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College Advice??? :o

I'm in my second semster of college and still having a hard time trying to figure out how to balance everything. I'm sure there are plenty of ladies who have gone to college that post in this forum, so I was wondering if I could get some tips on time management, some quick beauty routines (including hair-I can't even count how many times I've been late to class because of this :/), and maybe some ideas as far as cute, roomy bags go? The bag I have currently to carry my things around isn't anywhere near roomy enough and I always find it cluttered with stuff. O.o


All in all, I guess you could say I'm just kind of a hot mess when it comes to this whole college thing, but I want to make it work! Midterms are soon and I refuse to fail any classes, but I feel like, with my lack of organization and whatnot, failure is the direction in which I'm currently headed. Smiley Tongue


(Stress management might be a good one to get tips on too... lol)

Re: College Advice??? :o

It has been a few years since I was in college, but I'm going to try and help as best I can. First, check to see if your campus offers any time management seminars. Often they bring in guest speakers to help teach you different tips. It's really important that you know how you learn best. I'm a visual learner. I can't remember a thing if I read about it; but show me a picture and I'll memorize it. It's really important you play to your strengths but know your weaknesses


Second, try to find a big roomy backpack. They're not always the cutest, but they usually have plenty of pockets. plus a backpack is much easier to carry when you have to do lots of walking. You really want something functional over fashionable. 


As for beauty, really keep it simple. You're there to learn, not compete for Miss America, right? Haha. I used to wear BB cream and just mascara most days. 


Lastly, get a planner and be proactive about using it every day. Schedule study time and really stick to it. But also allow yourself time for breaks. If you're going an hour straight, give yourself a 2 minute break every 15 minutes. Step away, breath, check your phone, and then drop everything and focus totally on studying again. 


I had a really hard first semester but managed to get my bachelors in just 3 years by taking summer classes.

Re: College Advice??? :o

Hi HaileeJayne,


When I was in school my beauty routine was pretty much non-existant if I had morning classes. I pretty much always rocked the high bun. If I had some time or didn't have a class until later in the day I'd usually wear liner, mascara, fill in my brows, powder, and blush.


Some of my tips for management and organization would be the following:

+Have a thin binder/notebook for each class. It'll keep you organized and not overwhelmed if you have just one binder for all your classes. Simply swap them out during your breaks if you live near by. If you drive just keep all of them in your car and swap when you can.

+Study in a place that you're most comfortable. For me it was usually from the comforts of my room while listening to lyricless music. Some people work well studying with others, at a cafe...I guess just find what works best for you.

+Take breaks. I use to take a break every hour or so while studying.

+Invest in a little pencil roll and a planner. They sound like basic things, but they really help. You can make note of upcoming assignments and should never have to worry about being without something to write with.

+In terms of cute bags, I personally would recommend a backpack. I know they're kinda dorky and most people do carry around totes, but I did both and found a backpack to just be easier for keeping things organized. Victoria's Secret has some really cute ones.


Whimsically yours,

Re: College Advice??? :o

Even though I am not in college yet, I still feel I have some advice that can help you. 


For makeup and hair, I like my sleep more than my beauty especially during school! So I like to keep it simple, I apply Laura mercier tinted moisturizer with my fingers and also some mascara and mayeyes nude shadow and always benetint on my lips and thats my everyday no makeup makeup look.  For hair I usually do a braid which is cs impel or a ponytail. To dress those up I wear headbands or have cute hair accessories like pretty ponytail holders.  You can always do a half up half down and wear your hair in a sock bun the night before to reveal luxurious curls in the morning! Check YouTube for short simple hair styles! 


for organization try getting a planner and putting different classes in different colors pens and notebooks etc color coat everything! A nice bag to check out is a longchamp tote! 


Hope I helped!


Re: College Advice??? :o

For me I like to pack everything the night before. Make sure I have everything I need for the classes, so you're not rushing in packing when you're late or looking for things. 

And I have a small touch up bag with me because I have work after classes. I just pack a powder, blot sheets, and a mini powder brush. Keep it simple, you don't need much.

For me, my hair is naturally straight so I don't do much to it for classes. On days when my plain hair isn't enough, I like to twirl it into a bun, secure it with a scrunchie, and add some texture spray, ex: Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray, I love the look of how my hair is at the beach. 

For makeup, keep it simple. eyeliner, mascara, and foundation if you need it. Right after I do my makeup, I put whatever I need into my bag and toss it in my backpack and I'm ready to go.

