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Ladies,how do you handle copycats?! Copycats who ask for your opinion be it makeup,clothes,anything you like or want and just post it online to make it as their Own?Ive had it with these kind of people!

i have a "friend" who would always ask the brands i like,or the price for the things i acquire and the next thing i know she had a photo on facebook wearing the same item i got! even her husband does that too with my annoying is that?! 

Im too old to post about this but i just dont know how to handle them anymore.they brag about their stuff, and they are annoying as anyone ive ever known.they even STALK us online!!! (Why,hello there!) they're so obnoxious and i couldnt take it anymore!  Even the stuff we have at home they would ask us where we bought it and how much its priced. Seriously, they dont know anything about good manners. I dont ever ask someone how much her things are worth,its too personal for me. And having someone as a friend who copies and disrespects u is just so irritating!

Re: Copycat

Im 28 too kiki157. The more i mature the more i realized that genuine friends are so hard to find.more like needles in a haystack! Ive actually had that item for a year now.and when we went on vacation my "friend" tried it on.she was bragging on and on about how she preferred balenciaga over prada so i just thought she wouldnt buy one. On the 3rd day we even made excuses just so we wont go shopping with them,and thats when i bought another one,same brand but diff color. Wen we went back to the hotel they bragged about their shopping trip at nordstrom rack, and ask us about what we bought,so i only showed them my makeup haul and just kept the othersto myself. She showed me her item and i just said "nice". Well maybe my compliment wasnt enought cuz after a few weeks she was taking a loooooooot of selfie photos on facebook with my prada sunglasses on! I have the round and the square ones.she got the square ones.for the life of me i get sooo annoyed with people copying my style.even the blouse i was wearing when we had a vacation which she asked me about she bought one too,not the same brand though but more like the same color and style...i guess im superficial but i just dont like to wear something that a friend has.if u have something i like,i dont and will never go out of my way just to buy the same one like urs. some people just dont have any ounce of respect! i told my husband why cant she just buy chanel,if she wants to compete?!

Re: Copycat



No your not superficial, each person is his/her own individual. I dont want to copy people so dont you copy me. Everyone should see and buy what fits her/him most.

Re: Copycat

I cut off a relationship with a toxic friend about 2 years ago. She lied about everything and would always make "joking" remarks putting me down. She was very materialistic & superficial. She would say one thing & then later totally deny saying it, even when I had witnesss that were there when she said it. She would borrow things and say she gave them back when really she didn't. I always tried to ignore or brush it off because of her upbringing. Her mother was a complete nightmare and her father never really cared. I finally had enough when she tried to pick a fight & make me feel terrible about a stupid dress. I was trying to sell the bridesmaids dress I was supposed to wear for her wedding that was cancelled years earlier due to her mother's illness. The stupid thing was ugly & didn't even fit me anymore, plus she told me that she would get new dresses when she finally did get married (a fact she totally denied even though other people heard her say it too). I did feel really bad that I hadn't thought of asking her first, which I said to her and apologized profusely but she just kept going on and on and on. What really set me off was that I just had to put my dog down like a day or two before she started this and I was already super upset. I couldn't believe she was acting like that over a stupid dress! I was telling another friend about all of this and she said to me "if she spoke to me the way she speaks to you, I would've told her off along time ago". That really put it in perspective that someone other than myself could see what she was doing. I started wondering if I was friends with her because I liked her or if it was because we had known each other for so long (10+ years). A few days later I told her to come get the dress or I was donating it to goodwill. After she got her ex-fiance to pick it up (long story there too), I cut off all contact with her. It was hard in the beginning but got easier and now I don't regret it for one second. I look back now & see how toxic she was. She was (and still is) the most selfish immature person I've known. I've come to realize that she was/is a sociopath and I am very lucky to have gotten out of the relationship. It was always about her her her. She just couldn't see or care how her actions affected other people. Sorry this is so long but once I started venting I couldn't stop lol. Although I am super happy the friendship is over, it still bother me that there are people like this out there. She caused SOOOO many problems in my life but now I'm free. Don't stay in a friendship because you feel obligated. You will feel much better once you cut all ties.

Re: Copycat

Happy for you catherineu2! i can relate with your friend being a diva.shes a diva amd her husband likes putting people down with his obnoxious jokes. When we first met during a group gathering i was so shocked how he openly corrected others about their grammar! He would laugh @  their faces and just tell them that its the wrong word or how its supposedly pronounced! He would even bully my husband and even stalk him online as he is an avid toy collector. I do agree with the upbringing. We come from the same country,same city,and they would share stories to us about their family so i guess thats also one thing that made them that way.well at least they should have tried to improve their attitude! Now that they have the "money" and the branded things all thats left to change is   themselves. Even with the expensive things u acquire it would be completely worthless if you are rotten on the inside. 

Re: Copycat

I feel all of you, girls! Especially you, catherineu2. Just keep your distance from people like that - it wouldn't kill you to find friends that can actually say something nice to you and mean it! I had recently broke ties with a bff that I knew for over a decade. I did something really nice for her, and of course, she was also this way - selfish, always wanted "1-up" me, brag about how this guy is flirting with her, or how she wants to get in this guy's pants - just kick these people out of your life. Why keep them around when all they do is constantly make you feel like crap, and compare themselves to you? Doesn't sound like a true friend to me.

Re: Copycat

i read somewhere online that competition is healthy but overdoing it is not! Especially when u compare urself with friends! Its more like putting people down just so u could feel a sense of superiority. And that for me is pathetic and stupid! I just dont see their point in being competitive with us.when we arrived in the US we were already used to buying things we fancy and we never ever bully or compete with others ever! So  why start now?! I dont wanna play pretend and be all snooty just because iv had more things than others,i compliment them and thats it. Funny how some would make a recent purchase be a big deal,and how they would talk about it for hours! Funny too how we were imitated and we're the ones made to feel crap!


Re: Copycat

haha tell me about it. They would copy me but also talk behind my back cause there are certain things they dont have the body too wear. They would be like your dress too short, or too tight blah blah. But the next occasion, they were wearing almost the same type. And no I am not trying to sound obnoxious. I ask people about make up skin care stuff all the time, some ladies here (hello lylysa, beautytester, etc...just to name a few) know that but I appreciate their help and ALWAY GIVE THEM CREDITS FOR HELPING ME. I admire them for their knowledge and they know that Smiley Happy


For my best and GOOD friend, i would even tell her the website i got my clothes and would always tell her about the sales going on. I am nice too her because she is nice too me. If there is something nice and on sale I would get 1 extra to give to her. And she would compliment me about my nice clothes just like I do the same to her, not JEALOUS like some other girls that I have known.


Also this 1 girl was kinda close to me a few years back but then I met my boyfriend and she started to get jealous and always asked me about my boyriend and wanted to meet my boyfriend, heck no. I only wanted to introduce him to the people who matter to me.

Re: Copycat

My husband actually told me that i was too generous and how i taught her how to do her makeup,the brands she could purchase here in the US. But that dosnt mean she had to copy me! If youre a genuine friend i would never hesitate to give you something i also like.but if your being a diva and who prefers to post stuff on facebook just to impress others well then you are no friend of mine! I buy things not to fish for compliments but just for myself.and funny how her husband would tell me his wife got complimented on her bag and i didnt! Talk about negative competition!

Re: Copycat

gosh yep stay away from these 2 asap !!!!!!!

Re: Copycat

Ignore them.  Life is too short to deal with people who don't add anything positive. 

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