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Hey chickaroos,


I just had my little vent on not getting enough information about posters asking for new suggestions and not giving us any information to go on so I thought since we are  all here on Beauty Talk and we all care for each other that if you need to vent about anything you might need support on beauty related or not here's the opportunity to just........VENTHave you ever had that certain situation when you fee like this???


@kd006- You were definitely pulled in two different directions and had one of the hardest choices that you may ever have to make in your life by being pulled between your mom and grandma. You have to remember that life is hard so you just have to do the best you can after all you were the one who brought everyone together in the end and that was a big accomplishment. You don't need to hang on to the guilt like I said you had a really hard choice to make and in my opinion I think you did the only thing you knew how. I've been in a situation like that before and you can't hang on to the past and let it get in the way of the future. You sound like you are a great person and I'm sure deep down inside you are.


Thank you! You are so nice. I know I need to let go of the guilt and kind of let go of my anger towards the situation of being caught in the middle. I know my mom didn't mean to hurt me by putting me in the middle and she definitely did not mean for that to happen, but it just did and there's no way to change that. I don't blame her for it at all and I think she thinks I do. Anyways, thanks for letting me vent! Great thread! lol.


But you are seriously so nice! Thank you for your input!!


@kd006 I'm so sorry for you loss. It must have been so difficult for you to choose between your mother and grandmother. Know that in the end you did bring everyone back together. Try to remember the good about her and your family & not beat yourself up over what happened. 

Family is tough. I never had a good relationship with my father. He was undiagnosed with Lyme's for over 20 years and has only started treatment in the past 5. I'm fully aware that how he treated me & raised me was not his fault, but I just can't get over it. He's still with my mom, and my boyfriend pushes me to have a "real relationship" with him, I just don't know how or where to start. I'm sure one day I'm going to reget the way I feel, and want to change that but I'm honestly not ready. 


Thank you so much for your thoughts.


I'm so sorry to hear about your dad. If you aren't ready, then you aren't ready. I just have to say I would give anything to have shared those times with my grandma. Family is difficult. They are the easiest people to be angry with and the hardest people to forgive. I hope you find closure in your situation with your dad. I know it's hard, but you'll never know how it could turn out until you try to forgive <3 It takes a lot, and I know it's hard.


Oh gosh,where do i start!? Im a walking timebomb for more than a month started when we had this vacation in another state and we went with a couple,"close friends" of ours. First day was "ok" but the second day everything was not what we expected. They were just TOXIC!!!' Taking more than a hundred pictures everyday just so they could impress people on facebook,we never even went to museums were paintings were on display bcuz of "photo restrictions" and they ddnt like it,they were annoying,always insulting us and correcting us with everything! When we went shopping my husband picked a blazer from zara and our "friend" also bought the same item! thats been going for a few months now,everytime we bought something they always ask us for the price and where we bought it. his mrs also bought the prada baroque i had,which was my favorite! talk about a copycat!

at the hotel we shared one room,and when it was my turn to use the bath i noticed the bathtub was all icky and had this nasty pub,so i asked them and they told me without thinkin that they use the BATHTUB to wash their after they poop!  They denied it of course after realizing their mistake and passed it on to my husband but i told them that he knows what a bathtub is used for ! When we ate  at this famous pizza house "he" kept going on and on that the food wasnt good and it was comparable to a cents' worth of pizza in our country. i am a tolerant person who accepted people for who they are,but this one is the worst people i have ever met! they put people down thru obnoxious jokes,copy the things you have and make it as their own,steal ideas,insult you,they are IGNORANT, know-it-alls.they even like to brag about the things they got! have had worst friends in the past but they are the worst of the bunch.talking about it makes my face red and just want to punch sum1 in the face. his mrs was also vy arrogant,how she doesnt like things made from china,and the ironic thing is,she's ASIAN, and she doesnt even know what fragrance-free means! She thought there was a free perfume to go with the product labelled with it,and this cam from someone who posts selfie photos on facebook.Always impressing others about her style,ALWAYS recycling a week old photo just so she could update her facebook.tsk,tsk!

I have so so soooo many things to share with u guys but i just couldnt express it in words! I am nowhere near perfect but i believe in good manners and no matter what brands,makeup or whatnots u have when it comes to bad manners these things are WORTHLESS! 


my husband and i are not rich people. we can afford things we want but never considered ourselves as one.we are far from rich but simple things make us happy. we believe that people should practice good manners, i mean who doesnt appreciate kindness from others?! my husband is the quiet one,i am more like the person who stresses herself over things that i sensitive,just like that.

we moved to america for a better life and we expected friends to be better than what we have back in our country. well,thats the irony of life. you just cant get everything you want even humble,honest,well mannered friends!


Welcome to America. The rudest country on the planet besides England Smiley Wink



First off, consider yourself and your husband to be flattered! They copy you guys, that means they look up to you or they are jealous, which it seems it's a jealousy problem on their part toward you guys. Maybe you should express yourself as you did with BT to them, maybe even print what you said out. I know it maybe a bold move, but if your "friends" are really your friends than they may understand the concerns. Everybody is different, sometimes it just takes finding a new crowd to befriend with if the different is too extreme for your liking that is. 


Also, I actually have a couple of Asian friends that do not like the majority of things labeled "Made in China". Asia is HUGE, so many countries and cultures. Not every Asian is Chinese, not that being Chinese is frowned upon. China just has a bad reputation for counterfeit goods, stealing ideas, and making super cheap products. Do you really think the people that work for those companies in China LIKE what they do? They don't. They do it to support their families back in the villages that surround the metropolis. The pay, working conditions, and hours are absolutely horrible...but they do it STRONG for their families sake. 


I think the majority of us Americans need to spend time traveling the world and watching documentaries from around the world to really appreciate what we have that others do not. 


Oh, and the pube hair in the bath tub...that's just wrong! Ew. It happens...


Well i just laughed at her hate for made iN china products cuz she loves forever21,w/c a majority of their items are from china its even printed on their labels,the camera that they're using is also from china and even apple is assembled in china.bottomline is not everything thats made in china is cheap.dont get me wrong but i appreciate italian/american products  too but that never made me a snob to all things asian.i grew up with made in china products and its not something im ashamed of. We actually came from the same country,same city and well i guess they just wanted to change and be competitive,but not the good kind of way.

I appreciate your advice spyski! Sad to say i think i need a time off from hanging out with them,they're just too much! so no letters for now,but  they do STALK us online so it would be great if they read this! 


@ayen85- Sometimes it just takes a little longer to figure out who your real friends are at least you found out before a really desperate situation came up where you might of "really" needed them for something and found out then they really weren't your friends at all. Glad you vented I hope you are feeling better.

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