Re: College Advice??? :o

I agree with everyone else. Take a College- Success course to help get acclmiated as I've heard these really help. I do part time courses online so I can't help too much on the on campus aspect but pre-packing everything the night before really helped me. I'm still learning as well. 


Also to everyone else: What is or was your favorite brand/type of planner? 

Re: College Advice??? :o

I've been out of college for a really (really) long time, but I still use academic planners (July -- June) because I've just been using them consistently since then! My favorite is At-A-Glance weekly/monthly -- I find the daily breakdown helpful (mine isn't by hour), but I also have to have the month calendar, too, because it keeps me organized.


Smiley Happy

Re: College Advice??? :o

My planner is my life! I write everything in there! Its for the whole year, so it keeps me in check with classes and work. 

Re: College Advice??? :o

Time management:

- Put every single meeting/classes/appointment onto your calendar as soon as it's decided, then sync all your email/phone calendar. This way you will never miss/forget a meeting, and it make scheduling meetings much easier for team work.

- Briefly skim the assignment and think about how to do it as soon as you get it. It's fine if you don't do it immediately, but this gets you started as you commute or read the book during the week before you get to it.

- Make a todo list every night.



- Check the weather, then lay out the clothe/make up you are planning to wear the night before. This way if you don't have time to do make up, you can just grab and throw everything into a travel bag and do it during/after the commute.

- Honestly it's pony tail, brush teeth, rinse/moisturize face then out the door for me. Or if I need to look put together, concealer, curled lashes, tinted lip balms.

- Always have a quick-fix kit, for me it's SPF lip balm, hand lotion, hair tie, hair clip (and...err....something for that time of the month cuz I'm clutz and never remember when it starts).

- I shower at night, so it's hair down the next day, pony tail for the 1-2 days after, then shower and repeat the cycle.

- Make up is not as important as sleep, healthy food and exercise. A 20min nap is the shortest that's still effective, so if you are tired and don't want to fall asleep in class, find a spot in the library or somewhere and set the alarm for 20min (then drink some cold water when I wake up does the trick). I work with computers and sit all day so I get antsy if I don't exercise, and it's a good stress reliever. Yes ramen and Mac-n-Cheese are quick meals, but you can throw some lettuce or spinach into the ramen or eat it with a couple hard boiled eggs or throw some frozen peas/carrots in while making Mac-n-Cheese. After pigging out on free pizza/burgers, the next meal is fruit only to help me keep the weight in check (strawberries for dinner is more enjoyable than munching on celery/carrots).

- Find a stress-reliever that is not time-consuming. I like sniffing perfumes to wake me up or calm me down. I don't watch news, so 20min of Colbert Report = organizing my room/closet/stuff. And backpain makes me cranky, the Brookestone ineed lumbar massager is the best investment I've ever made.


If you have to walk a lot or lives far from campus, get a rolling packpack. I get all my bags from I'm in grad school, so it's still stressful panic time. You can never "balance" everything all the time, set a priority and focus on the important/urgent ones first, so you won't stress out too much when pressed for time.

Re: College Advice??? :o

I am in my third year of college, and I am still learning lol. 


As for time management, using a good planner is a major help.  I call myself an organized create of habit, so I may take some organization to the extreme lol.  I can't tell you how to plan out a planner because it's all about personal perference.  For me, I prefer to write instead of using my phone. 


If you have time to apply makeup and do your hair really nice, that's good, but that shouldn't be your primary focus in the mornings.  Some mornings, as a commutting student, I may focus more on my hair than my makeup.  Some days, I may just wear a sheer makeup product, concealer, and call it a day.  You will have the "hair bun" days, which is today for me.  If you're not much for the bun, you can always play it up.  I'm wearing my replica Rose butterfly comb to make the bun look nice.  Butterflies are always pretty lol.


As for bags, I try to carry the minimum stuff.  During the school week, I do not carry a purse.  I mainly use my Jansport Big Student backpack.  So far, it has lasted me since my first year.  I sometimes carry a tote to keep winter articles in so I don't have more stuff on my back.  I'm a weakling lol.  I would go for the rolling backpack, but I have many stairs to hike.

Re: College Advice??? :o

Kudos to you HaileeJayne for dealing with it as best you can and for pushing yourself for a higher education! I love school and loved learning but it can definitely be a game changer in college and tough to handle that with everyday normal activities so I think it's great you're reaching out for some tips and advice.


