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Colors you're currently loving

I don't know about all of you, but I definitely feel like I go through phases where I'm totally into a particular color for a while. Granted, I chose Colorobsession as my username, so I guess that's not too shocking :-p


During most of last year I think I was definitely in a purple phase. Specifically I really love muted purples and purples with a bluish undertone. It was definitely the motivating factor in me buying the Stila In the Moment Palette (even though the last thing I probably need is another eyeshadow palette)


Most recently though I'm kind of obsessed with mint green and coral for the springtime. I've definitely updated my wardrobe to include a fabulous mint cardigan and coral ballet flats. In the beauty world there have been a couple of palettes I've been tempted by specifically because they have a mint eyeshadow, and I've had to exercise some serious will power to put the credit card away and not buy them!


So I figured I would ask, is anyone else hooked on a particular color right now?  Are their any products you've either discovered, re-discovered, or generally fallen in love with in that color?

Re: Colors you're currently loving

Oh I'm totally into blues and blue-greens this spring!  I've always gone with neutrals or conservatives purples for work (and it's SO HARD to find nice blue-toned purples, I can never understand why there are so many red purples but so few blue purples!).  Since I already own waaaaaay too many eyeshadow palettes, I went to Ulta with some coupons and got a NYX 9-pan palette all in shades of blue and green (including a mint green!).  It's so much fun to play with, and if it's just a phase I'm going through, well at least it only cost me $5 and I don't have to feel guilty about it lying around forever (like all my other, much more expensive palettes).



Re: Colors you're currently loving

p.s. for mint green and coral, you should look at Lorac's Glogetter palette!  It looks awesome for summer and is only $20 (only available at Ulta though).

(photo is from makeupandbeautyblog)

Re: Colors you're currently loving

That Glogetter palette looks awesome! I love the color selection. Maybe I'll have to make a trip to Ulta to check it out...


And you are totally right about finding the perfect shade of purple. So often I see grape or red toned purples, and they're just not my favorite. I've found that to be even more true with nail polish. There are tons of shades of purple, but it's SO hard to find one I really like.

Re: Colors you're currently loving

Lately I've been using bare minerals ready 2.0 shadow in the flashback a lot lately. Such a gorgeous pair, and the formula is outstanding.


Re: Colors you're currently loving

I've been into earth tones mattes recently.  Not really sure why.  I want Nars colors Sophia and New York.  They are different than any colors in UD's Naked.

Re: Colors you're currently loving

I've always been obsessed with coral! Coral blush and lipstick, sometimes eye shadow but that isn't terribly flattering on me.


Lately I've been loving the greens! I recently got the Wet'n'Wild Comfort Zone palette, which has some very wearable greens, and I got Lise Watier's ombre souffle eyeshadow in Vert Enchante, it's a great mousse-like formula with the perfect silver-green.


Re: Colors you're currently loving

I've been switching from grays and cool pinks to gold and bronze shadows.  I love using Mac's Paint Pot in Bare Study over the lid, then using the gold shade from the Sephora Colorful palette in Taupe Model to set it.  My Kat Von D Ludwig palette is going to get a lot of use this summer. Smiley Happy

Re: Colors you're currently loving

I've been using graffiti a lot nowadays.  Totally obsessed with teals and greens!

Re: Colors you're currently loving

That looks like such a fun color palette! Kudos to you for rocking the greens and teals. I love fun colors like that, but I don't often wear them (mostly because I probably couldn't get away with it at work). Once in a while I'll throw in a hint of color, like sporting a turquoise liner, as long as the rest of my complexion is neutral.

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