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Chunky girl + boots?

So here is my problem ladies & gents.....I've been wanting a cute pair of boots that come up to just below the knee, or some cute Minnetonka boots, but I can't find any that are big enough to go over my calves :/ I'm not a very "big" girl, per se, however, I am pretty curvy in certain places such as my rear, thighs, and unfortunately calves. Does any one else have this problem or know where I can find boots larger in the calf area?! I want some sooo bad and I feel awful about myself because I can't find any that aren't either skin tight or just won't go up at all Smiley Sad

Re: Chunky girl + boots?

HI Jessicaa- I am a large woman and I got my over the knee boots at  They have about 40 different pairs for wide calfs.  You won't be interested in the rest of the site b/c it's all clothes for plus sized women but I think the page on boots will really help you out.  If Sephora blocks the address I gave you, the store is called Woman Within and you can do a search.

good luck and have fun in those boots!

Re: Chunky girl + boots?

Don't worry. So many companies are only obliging to size 5 and under now a days.


I have pretty good luck with the boots at Bakers. They have an online store too I think!

Re: Chunky girl + boots?

Check out Karmaloop! They sell wide calf and hae the cutest styles!

Use the rep code GETGOODZ88 when ordering off for a 20% OFF discount! You can also use this rep code at for 10% OFF!

Re: Chunky girl + boots?

I absolutely understand your predicament! I myself am not a big girl, however, I've inherited my father's athletic calves, so often times with boots I have a hard time finding a perfect style. I've had success at Nordstrom's Shoe department. They have TONS of styles of boots and even if you find a style you're into but the calves don't fit, they can special order you that style with a larger calve area (if it's available). Also, on, they have a feature that selects boots for wider calves. Brands of boots that fit me are: Steve Madden, Steven by Steve Madden, Seychelles, BCBG Girls, and Frye. Good luck finding THE ONE Woman Very Happy !

Re: Chunky girl + boots?

Try Torrid. All of their clothes are meant for plus sized girls, but that being said, they have a pretty cute selection of boots meant for "curvy" calves Smiley Wink good luck

Re: Chunky girl + boots? carries "wide-calf" boots.  You can go on their website and take a look.  There are all kinds of styles.  You can Google wide calf boots as well and find other sources, too.

I hope this helps you. Smiley Happy

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