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Hey chickaroos,


I just had my little vent on not getting enough information about posters asking for new suggestions and not giving us any information to go on so I thought since we are  all here on Beauty Talk and we all care for each other that if you need to vent about anything you might need support on beauty related or not here's the opportunity to just........VENTHave you ever had that certain situation when you fee like this???


I don't know where that post went, I guess the mods thought it offended government funded people...


CenturyLink....  What reasonable person (by definition of law) would think to click view bill, after clicking view bill (which actually only brings up a blank browser window) on their email and seeing their account summary to view a contract clause that was not included in the welcome email, or any other subsequent emails, that by paying your bill you are entering a contract with them that you must pay $200 to get out of despite not providing the product being paid for (40mb/s when we are receiving 119kb/s using their equipment on a direct connection)?  You know, especially due to the blank window.  And they are unable to pull up a "signed" contract.


It's so dirty, unethical, and frustrating.  Especially when the original deal that was signed up for specifically stated "NO CONTRACT", and it was not mentioned on any phone call besides the one placed to cancel?


If you can avoid it, just don't do business with these lying thieves.  If you work for CenturyLink, I am so sorry that the company policies put you through so much verbal abuse.  I hope you find a better job somewhere else, soon Smiley Happy


Yikes! Just reading your post about this experience with CenturyLink was enough to fry my brain! I can't imagine the frustration you felt having to deal with their site in person! We have Time Warner, which is probably not any better than Century Link, but recently we've been getting Century Link employees knocking door to door in our neighborhood trying to convince more people to switch to them, and I'm glad we haven't after reading this! 


Time Warner when I had it was always great (but then again, I never had to deal with them over the phone since they had a customer service center less than a mile away when I lived in the location that I had it).  They didn't have a contract clause, and when I needed to transfer my account (close out and reopen under my roommate who was staying's name), they refunded the equivalent for the rest of the month!  But yes, do avoid CL, I don't use the words liar or thief lightly under any circumstance, they are very ugly words to me.  I hope the best, your words to the above neighbor post were very kind Smiley Happy


Ok, I'm going to vent about my neighbors since they are the worst.


I live in a tiny 2 bedroom apartment on the bottom floor (two story apartment building).  Our last upstairs neighbor was the sweetest (and quietest!) elderly man who moved to a cheaper place.  Taking his place was a family of 6- four of whom are adults, and two children, with another baby on the way.  I wondered what possessed a family of 6 to move into such a tiny place, thinking they are just trying to find affordable housing.  But you could afford better housing if you don't drink beer and smoke (cigarettes and worse) outside my windows every night.  They come to the bottom of the stairs to smoke, so my entire house smells like a bar if I want the windows open (would be nice to have a breeze).  They blast music throughout the entire neighborhood with lyrics that shouldn't be blasted, and the absolute worst is the stomping.  DAY AND NIGHT.  2AM?  Stomping.  6 AM? Stomping.  9 pm?  You guessed it.  My husband and I keep the area in front of our door nice and clean, and the neighbors decided to start using the area under the stairs as their storage unit.  It makes my front porch area look trashy.  And now they are slowly adding more stuff (like a big baby walker) so that it's coming closer to my door.  Today I moved it closer to their stairs.  I'm sure they'll move it back.  


I get along well with the neighbors, but when I politely mentioned the stomping (twice, on spaced out occasions) it was ignored.  I want to have a nice relationship with them, but the two women seem moody all the time.  My husband and I get along just fine with the 2 men, and they invite us to have a beer with them from time to time.  I haven't tried bringing anything else up with them, since I'd rather just get along and not have any silly neighbor wars.  I like peace Smiley Happy  The apartments are privately owned, so I can't go to my leasing office's property manager to quiet them down.  I'm getting out the tenant books for the entire property though, so hopefully there will be something about keeping a pleasing appearance outside.


Ok, rant complete.  I'm going to have a cookie so I can be happy again Smiley Happy


Omg. I so feel your pain heatherbee. Your new neighbors sound extremely unreasonable and inconsiderate. And isn't there a limit to the number of occupants that are allowed to live in a single unit? Do they also have a 2-bed apartment? B/c 4 adults plus more kids in a 2 bedroom unit is pretty extreme... Personally I may be able to tolerate the occasional smoke or storage issue, but I think I would go absolutely nuts with the continuous stomping! 


We used to live in a rented townhouse, and the "lady" next door would have extremely amorous sessions at 5 AM every single Saturday morning (I guess she is an early bird!) which involved high pitched moans and screams for an hour straight. We tried ignoring it for the longest time, and finally one morning I just snapped and pounded on the wall really hard until she stopped. It's amazing what some people will try to get away with if you don't lay down some rules for them. 


One thing that I did find helped with noise issues with neighbors in general was to get a sound machine, like the Marpac Dohm that we currently use, to help drown out the noise when you're sleeping. 


So yeah, hope you are happier after that cookie and if all else fails, enjoy Grumpy Cat's philosophy on neighbors! 





Thanks for the kind words.  I do feel better.  I was awoken one night with some ridiculous stomping, and I took a broom to the ceiling.  She stomped even harder than ever to get back at me, so I don't take approaches like that anymore.  This was AFTER verbally expressing my concern, of course.  I just deal with it now, unfortunately, but I don't have to like it Smiley Wink  My husband and I joke that they live in a clown house with 20,000 square feet up there (same size apartment as ours, all units are identical) because they seriously don't sit down.  I think one of the women is like my grandmother and just can't sit still.  Seriously, my grandmother feels like she constantly has to be doing/cleaning/arranging/checking on SOMETHING at all times, and she might be like that.  The smoking bothers me because there is a picnic table just a few steps away that is a more appropriate smoking area since it's not right by any windows.  And when my nephew asked "What's that smell?" I didn't want to explain to him about weed.  Also, cigarette butts are constantly being dropped, as are beer bottles.  


I'm definitely not saying that they are bad people, and I don't want to portray them as such.  But they are either very inconsiderate or very ignorant about apartment living.  But my husband and I have agreed that after this, we will never rent an apartment again.  We move around a lot for work, so buying simply isn't an option at this point.  And the rent is the most reasonable we can find (2 bedroom, 2 parking, washer/dryer, AND allows pets?  very hard to find in Hawaii at this price!) so we tolerate the noise/mess/evenmorenoise as best we can.


Thank goodness we have never heard any adult sessions coming from them!  I can only imagine how awful that much have been.  She certainly had to have known before brought it to her attention! 

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