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Colors of the Rainbow Tag

I saw this tag and thought it would be fun to share with you all here on BT. Basically you choose a product or an item that is one of your favorite or reminds you of that color. I'm going to add some additional colors to this list just because these are must have colors for summer. Feel free to add some additional colors to your list as well!


Red- YSL lip balm in Succulent Pomegranate. This is not a typical red color. This do have some red undertones but its more of a sheer pink when its on the lips. Red lipsticks don't suit me well.

Orange- Ole Truth Serum. Love love this serum, it feels light and amazing on my skin.

Coral- Tipsy Blush from Tarte. Love this blush for the summer time, this blush is super pigmented and last all day!

Yellow- Clinique Dramatically Different Lotion/Gel. This isn't technically yellow but its close to a greenish yellow. I don't have much yellow in my collection.

Green- Lush Herbalism Cleanser. Not the best looking green or the best smelling one but it does a great job at cleaning my face. I've been using this in the morning to prep my face before makeup. Giving my face a smoother base.

Mint- Mint Candy Apple from Essie. Love, love, love this color on my nails. I just love mint color things. I've been wearing this a lot during this summer.

Blue- Lancome Bi Facil Eye Makeup Remover. Although the liquid is not technically blue, the bottle is. This is my all time favorite eye makeup remover besides baby oil.

Indigo- Maybelline the Rocket Mascara. The tube looks like an indigo shade but don't worry the mascara is black, very black to be exact.

Violet- Nars St. Marks Place Eyeliner. I love my purples and navy for brown eyes. Use this whenever I need a pop of color.

Pink- Coach Poppy Perfume. This is so far my summer scent. Smells sweet and flory yet not to heavy but makes a lasting impression.

Multicolored- Stila in the Lights Palette. I know this isn't really multicolored but it contains a bunch of different shades of colors(that counts, right?) LOL I've been using this palette a lot lately for some neutral eyes. I'm going to add UD Deluxe Shadow Box Palette as well since I grab this whenever I want a pop of color and this actually is a bit more colorful than the Stila one.

Re: Colors of the Rainbow Tag

Pink- My Yankee Candle Watermelon Candle, yummy! Its perfect for Summer and smells so good.

Red-  Benetint! I love Benetint.

Coral- L'Oreal's Coral Tatoo, its from the line that is sort of like the YSL glossy stains, not exactly sure what the L'Oreal line is called.

Orange- Exfolickate, it only has orange letters but this is and amazing exfoliator! 

Yellow- Realizing that I don't have a lot of yellow in my makeup collection but Revlon's Colorstay nail polish in Buttercup.

Green- NYX's glitter liner in Jade, what a beautiful shade!

Blue-  Carol's Daughter Hair Milk Leave in Conditioner, its stretching it a little but I love this stuff! Its my favorite leave in conditioner.

Violet- So many to choose from! But my favorite eyeshadow is probably Urban Decay's Grifter

MultiColored- Sephora's Sparktacular Topcoat Smiley Happy!

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