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Ladies,how do you handle copycats?! Copycats who ask for your opinion be it makeup,clothes,anything you like or want and just post it online to make it as their Own?Ive had it with these kind of people!

i have a "friend" who would always ask the brands i like,or the price for the things i acquire and the next thing i know she had a photo on facebook wearing the same item i got! even her husband does that too with my annoying is that?! 

Im too old to post about this but i just dont know how to handle them anymore.they brag about their stuff, and they are annoying as anyone ive ever known.they even STALK us online!!! (Why,hello there!) they're so obnoxious and i couldnt take it anymore!  Even the stuff we have at home they would ask us where we bought it and how much its priced. Seriously, they dont know anything about good manners. I dont ever ask someone how much her things are worth,its too personal for me. And having someone as a friend who copies and disrespects u is just so irritating!

Re: Copycat

Thank you prettyinpa! appreciate the advice...!

Re: Copycat

I think this might fall into the "toxic friend" category.  Get rid of them.  Stop returning phone calls, stop inviting her over, be too busy to get together etc...  Even the thickest person will get the hint eventually. 

If you aren't willing/able to do that then maybe try flipping her copying around.  When she does that online post the comment, "I'm so flattered you took my advice!" or "How funny!  I just wore that last week!"  In terms of in-person, you've suddenly come down with amnesia.  "Huh.  I can't remember where I bought that"  or "I have no idea what it cost."

Re: Copycat

your advice is awesome!!!! Would keep that in mind next time. Apart from having our time wasted weve made the biggest mistake of going on a vacation with them. Thats when we got to know them even better... That was the worst 4 days of my life! i easily get irked with ill-mannered people. Doing her makeup in front of us eating at the dining table,borrowing toiletries when u had months to prepare for the trip. I could tell u a hundred things i dont like about them. so i guess we should keep our distance from now on. Thank you!

Re: Copycat

I would doubt a true friend would do what your so-called "friend" is doing by copying you (and her husband copying your husband).


If I was in your shoes, I would keep a bit of distance from her/them. If that isn't possible and she/they continue to quiz you on what you buy and whatnot, know that you are not obligated to answer her/them. Just keep your mouth closed - they may or may not get the hint. You shouldn't care about hurting their feelings, because they're pretty obnoxious from what I read.


If they continue to copy you regardless, you can consider it a form of flattery and that they don't have an original thought in their skull(s)!!  =)


Hope this helps you...


Re: Copycat

 It Helped a lot! Thank you poohblueberry! I was feeling guilty about keeping our distance from them but i shouldnt be! Not anymore.

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