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Coffee or Tea?!

A persons favorite beverage can say a lot about their personality. Right now I am lying in bed surfing gazing at various eye candy items and as I am drinking my nightly cup of coffee (I know its silly to drink coffee at night, but I have so much of it, it honestly doesnt make a difference in my sleep if I drink it at night) and I was wondering which product all of you like?! Its kind of like a cats or dogs thing. Some people are cat people and some are dog people. The same goes with tea or coffee. Either people love one or the other. I myself have yet to fall in love with natural warm tea. My mom is from the south so we will drink iced sweet tea, but nothing warm or herbal Smiley Wink So on to the main topic of this "off-topic" question; what do you guys perfer? tea or coffee? If so, which brand or type is your favorite? Mine at the moment is Starbucks vanilla blend coffee with coldstone vanilla ice cream creamer Smiley Happy

Re: Coffee or Tea?!

Yay for inspiration! It's so wonderful to hear that this little old question/blog topic made you change your beverage routine. I mean, I never want to alter anyone'lid ails life, but because you'enjoy joyed this change, I'm so happy to hear it! haha and I'm just like you were, but I still am this way! I ignore all the added benefite found in tea and try and find some in coffee, just because I LOVE the taste! Smiley Wink 

Re: Coffee or Tea?!

Coffee/lattes are a must for the AM, especially when I need to be up early for work.


But come mid afternoon/evenings I switch to tea. I prefer florals, jasmine, and green teas. If I'm sick I usually just stick to green tea in the mornings, which has more caffine than the average tea. My all time favorite tea is lemon rose, it's the perfect mixture of sweet and tart. Yum! 

Whimsically yours,

Re: Coffee or Tea?!

I LOVE starbucks but really only drink coffee if I need the caffeine, or if I'm out with people. I absolutely love pumpkin spice latte and skinny vanilla latte. I've tried lots of different drinks but always prefer these two. I drink tea year round. I love it warm in the winter and cold in the summer. I love cold unsweetened ice tea, and I love warm tea as well. Texas is rarely cold, so I drink a lot more cold tea than I do warm. I love love love organic teas. Anything with the USDA organic stamp is my friend. I love african red tea(aka rooibos),peppermint/mint, white tea, chamomile....really anything but these are my faves.



Re: Coffee or Tea?!

Re: Coffee or Tea?!

omg I had PUMPKIN SPICE LATTE and it was yummy. I dont go to Starbucks often, saving $$$ to spend here at Sephora Smiley Happy

10 cups of starbucks =1 Sephora order

Sephora MOD, are you reading this??? We need more awesome perks. I am sacrifing my coffee for you !!!!!!!

Smiley Happy   Smiley Wink   Smiley Wink    Smiley Happy


Should I start a thread 10 cups of Starbucks or 1 Sephora online order?????? That would be interesting to see people's answer dont you think???? ( and some credit will be to broadwaybarbie and you sephoramusthave Smiley Wink)

Re: Coffee or Tea?!

That would be a hysterical thread! And I applaud you for the sacrifice Smiley Happy 

Re: Coffee or Tea?!

haha thanks Smiley Wink

Re: Coffee or Tea?!

I am 100% addicted to tea. I drink it everyday. <3


Re: Coffee or Tea?!

Yes, no one is allowed to speak to me in the morning until I have consumed a full day's supply of caffeine from tea. I've tried coffee many times and I have been unable to acquire a taste for it.

Re: Coffee or Tea?!

I don't drink either of them, but I will drink tea once in a great while or when I'm not feeling well (usually chamomile or peppermint). I really wish I had acquired a taste for coffee because I'm sure it would change my life in the mornings. I don't even like the iced Starbucks drinks (they still taste like coffee to me!). I used to get my caffeine fix from diet soda in the morning (gross, I know), but I gave it up and mostly drink water now (other than the rare fountain diet coke from a restaurant, because I can't completely give it up Smiley Tongue).


Smiley Happy

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