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Hey girls,


Okay  I just have to get this out it has been bothering me forever and now I just have to say it, I also want to say that I'm not being mean and don't want to hurt anyone's feelings and maybe I'm alone in this I don't know, but when someone post a question for foundation ,skincare etc and they ask for new suggestions but doesn't tell you what they are currently using what they have used  or skin type. And then if they do list what they are using they  give a brand name only and  there might 10 primers in that particular brand or 6 foundations in the brand that they mention but don't give that specific ones in those groups. Please if your going to ask for help give us that vital information to help you.


WHEW! Ok feel better now jus had to get that out.


@Olivyah- There's no one on here that's judging you and you don't need to apologize this is just to point out how frustrating it can be not only on the side of a newcomer but also on the side of the person who is trying to help. And Thanks I appreciate your input!


@Sweetfly- It's definitely a two sided subject.


I actually found this really helpful, thank you for posting. I am (embarasingly) an offender for not listing the products I have used. And it's something that's completely common sense, so I'm definitely apologetic for that. I'm also the type of person who tends to write long post, and always cut stuff out to make it shorter. I guess I cut too much of the actually vital info.


I do always conduct several searches before asking a question, but I find the search tool for these boards to not be the greatest. If I sort by relevance, I will find some great advice, but the posts can be quite old, and I am curious to find out if any better products have been released since. However if I sort by date, I tend to get posts that have nothing to do with my search (but have that word somewhere in it), and just get the latest posts across all the boards. So I do most of my searching outside of here, but can never seem to find questions/answers that have all the things I'm looking for. But I can put more effort and time into my searches.


But I really just wanted to say i appreciate the heads up & will definitely try my best not to repeat these (annoying) mistakes.






"What concealer should I use?"

And that's, like, IT.




But I do remember being young and on a forum :\


lol, I know what you mean. I understand that people may be really new to this sort of thing, but it always feels very repetitive. What annoys me is all the people who ask all the same questions. Sometimes I wish people would search to see if anyone has asked something similar already, because there are some questions that are asked all the time.


@katie1724- Right and that's what I said in my post to let them know to post those things so we can help them better.


I suspect it's probably just people who aren't thinking and/or don't have much experience using the forum -- or are just very young. It seems obvious to state what else you're using or what you have tried, but some might not have considered that this information would be useful.


@emmaclaire- No apologies needed that's not what I meant either this post is definitely a two decided discussion no one thinks the same I'm glad you saying how you feel.


@keelybt and emmaclaire- I understand where you coming from but then when questions are asked they never come back and reply so to me it's like they get a little shy incoming back to answer what you have asked them, it's easier if they see ok I see what there asking me to do so it makes it easier all around . It's like I said I didn't post this to be mean or prevent someone from asking anything, I just posted it so that it could help a person that may not be so product savy to leave the information so we can help them better.


I agree - I'm sorry if I sounded like I was trying to argue or scold you, I definitely get annoyed when you spend fifteen minutes typing up a response asking questions about how you can help or get more details and the person just disappears or doesn't respond.  I just find it helpful to keep the stuff that I mentioned in mind so I don't get totally frustrated - maybe it will help other users too!


I think the main thing that this post brings up (and that people should keep in mind if they don't know much about makeup or skin care products) is that we all want to help, and if we know more we can help more.  So if you ask a question and get more questions in response, don't be intimidated or embarrassed or something, we're just trying to do our best to give the perfect answer.


It can be frustrating because I know that you want to give the best advice, but not everyone is as product savvy and they might not realize how certain information can be helpful.  Always feel free to ask questions.  Most people are more than happy to reply if means getting more personalized advice Smiley Happy


I know what you mean.  It definitely is frustrating when posts or questions are so vague you don't even know where to start.


I try to keep in mind that when that happens, it's usually because the person asking doesn't know where to start either!  I assume the reason they're asking here is because they don't know enough about makeup/skincare to find the answer on their own and might not even realize there are other details that we need to help them.


It's like when I take my car to the garage - I know nothing about cars, I always end up saying something stupid like "it makes a weird sound... I don't know what else to say."  At this point, I know there's a lot more information the mechanic needs to figure out what the heck the problem is, but I literally have no idea how to help.


A lot of the really really unclear or vague questions here are probably from younger users who might not even know if they have oily or combination skin, what their undertone is (or what undertones are in general!), etc.  Don't get me wrong, it can still be aggravating, especially when the posts are like "what's a good lipstick?"  Like, give me something to work with!  Even a color!


So yes, anyone who sees this/people who have questions: try to put as much information in your posts as you possibly can.  Even stuff that might seem irrelevant.  If it's irrelevant it doesn't hurt to include it and it might help us give you a better answer.  The more you tell us the more we can tailor our responses to your actual wants or concerns.  But also don't worry if you don't know, we ARE here to help!  

(Whew, what a long rant that was!)


Smiley Tongue I don't think that was a rant at all, Emma!


I mean, no one's a mind reader, and since the beauty world is sooooo vast and everyone is on the hunt to find what's right for them, being super specific is important to best satisfy your own needs and wants in the products you use.


What may work for one might not work for another, or maybe it will, so the more indepth and more info folks give, the better it can be for them once others take a peek into a thread and decide to chime in! Smiley Happy


P.S. I'm the SAME way with cars! I end up waling into a shop and going "Listen, I don't know jack squat about cars, but it's making a noise and the 'Check Engine' light is on, so I'll let you guys tell me what's going on and what needs to be fixed! As long as it can be fixed, I'm all good and I'll just swipe my card!" Haha!


I agree.  I love that aspect of BeautyTalk too - that everyone tries to help rather than the same people answering all the questions or ignoring questions.  The feedback here is as specific to the question from as a diverse group of people as possible.


Although, I swear sometimes I see questions that don't seem to make any sense or appear super vague and someone manages to step in and figure out the exact solution... some of us might be mind readers after all!


Oh man, I drive a really old car (but not cool old like vintage, just a piece of junk hahaha) so sometimes things will go haywire without any notice.  Like the brakes will moan like banshees or the engine will get weird but no lights come on - that sucks to have to explain because I'm just like "Please help me I have no idea what's happening and as far as I know you are a car sorcerer, I will give you money."  So embarrassing.


To me, that would be like going to a doctor and going "What medicine do I need?" or "What's wrong with me?" and not giving up any other info.


It's very important to give a run down over information like beauty regimens, any allergies/sensitivities (if someone doesn't say, there's no way we can know), and even take into account things like budget and how much time someone is willing to invest (it does no good to ask a generic "What make up in the morning should I use?" if someone only wants to spend 10 minutes as opposed to half an hour in the mirror).


Yeah, it's like the more information we have, the more helpful we can be. It's so frustrating to be clueless (I ought to know, I spend a good portion of my life being confused)! Smiley Happy

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