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Could i be a model?

Heres some pictures of me< i am 5 foot 8 and 200lbs (fat ik;/) but could i be a plus size model or no?IMG952777.jpgim on the left 


IMG_6046.JPGim on the left



Re: Could i be a model?

you look like Molly from ANTM!! Smiley Happy

Re: Could i be a model?

i think you could be a catalog model.

Re: Could i be a model?

YES! That's who you remind me of too - Jennifer Lawrence. I love the second to the last picture of you. I am no expert on models but if it's something you are serious about, get yourself some really good photos and go for it.


And you are in no way fat, from what I can see in the first picture. You look like you are in very good shape, so have confidence about that too!

Re: Could i be a model?

5'8" is definitely on the shorter side for runway modeling so i would say probably not to that! but commercial modeling is still a possibility. i'm certainly not a scout but i've worked with and known many relatively successful models over the years and i know that many agencies get TONS of very beautiful aspiring models but only sign a select few. being beautiful is helpful but you NEED to have great bone structure that translates well under heavy, intense lighting and onto camera no matter what sort of modeling you're doing (unless it's parts modeling but that's a whole other story). to be 100% honest, i don't quite see that kind of bone structure in your case, unfortunately!


and as for plus-size modeling, many plus-size models aren't necessarily as fat as they are, well, big! many are large-framed, big-boned, curvaceous and tall ladies and, of course, plenty have plenty of pudge but many more are pretty well toned! that's something to consider!


also is modeling something you really, really want to do? or something closer to a hobby than a career for you? either is fine but every experienced model will tell you that it's an incredibly difficult industry to be in, whether you're doing a shoot where you're paid $10/hr for a photography major every couple of months or you're walking for chanel a couple times a year. just make sure you do pleeeenty of research before you set your heart on something like this!


either way, you're very pretty and if it's something you totally want to do, i'm sure you should be able to work something out! try to find a friend that does pretty well with photography and ask if they'll take a few shots for you so you have SOME kind of portfolio to show to others. sign up at modeling sites too! you'll VERY likely have to start working for free but that's not necessarily a bad thing! you get to build up your portfolio and gain experience that way (plus you get references and contacts too! priceless!!). you've got to have tons of drive, flexibility, and people skills to do well in this industry so go for it and go all the way!

Re: Could i be a model?

What great comments. You clearly have some knowledge of the field!

Re: Could i be a model?

thanks! i've been thoroughly encouraged to look into modeling throughout my life by friends, family, and those in the industry alike but, alas, i am far too short for even most commercial modeling (5'2"! barely!). though it's a nice daydream, i still really enjoy passing on what i know and have learned to anyone else that wants to go into it!

Re: Could i be a model?

You look a bit like demi lavoto also somewhat like my my last yr English teacher but she had red curly hair. 

Re: Could i be a model?

I think if modeling is something you want to pursue, you should just go ahead and do it! As long as you have confidence and work at it, I believe every dream is achievable. And even if some people don't think you can or put you down, you shouldn't care about that because no person is going to universally appeal to everyone. Just go out and do your thing if you love it. (:

Re: Could i be a model?

Well you definitely look like Jennifer Lawrence from Hunger Games

Re: Could i be a model?


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