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Colors you're currently loving

I don't know about all of you, but I definitely feel like I go through phases where I'm totally into a particular color for a while. Granted, I chose Colorobsession as my username, so I guess that's not too shocking :-p


During most of last year I think I was definitely in a purple phase. Specifically I really love muted purples and purples with a bluish undertone. It was definitely the motivating factor in me buying the Stila In the Moment Palette (even though the last thing I probably need is another eyeshadow palette)


Most recently though I'm kind of obsessed with mint green and coral for the springtime. I've definitely updated my wardrobe to include a fabulous mint cardigan and coral ballet flats. In the beauty world there have been a couple of palettes I've been tempted by specifically because they have a mint eyeshadow, and I've had to exercise some serious will power to put the credit card away and not buy them!


So I figured I would ask, is anyone else hooked on a particular color right now?  Are their any products you've either discovered, re-discovered, or generally fallen in love with in that color?

Re: Colors you're currently loving

I LOVE nailpolish. My mom always wore pinks and sheer neutrals, which was what I started out with when I was growing up. But since I've gotten older I've loved to experiment, and I've found that I really love brights, dark colors, and metallics. During my mint/coral kick I bought two new Essie polishes - Mint Candy Apple and Tart Deco. They're both creme colors, and I'm kiiiiind of obsessed :-)

Re: Colors you're currently loving

I currently have Tart Deco on my nails and Mint Candy Apple on my toes. LOL. I love it so summery. 

Re: Colors you're currently loving

My bottle of MCA is getting gloopy!!! Smiley Sad Must invest in a thinner or a new bottle soon!

Re: Colors you're currently loving

Ooh nooo! Yes, it's definitely a color you don't want to have to go long without!


Re: Colors you're currently loving

Great topic!


Different shades of blue have been catching me lately.  I wore UD 24/7 liner in Covet yesterday (it's a decommissioned color now), and I've been wanting to use UD Gunmetal and Lorac Celebutant from my stash.  It's hard to wear blue, especially during the day!

Re: Colors you're currently loving

@colorobsession- I love those Essie polishes they remind me of like summer flavored drinks or something.

Re: Colors you're currently loving

yes! Like popsicles or something

Re: Colors you're currently loving

Thanks! They really do. I also really like them worn together, although I don't always have the patience to pull off DIY nail designs...

Re: Colors you're currently loving

Right now I'm into bright matte coral pink lipsticks and lavender toned pinks! Also, nude opaque nail polishesSmiley Happy

<3 Melissa

Re: Colors you're currently loving

Hot pink for nails!!!

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