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DEPOT?DECANT/DIY lip/eye palettes

Okay so I've been watching youtube videos of how people chop and melt their lipsticks with candles and hair straighteners just to transfer a lipstick from the tube to a little palette to save space. Does anyone on here do that? And if so, share a pic if you can and tell us how you did it. It looks pretty cool but there's no way I could do it. Chopping up my expensive lipsticks doesn't seem like the way to go....but I don't have a massive amount of lipsticks and don't need the extra space.

Re: DEPOT?DECANT/DIY lip/eye palettes

I can't imagine doing that! The amount of space saved cant be worth the time, effort, or cost of the new palette. Not only that, I've left lipsticks in the car accidentally to melt.. I've found that they just aren't the same afterwards. I've left the now-misshapen lipstick in the tube and used a brush to salvage what I can, but the formula, consistency, or chemical make up of the makeup seems to change from the heating process.

Re: DEPOT?DECANT/DIY lip/eye palettes

I heard that as long as you don't let the lipstick boil that the color/texture shouldn't change. But I'm not taking that risk. Plus....the way some youtubers are doing it....its not sanitary. At least spritz all supplies with rubbing alcohol and wipe things clean....

Re: DEPOT?DECANT/DIY lip/eye palettes

Instead of heating up, I shave off the top layer (so the bullets are still the same shape) into a Sephora sample jar, and mashed them together with a bit of rose salve using the little Sephora sample scoop thing. It diluted the color a bit and gives it a balm-y consistency, which I don't mind cuz I was experimenting with how to make brown lipstick work by combining it with my red/orange lipsticks (which are either perks or promo or drugstore).


I also scrapped off some pressed eyeshadow to mix together for a different color. Interesting thing I realized is that if the eyeshadows have different lasting power, the color changes through out the day. Pretty interesting, color-changing shadow, lol.


I didn't do it to save space, just playing around. I just crushed/mashed and mixed, no heating or anything fancy, but there's not much point unless you are very specific in your want or dedicated. I'm not really interested in it, altho I might do one last DIY to make my Maybelline color tattoo eyeshadow cream easier to work with. But it's such a hassle.

Re: DEPOT?DECANT/DIY lip/eye palettes

It does seem like a hassle. Unless youre a makeup artist and don't have time to fumble around and open up 100's of lipsticks to get the color that you want, I don't really see the point. A lot of people mentioned that its good for travel----but a few lipstick tubes don't take up nearly as much space as a chunky palette does.


Re: DEPOT?DECANT/DIY lip/eye palettes

That's why I love products that come in single pans (Mac, UD...) I can build my own palettes Smiley Wink 

The only time I would depot is if something broke, or I truly hated other items in a pre-made palette but loved one thing. Otherwise I don't feel like the the time, mess, supplies... is worth it. Usually if something cracks I'll just put it in an empty jar like my HG bronzer; the Hourglass waterproof bronzer Smiley Sad I was so close to crying that day. 

Re: DEPOT?DECANT/DIY lip/eye palettes

I'm with dannyc, depotting seems like such a hassle and with my luck I'd end up either destroying my flat iron or messing up a depotted shadow. I usually just by the shadow pans individually or just leave my pots alone.

Whimsically yours,

Re: DEPOT?DECANT/DIY lip/eye palettes

I've been considering doing this with two Benefit eyeshadow palette's and UD's BOS 4 (SO rediculously bulky!). But I'm afraid of accidentally destroying one of the shadows and I'm not sure I feel like spending that much time doing it either...

Re: DEPOT?DECANT/DIY lip/eye palettes

I recently depotted my NYX jumbo eye pencils. I find it so much more convenient to have them in little stackable jars. It was fairly easy (I used the hair dryer method). I have depotted some eyeshadows, blushes and luminizers so I could create the perfect palette for travel. Unfortunately I did have some issues cracking some of the larger shadows and blushes (all from other palettes that usually had very impractical packaging). Unless you have time, patience and a serious need for space or convenience it probably isn't worth it.

Re: DEPOT?DECANT/DIY lip/eye palettes

ok kenny, we need more details!  i did a double take when you said you depotted eye PENCILS!  wha--??


for the record, I successfully depotted all my UD Mariposa shadows. The egregiously inefficient, bulky palette (without even a mirror!) was just not doing it for me.  They flipped right out and no broken shadows.  On the other hand, sometimes you are not so lucky, if the glue holding the pans is very strong it can get pretty dicey.

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