I actually suggest that to make things SUPER easy? You get a 5 or 6 subject notebook. Each section is usually divided with a cardboard folder in the middle to hold loose papers like exams or the class syllabus but it makes it SO much easier than scrambling around to find the red notebook for science when you have the blue notebook for literature and meant to bring the red notebook but brought the green instead.. does that make sense? Pretty much everything is in one notebook and you can always write notes or carry one extra folder to hold spare sheets.


Keep yourself hydrated with water and if you drink any coffee to stay awake in classes or work on assignments and projects at night, drink more water! It really does help your brain when you are properly hydrated and not having dry cotton mouth distracting you from work.


Like I read in a few other comments, take breaks! Super important to rest your eyes for a minute or two every 15 -20 minutes, especially if you're on a computer so that your eyes are relaxed and not strained.


As for makeup, when I was in college I used my sometimes 20-30 minute breaks in between to put on more makeup, or touch up what I already had. Normally each day was a typical hair in a messy bun, sometimes a headband thrown in but I always made time for a dab of concealer under the eyes, mascara and some fun lip colors to brighten up my look.


Try ponytails or side braids, if your hair is longer those are super pretty and easy for maintenance. 


I'd normally carry a side bag that could be across my shoulder but looking back at how much I carried, a backpack would have been much better. More padded support on the shoulder straps would have been much more comfy easier on back strain too. I'd keep one extra bag with a few cosmetic touch up items and then another small bag for pencils and pens, a mini stapler (saved my life!) and some mints or gum in case of boredom Smiley Wink

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: College Advice??? :o

Hi there!


I'm in my senior year of college and SHOULD be graduating this spring, but I'm behind a year so i'll be a 5th year student next semester.  Anyway, college has been full of some amazing experiences, but also some very bad ones.  But I try not to regret anything and instead look at my experiences as a learning process--I've learned so much in college, and not just academically.


So far, you've gotten a lot of great advice.  To add on everything, here are some tips I've learned along the way!


-sleep. is. so. crucial.  If you don't get enough sleep (which I know is hard in college), you're just going to feel run down and suffer academically and emotionally.  Cat naps are always great during your free time, but try to schedule your work so you have enough time to get a good nights sleep.  I usually try to go to bed early, then wake up early and allow myself enough time to enjoy a cup of tea in the morning while I'm getting ready.  Also, for restless nights which are common in college, I've found that playing rain white noise on my phone or computer helps ease my nerves and put me to sleep.  I don't know what it is, but the sound of light rain/thunder calms me down.


-Don't stress.  It's sooo easy to get super overhwelmed about homework assignments, big papers or projects, and other random things going on in college.  When you find yourself getting overwhelmed, take a break from whatever your working on and do something that's stress relieving or takes your mind off things for a little while.  For me, it's playing some of my favorite music and having a mini impromptu dance party.  Also, sometimes I'll get a big cup of water and sit outside on my deck (even in the winter) just to get some fresh air and relax.  And just remind yourself--when things are getting stressful, just think about things in your life your grateful for and most importantly, its not the end of the world!! Even if you bomb a test, it's not the end of the world.  Just learn from it and try your best next time.  I tend to get super super upset when I have a major deadline for something.  Then I just stop myself and say "it's not the end of the world, it's going to be okay..."


-Water. Lots and lots of water.  I try and keep a supply of bottled water in my fridge at all times so I can grab it on the go.  I also have a refillable bottle (like those Nalgene ones) that I bring with me so I can refill it with water at the nearest water fountain and so I can stay hydrated.  Nothing helps ease stress, keep  your energy high, and make you feel better than simple water.  I can't stress enough how important it is to stay hydrated in college (especially after a late night of cramming or partying!)  It's easy to reach for a soda or some other sort of drink, but water is so much more important and healthy for you.


-keep a planner with you at all times.  It's really personal preference whether you use your phone or not, but I prefer to use a planner that I can write in.  I also have an on-going "to do" list inside of my planner on the page of that week, so I can not only see what's coming up in my calendar, but cross things off as I get them done.  It sounds cheesy, but it helps me feel accomplished when I'm able to cross off things I've completed.


