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Colors you're currently loving

I don't know about all of you, but I definitely feel like I go through phases where I'm totally into a particular color for a while. Granted, I chose Colorobsession as my username, so I guess that's not too shocking :-p


During most of last year I think I was definitely in a purple phase. Specifically I really love muted purples and purples with a bluish undertone. It was definitely the motivating factor in me buying the Stila In the Moment Palette (even though the last thing I probably need is another eyeshadow palette)


Most recently though I'm kind of obsessed with mint green and coral for the springtime. I've definitely updated my wardrobe to include a fabulous mint cardigan and coral ballet flats. In the beauty world there have been a couple of palettes I've been tempted by specifically because they have a mint eyeshadow, and I've had to exercise some serious will power to put the credit card away and not buy them!


So I figured I would ask, is anyone else hooked on a particular color right now?  Are their any products you've either discovered, re-discovered, or generally fallen in love with in that color?

Re: Colors you're currently loving

@colorobsession- I love those Essie polishes they remind me of like summer flavored drinks or something.

Re: Colors you're currently loving

yes! Like popsicles or something

Re: Colors you're currently loving

Thanks! They really do. I also really like them worn together, although I don't always have the patience to pull off DIY nail designs...

Re: Colors you're currently loving

Right now I'm into bright matte coral pink lipsticks and lavender toned pinks! Also, nude opaque nail polishesSmiley Happy

<3 Melissa

Re: Colors you're currently loving

Hot pink for nails!!!


Re: Colors you're currently loving

I wore hot pink a few days ago! So fun for spring

Re: Colors you're currently loving

I'm 24/7 obsessed with purple eyeshadows. Biggest favorites are UD Grifter, Flash, Omen, Benefit Fancy Pansy, the two in the Stila palette you posted above, BE Water Lily, and MAC Beautiful Iris.


Current obsessions are also mint green and coral, as well as robin's egg blue. Loving Essie's Cute as a Button (coral-pink), Color Club's Blue-Ming (despite the title, I see a mint green), and Zoya Robyn!

Re: Colors you're currently loving

I love corals for blushes and nails. I also love them for lipsticks, then again I love my corals. Ive been really into purple eyeshadows too. Just yesterday, I decided to do more of a metallic eyeshadow look.

Re: Colors you're currently loving

Lately I've been obsessed with the color coral. Blushes, lipsticks, eyeshadow, clothing, anything! It's such a gorgeous color.

Re: Colors you're currently loving

It really is gorgeous. And I think it can be flattering on so many skin tones, which is awesome.

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