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Post in Besides Beauty

College and A Wedding

I will point out first that no, I am not getting married, my friend is.  Which I will explain later on how this all ties in.


There are times in which I get the feelings that people where I work really don't appreciate what I do.  In my workcenter, I have had problems with this one member who never comminicates with me.  As a matter of fact, everyone treats her as though she is right and I'm always wrong.  Quite frankly, I am getting annoyed and tired of it, especially because I get ignored and not spoken to on the members of my team.  The store manager knows about it (one day, I went into his office, crying my eyes out because of the whole situation) as well as some of the other managers.  As for the team lead, who I have talked to before about it, there are times in which it seems like she does nothing about it.  Again, as I said, I am rather sick of it and because of it, I decided in order to go back to school for my third degree.  First two were in Landscaping and Business Management.  As for the last one, I have been looking around and have been thinking about going for Esthetics, because I actually enjoy learning about the skin and working with it.  I tend to read a lot about my own skin as well.  I sent in a request for Empire Beauty Schools to contact me so we will see what will happen.


As for this wedding, my friend is getting married and wants me to do the makeup and be one of the maids of honor, along with my sister.  Don't know why.  I personally think that I am not good at doing makeup but I agreed to it.


Yep.. I think that is pretty much it.

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