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DEPOT?DECANT/DIY lip/eye palettes

Okay so I've been watching youtube videos of how people chop and melt their lipsticks with candles and hair straighteners just to transfer a lipstick from the tube to a little palette to save space. Does anyone on here do that? And if so, share a pic if you can and tell us how you did it. It looks pretty cool but there's no way I could do it. Chopping up my expensive lipsticks doesn't seem like the way to go....but I don't have a massive amount of lipsticks and don't need the extra space.

Re: DEPOT?DECANT/DIY lip/eye palettes

Actually you can google lots of tutorials for it, I think it was all the rage a few years ago. What I did was pop off the little cap at the end of the pencil, then holding the pencil with tongs I used my hair dryer to heat up the pencil, so the product melts right out (heat from bottom to top). This way I don't waste product while sharpening. And I find it easier to apply evenly over my lid using a brush rather than from the pencil. It is actually pretty easy, and I figured if it went terribly wrong it wouldn't be the end of the world since NYX eye pencils aren;t terribly expensive


I'm glad you had no problems with your UD palette! I did find some palettes have a lot more or stronger glue than others which can make things tough. I also got a little hasty trying to pry them off the cardboard too.

Re: DEPOT?DECANT/DIY lip/eye palettes

tell me about it....toughest fight of my life was with some old 3-pan Stila those pans were SO hard to wrestle out of the layers and layers of cardboard and glue!


I gotta try the pencil thing sometime!


Re: DEPOT?DECANT/DIY lip/eye palettes

I tried depotting some of my single eyeshadow and blushes but ended up cracking or throwing them away b/c it was so ruined and ive never used them b4!!

Re: DEPOT?DECANT/DIY lip/eye palettes

P.S. A tip to all the folks who are depotting and end up breaking or cracking their shadows/pressed powders, here's a quick fix tutorial link on how to "mend" your broken shadows!


It works for any pressed powder (from bronzer, foundation, blush, to highlighter) and even works to press/transform your own loose pigments to pressed ones!

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