-Organization is personal preference as well, but I've found that a 5-subject notebook with pocket dividers has worked best for me.  That way, I have all my materials for all my classes all the time, so if I need to double check something for a certain class, it's all there in one spot regardless of what class I'm in.  In the case that it tends to get too thick (which really annoys me/makes me feel overwhelmed), I have a separate accordian-style binder for other papers that I also keep in my backpack at all times.  If this is the case, I keep only extremely important documents in the notebook (like the syllabus, schedule, etc.) and other misc. materials in the accordian style.  That way if I forget the additional binder, I still have my syllabus with me.


-Backpack.  I've tried carrying around other bags/totes, but a backpack honestly works best.  It can hold the most, and has additional pockets so it makes staying organized easier.  Also, it can usually hold a lot more than a tote, so if you have a lot of books it's really helpful.  Also, it's sooo much easier on your back/shoulders, especially if you have a large campus and walk to most of your classes.  Also, I usually keep a separate pouch/pencil case for my pens/pencils, so they are all in one place and I can grab one easily.


-I also have beauty essentials in my backpack at all times.  I like to get travel-sized products for sake of space, and I usually carry things like lipbalm, lotion, advil, concealer, and gum.  Sometimes I even carry a small thing of perfume for a quick pick-me-up.  I always always always have extra hair ties, bobby pins, and headbands, and I also like to have a mini hairbrush for long days.


-For the mornings, I try to make my routine quick and simple.  For hair, it's usually tied back either in a bun, braid, or pony.  I prefer to have my hair off my face when I'm studying.  I also shower at night to make my morning routine faster.  For makeup, it's a light application of foundation (which serves as my concealer, although you can skip the foundation if you like), blush, a touch of bronzer (because I'm super fair) and mascara.  For days when I have more time, I add a little liner, a dust of shadow, and a light pink lip.  Then I throw everything in my bag and am ready to go!  


-In my room, I have all my textbooks, notebooks, etc. in one place (in a nook next to my shelves) so I can grab it quickly in the mornings and toss it in my bad. This way there's no searching for that one book.


-Keep your room clean at all times and keep up with your daily chores/cleaning.  Having a clean room honestly makes life so much easier.  No searching for anything, no stepping over dirty laundry, you get the drift.  I used to be soooo messy, then when I got a dog (who I absolutely love, but should caution that it's extremely hard to raise a dog in college), I was forced to keep my room clean.  I quickly realized how much time I saved in the mornings getting ready and how much my stress level was reduced. Also, I make my bed every single morning.  Even if it's not perfect, I toss my comforter over my bed to make it look more neat.  a messy bed makes a small room look cluttered, and it's also so much rewarding to get into a clean bed at night after a long day.


-Eat healthy and exercise.  I can't stress this enough.  Sure, it's fine to splurge every now and then, but you'll find that you'll feel so much better if you're eating healthy and exercising--I promise.


-Snacks!! Get quick snacks (like peanut butter and crackers or fruits and veggies) and have them ready to go in the mornings so you can toss them in your bag.  Breakfast is so important, but during rushed mornings it's usually skipped/forgotten.  But if you pack snacks in your bag, you can usually eat them in class (check your professor's/class's policy first). Skipping meals really affects your overall well-being, so be sure to stay nourished!



AHH, sorry for the super long post.  Just thought I'd share what I've learned over the years.  I hope some/any of this has helped you and hang in there!  College is a wonderfule experience where you learn a lot about yourself and grow as an individual.  Best of luck!!

Re: College Advice??? :o

Best thing I ever did was start making daily goals on everything.  Little things like:  I'd like to be this far along in my homework by the end of today, have dinner for the week cooked, run to the bank, etc.


It doesn't need to be horribly organized, but by making goals and accomplishing them you make a little progress on everything and feel good about it.


A big timesaver for me has definitely been making a huge portion of food at the beginning of the week and munching through it as the week wears on.  Smiley Happy

Re: College Advice??? :o

The only time I needed to be highly organized was when I shared a dorm room with my roommates. Having a shower caddy and bathrobe help a lot because you can essentially hide items in there you don't want others to see, or if you forget something, you can always wrap yourself in the robe. If you need cosmetic bags or duffle bags, Ross has great options.


When I was in college, I used the same mini planner throughout 4 years. Even if you can remember your assignments, it's better to visually see everything in the future.


I agree that taking naps is essential. However, I always try to keep my cell phone not within reach, so that when the alarm sounds off, I would have to physically get up to turn it off. Napping also relates to registering for classes. I always try to leave large gaps between classes, so I can go back to my room to nap. Of couse, if you have to take a certain class or can't take a certain class, this tip doesn't matter, but try to register back-to-back classes or leave a lot of time in between.


