipped today, I can't wait to see what's in it. 

Re: December Birchbox

Wait, these places send you guys free baskets of stuff every month? Educate me on this please.

Re: December Birchbox

Kind of!! It's 10$/Month and they send you random samples (and sometimes full sized products) based off of a profile that you fill out.


Ipsy is only beauty products, and Birchbox is more of a mixed bag

Re: December Birchbox

Interesting. Is it really worth the money or is everyone deciding they're not too big of fans?

Re: December Birchbox

It's hit or miss, pretty much :/ Last month was worth it, but this month both boxes seem sort of.. meh. I like the surprise though, so I will keep it for at least a few more months!

Re: December Birchbox

I got:


Benta Berry G-1 Exfoliating Facial Cleanser

Kat Burki Signature Body Creme in Tuberose

Manna Kadar Cosmetics Sheer Glo

Toni & Guy Casual Sea Salt Texturising Spray


Re: December Birchbox

mine shipped today, so did my ipsy Smiley Happy i'll have to wait and see what i like better once they get here... not quite sure just by seeing my rooms updated. i know i'm getting the honest healing balm in my birchbox and that is a little disappointing since that is what we use for my son's diaper rash ointment lol. but it does work well so it will be convenient to have a smaller size for traveling i suppose Smiley Happy 


i got the twistbands, too... anyone know if that just means i'm getting one of them, or will there be a couple? 


plus: LA fresh travel lite make up remover wipes (pass, my skin is sensitive and i've already got my holy grail wipes)


beauty protector protect and detangle (awesome, i've been wanting to try this since i got their shampoo and conditioner in my first box! very excited about this)


laqa and co fat lip pencil (never tried this brand, hopefully i get a color i can wear. kinda getting sick of bright red lip pencils in both of my subs)


for ipsy i'm getting: 


pop beauty bright up your life eye shadow trio 


be a bombshell the one stick


mirabella eye blender brush (you can never have too many brushes, right?)


nicka k new york nail polish (not really interested in either color)


nyx extra creamy round lipstick (again, hopefully not a bright red again. or another nude!) 


so far i think birchbox may have it this month, but only because i REALLLLLY wanted one of the perfumes from ipsy. i may have to place an order with demeter and get the snow one myself lol


Re: December Birchbox

I think my ipsy bag is going to arrive tomorrow which is weird bc i usually get it on the 16th.  Woot. 

Re: December Birchbox

ooh, that's early! hopefully it doesn't take horribly long to ship to me Smiley Happy


i looked on the mirabella site and that brush costs way more than i expected it to... $27! so that alone is worth more than both of my subs combined. i like months like this where i feel like it is definitely worth the money i put in to them Smiley Happy

Re: December Birchbox

I have 2 subs too and im getting 2 of the brushes.  

Re: December Birchbox

I haven't gotten mine yet, but my boyfriend got his maaaaaan box. He kind of liked it. Wasn't too thrilled with the lip balm, but he can't get over how much he loved the fake rolex thing. Everyone else gave it bad reviews, but I can't get him to take it off. The aftershave, I am informed (from across the room, no less), was nice and the moisturizer was just what he needed after his last one ran out.


I, on the other hand, am patiently waiting on a birchbox, glossybox, and ipsy bag. (what can I say, I'm a sucker for surprise boxes.)

I am a little disappointed with Birchbox, but I have learned to wait out their dry spells as they typically come out with better stuff every month.

I got the same stuff everyone else did, but I'll weigh in on my others.

For ipsy, I got fake lashes (ick), Be A Bombshell all in one stick (actually excited because I need more blush), A weird looking brown nail polish, Pop Beauty Trio Eyeshadow set, and J. Cat Beauty lip pencil. I've only had ipsy for a while, so I can't say I hate it or love it yet, but there are ups and downs to this bag.


Lastly my glossy box which hasn't even updated yet so no sneak peaks for me, but I love it the most despite it's $21 price tag. Everything is of good size (sometimes full sized) and is of good quality!

Re: December Birchbox

Mine just shipped yesterday, but I always peek at what I'm getting. (I can't help myself. No willpower.)




I'm moderatley pleased at the list. We'll see what I think of the products.


  • Borghese Superiore State-of-the-Art Mascara  (OMG, I'm getting a mascara!!)
  • Hair Rules Wavy Mousse (we'll see...)
  • betty&ko™ The Betty Polish (we'll see...)
  • twistband (Eh... Could be useful. I'm constantly walking around with a hair elastic on my wrist so if it works, yay! )
  • Pura Botanica Botanic Bath Infusions (might have been awesome if I weren't strictly a shower person)

The last few months have been pretty good. Last month's was awesome! Of course there are ups and downs. But I've noticed that I've liked my boxes way better since I tweaked my 

Re: December Birchbox

I like your box much better than what I got. Smiley Sad

Re: December Birchbox

Isn't that frustrating? Smiley Sad


I have this weird ritual. Every month after I get my box, I go through the whole store section for that month and see what I would have rather received. :/ But these last few months, I've been pretty happy with the results. 


Have you tried tweaking your profile survey? When I did that, my boxes got better. It could be a coincidence, but it's worth a shot! Smiley Happy


(Meanwhile, I hope I'm not jinxing myself by yammering about being happy with my boxes! Smiley Wink )

Re: December Birchbox

I'll try that. Thanks for the tip. Smiley Happy

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