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Conair curl Secret

Hi all beauties! I have been looking through google, blogs/reviews and youtube about this Conair curl secret. I was wondering if any of you have bought it and want to ask how you like it. It is kinda pricey for a curling iron. But is it really worth it?

Thank you in advance!

Re: Conair curl Secret

sephora.pngHey i have had extensive practice on this tool, and i have had it used on my hair, which you can see is very long. It rarely tangles, but if it does you can reverse it out, or at least with the Belliss Curl Genius you can, which they sell at sally's beauty. I think it is almost the same as the Conair curl secret, conair owns belliss. Here is my tips though...

Use thin sections. Thin tall splices of hair make tighter curls. Wide but short splices make looser curls. Also always make sure you hair is brushed thoroughly before you use it. And lastly anyone can use it, i have used it on short hair, curly hair, extremely curly hair, thin hair, long hair. The curl lasted me all day. 

Re: Conair curl Secret

Funny you ask, my friend just got it for a present from her boyfriend. She has never been able to curl her hair with curling iron, wand, straightener, etc. One time she used it, she and I liked the curls I gave. And they lasted throughout the day and the following day. However, she said one time she used it and didn't come out as good as previous times. But she still likes it. But I will say her hair in thin and short, a bit above her shoulders, so maybe that's why it works well. But it does take her about 45 minutes, which I think is a long time, considering I have longer hair and way thicker, and it takes me 30 minutes. 

Re: Conair curl Secret

How long is your hair & how thin is it? 

I personally would never use something like this. I heard it tangles hair a lot and the heat settings are way to high! 

Plus it doesn't save much time, just use a curling wand Smiley Wink 

Re: Conair curl Secret

Hair length is something I thought of too!


My hair is past my hips....good luck to me if I ever tried using one of those new curl tools! Smiley Tongue

Re: Conair curl Secret

My straight hair loves curling wands! They are fast, easy, and can achieve different looks. My boyfriend noticed the time it takes me to get ready since switching to a curling wand. 

Re: Conair curl Secret

I haven't tried it, but I will weigh in that this tool only has two temperature settings, 365 and 400. More than not, that's really pushing it for most hair types. Unless your hair is super coarse or thick, temperatures like that aren't needed, but I can see the rational as the company is using higher temperatures to ensure locking in the curl. Granted if you do invest, be sure to use a solid thermal protectant product to ensure hair is damaged as less as possible.


It does seem to be the more cost effective way to go in terms of this design/tool. Rusk and Babybliss have similar products that retail for $199. I would advise digging online to get reviews, even check out videos/bloggers, or venturing to a store and asking associates if they have any feedback from customers so far.


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