Lastly, I can't help you in the hair department since I'm pretty low maintenance with my hair (i.e. do nothing).


Nevertheless, I hope the rest of my advice somewhat helps!


Re: College Advice??? :o

for hair (this gets me through life ) cut it like shoulder length! and makeup concealer, lip gloss, mineral foundation, and mascara. so that getting ready. Bags big and roomy. They can be ugly but if you have a backpack decorating party it can be fun.

Re: College Advice??? :o

I just graduated from college this past May and I totally understand how overwhelming everything can be!  My biggest advice for an easy hair routine in the morning is to find a Dry Shampoo that you love and stock up on it! It was my saving grace after all nighters or just those times when you over sleep/sleep through your alarm and need to run out of your apartment or dorm room.


In terms of organization I color-coded everything for each of my classes.  I would buy a folder or binder with a matching notebook, so I wouldn't have to think or open them up to determine which class they were for.  It is great for just grabbing that color and going. I even used those colors when putting homework, reading assignments, etc. in my daily planner. 


I am not a fan of the look of most backpacks which I realize are more useful for schoolwork, so I have always been a fan of a tote or large purse. To make up for the lack of pockets that backpacks have I just used little mini-pouches to keep things organized. I invested in a cute Ted Baker Shopper that has multiple compartments, as well as, a padded compartment for your laptop, tablet, etc. But any tote would really work! 


Lastly, take a breath and some time to do something you enjoy every day! Make sure to make some great memories!

Re: College Advice??? :o

I went to college full-time, worked 30-40 hours a week, and finished in just 4 years.  Along all that, I dated, then got a serious boyfriend while being on SGA and in my sorority.  If I can do it, anybody can do it!


Just prioritize your time.  Realize that, unless you plan on going to get your Masters immediately after undergrad, your GPA doesn't have to be perfect to land a great career.  Ask yourself if you're trying for perfection rather than truly absorbing the material.  Make sure you're scheduling down time.  For me, that was my sorority life and, later, my boyfriend time (he was 1 year ahead of me, also Greek and on SGA, so he understood the lifestyle).


Remember, you don't have to live like this forever.  Just 4 years!

Re: College Advice??? :o

One of my biggest recommendations for overall health is getting sleep!!! As a college student myself, I spent the first couple years staying up til 2 a.m. and draaaagggging through classes the next day. Ugh I don't know why it took me so long to figure out that getting to bed by midnight was essential. It helped me stay awake through classes, and in turn be more on top of my school work. When you have more energy, you are more productive. 

Also, GET A PLANNER! One you will actually use. I find getting one in a bright color is best so you won't lose it. When you get your syllabus at the beginning of each class, record all important dates (essays, exams, projects due, etc) in the planner so that way you'll never be surprised with your work.

As far as quick hair routines... sleeping in a loose single braid gives gorgeous waves in the morning! (Best result when you go to bed with wet/damp hair.) Just take out the braid, flip your hair over and run your fingers through your hair. If you want to add a quick texturizing product or light hairspray you can do that as well.

And lastly you noted stress management. Trust me, EVERY college student faces huge amounts of stress. But its how you deal with it. Whether its going for a 30 minute walk, or going out to dinner with a friend... or spending an hour on drooling at all the amazing products......... Smiley Wink find something you love to do. Don't forget its ok to take breaks. 

Have fun! It is college after all Smiley Happy

Re: College Advice??? :o

I am an incoming college freshman, but I did go to boarding school so I do have experience when it comes to time management. 


Get a planner. Might seem lame, but it helps. Even if you don't refer to it much (like me), it gives you a sense of organization and makes everything (commitments, assignments, study groups, etc) not as overwhelming. 


SLEEP. It really makes everything else easier. 

Do hang out with friends, don't get me wrong, but don't stay up doing things that aren't worth it. You'd be surprised how many times people do that (staying up to watch a show, work out, etc) 


Watch what you eat. 


Don't call home when you are super stressed out. Vent to someone who is willing to listen. Most of the time you worry your parents or make them think you are having a bad time, which is usually not the case with college. 


Meet with teachers during office hours, especially with tricky courses. 


As for beauty stuff, there is sooooo much stuff on Youtube. Think of it as an expanded and upgraded version of the Seventeen magazine spreads about quick hair-dos and makeup looks. 

