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Darn it, menthol!

I discovered lip products with menthol make my lips break out in tiny bumps! why can't my skin just stop being such a sissy and suckit up??

i feel like a little girl in time out during recess while all my other friends play all day errday with their fragrance, parfum, menthol, sulfate-laden products. Whyyy, skin, whyyyyyy??? :'(

Re: Darn it, menthol!

That's not fun at all. I love a Blistex Lip Balm that contains Menthol. I didn't know that it could be problematic when I started using it. I didn't have an issue like yours but when I read about the problems some people experience immediately I was pretty surprised. They also said you should use it only for short periods of time, only when you really need it, it's not an everyday product. So I was disappointed but glad that I got a warning before I had any major problems. I really hope this clears up for you. It's Mistletoe season, you need to have those lips ready!!! Hope your better soon. Smiley Happy

Re: Darn it, menthol!

I loved Burt's bees (which has menthol) until a couple years ago something went wrong and my lips were covered in tiny bumps. I didn't know what it was at the time because I switched to eos and didn't really use anything with menthol that I knew of after that.  Recently, i shared my sensitive skin woes here and a fellow BTer pointed out that menthol wasn't something I should be putting on my skin type.  it was in both my face wash and lotion so I immediately stopped and started using pure oils to clean and moisturize (plus eos lip balm and rose balm) and my skin calmed down a lot! Yesterday, I used tarte's Amazonian butter lipstick which has peppermint oil in it... And found out the hard way that they were practically the same things. i know, I know... I should have known better. Seems like common sense now that I think back.


i didn't choose the high maintenance life...

the high maintenance life chose me. Smiley Sad

Re: Darn it, menthol!

Personally, I don't want astringents in my lip products. View it as a lesson in disguise to be more knowledgable about your products. So many people just put stuff on their face without knowing what is in it. Sometimes, I think people would put tar on their face if it had pretty packaging and were told it was a best seller. 


Re: Darn it, menthol!

Btw that fellow BT 'er I'm talking about in the reply post below is you Smiley Happy 

Re: Darn it, menthol!

Awe thanks sweets! So happy it helped you!!!! 

Re: Darn it, menthol!

@mychoi, i feel your pain!  I have lots of sensitivities and allergies too and it's SO HARD to avoid lip products with menthol or peppermint in them! Smiley Sad  Everybody keeps raving about the Tarte Lipsurgence but they just make my lips dry up and peel.  And one of my favorite lipsticks was reformulated to include peppermint oil.  And Bare Minerals Buxom and Moxie lip formulas usually have menthol in them too.  Siiiiigh.

Re: Darn it, menthol!

Oh poop Smiley Sad

Re: Darn it, menthol!

For the same tingly feeling, I've noticed that cinnamon gloss has the same effect.

Re: Darn it, menthol!

Ooh cinnamon. I'll read up on that. normally though I'd rather not have that tingly feeling. (Too much pain and itchiness tied in with the memories) but ill have an option if I want it!

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