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Cool packaging

Have you ever look at a product, and just been more focused on the packaging, or the way it looks, that the actually product itself. 


I recently found the Météorites Perles D’azur Illuminating Powder - Pure Radiance


that look like this-

Guerlain - Guerlain By Emilio Pucci Météorites Perles D’azur Illuminating Powder - Pure Radiance

I don't really want  to buy it, I already have an illuminizer and I dont use that much, but  I'm just like WOWIES, that looks super cool!


What does get me are eyeshadow palettes with awesome packaging because then I feel like I want/need the eyeshadow as well. Holidays are major temptation >.<


So what cool packaging have you found? 


~We are all beautiful~

Re: Cool packaging

Very cute, I love the packaging on those Guerlain Meteorites!


I'm big on cute packaging, I just ordered two Cinderella compact mirrors to give as gifts for the holidays:


Disney Cinderella Collection - Compact Mirror


And I also LOVE pretty perfume bottles like the Marc Jacobs, or even my Fendi perfume which is simple yet sophisticated!


Marc Jacobs - DOT Fendi - Fan di Fendi Eau de Toilette

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Cool packaging

That's how I make pretty much all my decisions. When deciding between multiple items, go with the ones that have prettier packaging. Here are the items where I may have been swayed or given an extra nudge due to packaging (and really nice old sales ladies. Seriously, I have no immunity toward enthusiastic old ladies that showers me with freebies. Every impulse purchase I made this year is all because of that).


Basically those + some deluxe samples (of shadows, liners, mascaras, and lip products) + tinted moisturizers = my bedroom shelf/make up station.

Re: Cool packaging



I ordered the Toki Doki make up brushes for my friend along with their trio of lipglosses and eye shadow kit and not only did she love them but the packaging was so cute! I loved how the brushes looked and the triangular prism box they came in with the Toki Doki artwork on the sides was just as adorable!

Re: Cool packaging

I absolutly looovveee the new UD single eyeshadow design...I love popping it out of the thingy...Do u do it 2 or is it just me?!


Re: Cool packaging

I'm a sucker for cute and edgy packaging! I feel like that's half of the appeal of a product. I'm especially into packaging that is a bit different from the norm, like the pink brush set by Tarina Tarantino.


TARINA TARANTINO - Fuchsia Revolution Brush SetHello Kitty - Head Of The Class Bag

Kat Von D - Starry Eyes Autograph Pencil SetKat Von D - True Romance Eyeshadow Palette - Star-Crossed

Urban Decay - Eyeshadow

Whimsically yours,

Re: Cool packaging

@jessithediva- Actually the 6 hole build it yourself palette was so cute with it's little abstract design and the idea that I can take just the right combo of UD singles was what sold me on it. I pop them in and out for different trips, depending on the clothes I'm taking. It is my one and only travel palette now.

I got suckered into buying the new LORAC Bejeweled palettes. It is a trio of 4 color palettes and they have little gemstones imbedded in the lid. Pink gems= colors in the pink/purple family, black gems= greys (my favorite) and yellow gems = gold and metallic colors.

Re: Cool packaging

@prettyinpa I saw that and it is on my shopping list Smiley Happy sooo cute


Re: Cool packaging

Ohhemgee, I LOVE packaging!  Hello Kitty x Sephora has to be my #1 downfall.  Only they can make me think that I need 5 new mirror compacts!  Well, that and the Tokidoki line!  Ironically both are Sephora Originals!  Absolutely amazing & fun, just what a girl needs in her life Smiley Happy

Hello Kitty - Bow Compact MirrorHello Kitty - Head Of The Class Compact MirrorHello Kitty - Wild Thing Makeup Palettetokidoki - Roulette Gloss Triotokidoki - Cromatico Eyeshadow Set


xo, Mia



Re: Cool packaging


I'm really into RED anything with that color really draws me in.

Re: Cool packaging

Packaging is my weakness and I know Sephora knows it.  The build your own UD got me, I love the new eyeshadows too Jessi, don't worry...

Re: Cool packaging


Lancome always comes out with these GORGEOUS blushes that are too pretty to use!!

Re: Cool packaging



I ALWAYS fall for those! Sadly the picture and sparkles disappear after you use them.. but its SO pretty! I have a highlight powder with the rose on it and the jumbo bronzer with the elephant from a few years back. Untouched only cuz I like the pictures. Silly! hahaha

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Cool packaging

Love the dark humor of Tokyomilk Dark!


Re: Cool packaging

I've always loved perfume bottles!  I wish I could just buy the empty bottle if it's something I think is pretty (and if I think the perfume stinks I don't have to use it lol). 


The Vera Lovestruck bottle is one of my favorites, and it smells good, too. 

hRe: Cool packaging

hi kimmi1115 - My thoughts exactly! I think I just wrote in a recent possts. I have a bottle from my grand mothers signature White Shoulders EDP - would love to start a collection with that as my most special pieces. I'll have to see how the bottles compare ( I have some new) Believe it or not there are a few drops and it smells exactly to the same.


I also love atomizers - I'd love to have a collection sitting on my dressing table) you know the kind you see in older movies and you see them now here and there, where they have a chair/bench you sit on, with usualy a large oval mirror, draws on the sides and a lower areain the center for whatever and you can sit there qne qpply your make up and do your hair and then push the seat in when you 're done) You know? I'd love to have them all over the dressing table amond owhter lettle treasures. One little issue...I need on of those dressing table. When looking for new bedroom furniture couldmd find one Smiley Sad Poooooor Me! -joking....ish)


No real purpose to that post. Just thinking out loud....or typing out loud. Never know, it could still happen, who knows.

Re: Cool packaging

I'm also so distracted by cute packaging! I also love little travel sized products tooSmiley Happy


Sephora Favorites - Glitz And Glam Party Sampler

Sephora Favorites - In The Glow Set

<3 Melissa

Re: Cool packaging

While I love the product, too, I adore the packaging on the Guerlain Ecrin 6 Couleurs eyeshadow palettes. I love the intricate cut-outs on the metal cover, the engraving, and the little bee! It's weighty, too, and just feels luxurious.




I also love the bottle for Paul & Joe's light cream foundation. It just looks cute sitting on a dresser:






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