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Coffee or Tea?!

A persons favorite beverage can say a lot about their personality. Right now I am lying in bed surfing gazing at various eye candy items and as I am drinking my nightly cup of coffee (I know its silly to drink coffee at night, but I have so much of it, it honestly doesnt make a difference in my sleep if I drink it at night) and I was wondering which product all of you like?! Its kind of like a cats or dogs thing. Some people are cat people and some are dog people. The same goes with tea or coffee. Either people love one or the other. I myself have yet to fall in love with natural warm tea. My mom is from the south so we will drink iced sweet tea, but nothing warm or herbal Smiley Wink So on to the main topic of this "off-topic" question; what do you guys perfer? tea or coffee? If so, which brand or type is your favorite? Mine at the moment is Starbucks vanilla blend coffee with coldstone vanilla ice cream creamer Smiley Happy

Re: Coffee or Tea?!

Usually my preference is loose leaf Market Spice tea with 1/4 tsp fresh honey and sometimes (if I have citrus around) I'll add a little spritz of orange juice or  clementine to it.  My roommate calls it VoomVoom tea, and goodness is it a great pick me up! 

Re: Coffee or Tea?!

COFFEE! Oh coffee! I used to be (and when I say used to I mean about a month ago) terribly reliant on caffeine... I would drink 3-4 cups of coffee a day to stay awake until 2 or 3 each morning doing homework. Needless to say I didn't adjust well to my first semester of college.  I did drink starbucks blonde roast, plain or with one packet of truvia. I also LOVE skinny iced caramel macchiatos and skinny vanilla lattes!  Now I've cut out all caffeine and just take vitamins like b12 to keep up my energy, though. I'm really into eating clean and working out a lot, so I get energy naturally that way now Smiley Very Happy 

Re: Coffee or Tea?!

That's so wonderful to hear that your getting energy naturally! Such a positive lifestyle! Smiley Happy but I also love the blonde roast Smiley Wink

Re: Coffee or Tea?!

Funny you should ask... My fav at the moment is yuanyang, which is coffee mixed with milk tea. According to Wikipedia, this drink is named after a pair of mandarin ducks in love, floating peacefully on a lake. So... What does that say about my personality? Indecisive? LOL (the million and one pretty little things at Sephora definitely brings out my most indecisive side!)

Re: Coffee or Tea?!

The best of both worlds! Im seriously going to try this tonight with dessert Smiley Very Happy What type of tea do you use? and should you use a specific roast of coffee? Typically I use the vanilla Starbucks blend, but I'm not sure if this would taste right. 


Thanks for the recommendation! Plus I know what you mean about Sephora's wonders....everytime I get something new my heart falls in love with the next pretty product I see! Smiley Very Happy

Re: Coffee or Tea?!

Just found this and it reminded me of those who might choose a third optional beverage Smiley Wink


Re: Coffee or Tea?!

Change tequila to rrrrrum or bourbon and I'm game. LoL.

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