Also try Pinterest. Plenty of inspiration for makeup, hair, dorm stuff. 


Best of luck. It can get overwhelming, but enjoy it. Many people will tell you, but I regret not having enjoyed my time at boarding school as much as I could have. 


haha I think I focused on the academic/serious part too much. sorry! hope this is of some help though! 


Re: College Advice??? :o

Great questions Hailee!

I'm a PhD student and have been in college essentially for almost a decade. I agree: time management, beauty routines, and stress are all really difficult, but I'm a lot better at managing all three than I was before.

1) It's really difficult to manage your time when you don't have a lot to work with. I've found that waking up early makes the day feel a lot longer for me. If I get my work day started around noon or even later, it becomes really difficult for me to get in a full productive day of work (7-8 hours) without getting stressed (working in the evening makes me stressed out). All that to say,  if you're not waking up consistently at 9am or, ideally, before then, you should start. If that means going to bed around midnight, make it happen.

2) Take class and readings seriously. Make sure you attend every class and only miss it if you're sick, but don't duck out if you're going to be late or just don't feel like going. Also, pay attention in class. Don't play around on social media or the internet. You'll double the amount of work you have to do later to study or write papers if you need to review all the slides and struggle to catch up on what you could easily have heard the teacher say themselves in class. Try to do your readings when they're due, especially if you can tell that their content will be tested on quizes, exams, or other assignments. Your professor builds their lectures assuming you've done the reading before class. If you have, you'll understand the lecture better, and therefore, the material better.

3) Prioritize. At the beginning of every semester, look at your syllabi and figure out how you're being graded in that class. Sometimes, the readings you have to do for lecture aren't actually being tested on, so maybe you don't want to prioritize readings for that class. Sometimes, a paper might be worth most of your grade so maybe you want to start working on that paper earlier in the semester. Prioritizing also reduces stress. You won't be trying to do 100% of the work at 110% effort. You'll try to do 80% of the work at 100% effort and the rest, at lower effort.

4) See if you can move your hair maintenance to the nighttime. Is there a way you can do your hair before you sleep that makes it easier to handle in the morning? Or, maybe your hair routine is too complicated. Are you using a straightening iron or curling iron every day? That's really exhausting for school maintenance. Maybe you can experiment with other styles or ways of prepping your hair that still look gorgeous, but aren't so work intensive. You'll be happy you investigated these options when you get a full-time job someday and need to be somewhere at 8am or 9am.

5) For bags, try out bucket bags or satchels Smiley Happy 

6) Everyone told you to get a planner. This is a great idea. If you have a smartphone or use your laptop a lot, more sophisticated planners are available than the kinda crampy physical ones you can buy. I use Google Calendar religiously to see how my days should work out. This allows you to visually map how much time class is taking up, extracurriculars, etcetera, and then see where the gaps in your schedule are for doing work. You can also put class deadline into this so that you're working towards larger goals. Conversely, a big dry erase four-month calendar in your dorm room is really useful for, at a glance, being able to see when your deadlines fall. Since I'm a graduate student, I have fewer deadlines and they're spaced farther apart so I've switched to Google Calendar.

Re: College Advice??? :o

Thinking about this made me feel old, even though I'm a student again.  Facebook wasn't around until my sophomore year, and Pinterest wasn't invented until years after I completed my first grad degree, so I didn't have those two who time black holes when I started.  Avoiding time-wasters is very important.  Limit yourself to one favorite tv show each week.


A planner is VERY important.  Write down every reading you have, paper, presentation, club meeting, etc.  If you have a lot to do one weekend, make yourself a schedule and stick to it, but remember to schedule 10-15 minute breaks too.


Pick out your outfits the night before.  That saved me so much time in the morning.  Also, when you do laundry, put it away that day, MAYBE the day after.  That way you don't waste time trying to figure out what in your room is clean and what is dirty.  Also, in college I did not wear anything that had to be dry cleaned.   


When I had time, I would French braid my hair.  The next day I'd pin the braids to the back of my head, and the third day I'd undo the braids and leave my hair curly.  Go with styles that you can stretch out multiple days or alter easily.


Finally, make yourself get up and eat breakfast.  Do not sleep your morning away.  If you need to, take a brief afternoon nap, maybe 20 minutes.  If you oversleep, it is better to go to class looking like a hot mess rather than not at all or late.  Hopefully, that means it's a morning class, and no one will be awake enough to notice anyway. 

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