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Ladies,how do you handle copycats?! Copycats who ask for your opinion be it makeup,clothes,anything you like or want and just post it online to make it as their Own?Ive had it with these kind of people!

i have a "friend" who would always ask the brands i like,or the price for the things i acquire and the next thing i know she had a photo on facebook wearing the same item i got! even her husband does that too with my annoying is that?! 

Im too old to post about this but i just dont know how to handle them anymore.they brag about their stuff, and they are annoying as anyone ive ever known.they even STALK us online!!! (Why,hello there!) they're so obnoxious and i couldnt take it anymore!  Even the stuff we have at home they would ask us where we bought it and how much its priced. Seriously, they dont know anything about good manners. I dont ever ask someone how much her things are worth,its too personal for me. And having someone as a friend who copies and disrespects u is just so irritating!

Re: Copycat

Well her husband is a longtime friend of my hubby so it might take a while for us to boot them out of our life completely. ...iv also told a common friend about our sentiments and she was understanding and all....i had to tell her that we might not be present in future gatherings maybe once in a while would be ok.Aside from that you cant find asians here to where i live so we are most likely to see them during parties....if it were my decision i wont hesitate to just stop seeing them.its like we are "forced" to be friends with people just bcuz they are asians so we could have a tiny asian community here. stupid,i know!

Re: Copycat

That's not stupid. 90% of mine & my boyfriend's friends are Ukrainian. We stick together, but there are a few I don't like. We have such a large community that it's easy to avoid people outside of our circle. It getts difficult if there's a bad apple inside, but we find ways around it. Either we don't invite them to the smaller gatherings, or we don't go to them if they are going. If we do run into each other we act polite & move on. Now that we're all older we try to either resolve our differences or go separate ways. Our core group is getting smaller, outside core is getting larger & the rest of the community is what it is. 

If you can't avoid them, just ignore them. If you confront them it will probably back fire. Sounds like they play dirty. 

Re: Copycat

it sounds like this person is very insecure. Many people have mentioned this but slowly backing away from her/her husband may be a good idea.  It sounds like she is exhausting you and I feel like life is too short to be around people who aren't upbuilding. Esp when there are some great people out there who will make you feel great and be happier.


I think the name of these people are emotional vampires?

Re: Copycat

I've had this happen before too. It's one thing to purchase a similar item that someone else has...just don't wear it around them. But when you start to notice that a friend, coworker, or acquaintance is slowly starting to morph into you it's a bit freaky.

At one of my very first jobs my coworker started dressing exactly like me. We all kind of joked about it. It was a bit annoying, but at the same time it is flattering. I think the only thing that really irks me about copycats is when they take a creative idea that they may have heard from you.

Whimsically yours,

Re: Copycat

I agree with what you said. When we are with friends these people dont even have the decency to credit us with our own idea. Months ago,We were in sephora with a common friend and we were talking about skincare and whatnots and how i  actually influenced her to buy makeup. She denied it of course! And told our friend that she was into makeup before i met her.yeah,just lipbalm.eyeshadow which she would always "share" with her family and thats it! I dont know why she has to pretend to be someone she's not. 

at times when they would stay here at home she would "always" borrow my personal beauty items like eyeliner which shouldnt be shared! yuck!

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