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Christmas hauls!

hey dolls! merry Christmas, what a wonderful time of year to celebrate friends, family, jesus and presents! here you can post your hauls of presents you got for other people or what your co-workers have gotten you or wait until after tomorrow to share your Christmas haul from santa! peace and love,skye <3

Re: Christmas hauls!

20131220_231005_resized_1.jpgI think I did pretty well this year!  I still have a few things coming from the sale, but it's still a decent haul.  

Re: Christmas hauls!

Oh my gosh that kat von d palette !😩 I missed it! Wish I could find one. Are the shadows buttery? 

Re: Christmas hauls!

They are pretty lovely, it was my first  Kat Von D shadow purchase and I'm really quite happy with it!

Re: Christmas hauls!

The beauty presents I received:

*Stila Art of the Fine Line Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner Set

*Alterna Bamboo Smooth Kendi Dry Oil Micromist

*Ciate Sequin Manicure Set


I also am waiting on a Secret Santa gift  - I listed some things from Sephora on my wish list, like the Nail Polish Diary, the Clinique Set (before it went out of stock), and a few other goodies, so we'll see what I get!


I did a lot of my Christmas shopping from Sephora - here's what I bought as presents for others:

*$40 gift card for my mom (also got her a KitchenAid food processor - split everything with my sister)

*Got my work Secret Santa the Deck the Halls with Ribbon Hair Ties and Bobbies as part of her Secret Santa gift

*Got my cousin Secret Santa the Formula X System with a nail polish, the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion, and a NARS lip gloss

*Got my friends 1) Ciate Feathered Manicure Set and the bareMinerals eyeshadow Black Friday deal set, 2) Nails Inc Christmas Crackers set along with a little something from Anthropologie, 3) the Ciate Tree Trinkets set and the Josie Maran Argan Hand Healers Black Friday deal.


And for my sister's birthday, I got her the Naked 2 Palette - she wanted it instead of the Naked 3 - and a Sweating for the Wedding tank from Etsy since she'll be getting married next year!


Re: Christmas hauls!

hey beauty's!

I just came back this morning to drool all over your hauls and they look lovely! congrats for you and merry Christmas!

Re: Christmas hauls!

image.jpgimage.jpgmy bf is great. He spoiled me !Smiley Happy

Re: Christmas hauls!

I got way too many presents and I am so grateful, but I am only going to list beauty type of presents I received:


3 sephora gift cards (I'm not comfortable sharing the amounts)

kate spade gift card

me by aeo perfume

stila and np palette

pop beauty grit pop palette

philosophy snow angel set

fresh sugar lip balm

Re: Christmas hauls!

i want to buy things o.O from the sephora and space nk sale sections. Like OMG space nk sale. HELP!


in any event here's what i got for christmas - too lazy to take a pic right now lol

- $50 neiman marcus gc

- my parents paid to transfer my car insurance and title to me haha

- burberry eyeliner

- olloclip lens for iphone

- a cute ring holder shaped like a macaroon

- a cheese board & knife set

- TONS of snacks that i like in my stocking lol

- a cute dress

- Uniqlo ultra light down jacket (a longer one)

- Rimmel Scandaleyes Gel Liner

- Real Techniques Sam's Picks brush kit

- maybelline baby lips dr rescue

- revlon celestial (glitter topcoat with stars and moons!)

- a nice sweater

- a memory foam travel pillow! 

- a folding stool for my makeup area

- a shopping budget for my trip to nyc 


Then i bought myself a cute ring from etsy and a japonesque brush set & nude sally hansen polish from ulta lol. my fiance and I really went all out on our families though, with both our mom's getting apple products and accessories (michael kors wristlet and iphone for my mom, purse and ipad mini for his... and books and nail polish lol) 

Re: Christmas hauls!



im broke. Smiley Sad

Re: Christmas hauls!


My Beauty Haulimage.jpg

Re: Christmas hauls!

seriously. do you look at your wallet? when look at mine i cry. lol

Re: Christmas hauls!

Thankfully this haul didn't hurt my wallet as it's a combination of gifts from my Fiancé, Family and Friends,  I am a sucker for the Holiday Sets However. My fiancé said I shouldn't need anymore makeup till next Christmas. lol. Thankfully I also received a few Sephora Gift Cards which means guilt free shopping for me tomorrow Smiley Happy 

Re: Christmas hauls!

I got lots of goodies from my hubby and family this year. Here's a photo of my xmas haul courtesy of my husband:



Can you spot all the Sephora goodies?! I was super surprised to see the Lemon Drop brush under the tree this year! Especially since I only mentioned it once and it wasn't on any sort of "list." It went a little something like: "One of the girls on BT RAVES about the Lemon Drop brush. I'd like to try it out." I'm sure you can all guess who the raver was. Here's a hint: she's spoiled. And a brat. Smiley Wink So a big "thank you" to spoiledbrat for enabling me to enable my husband to buy that for me. Smiley Happy


I also got a surprise ipad air courtesy of my husband's boss who gifted it to my husband, who in turn, gifted it to me.


As for my family, I got tons of kitchen gadgets (mom loves that I've shown such an interest in food since becoming an adult), plush blankets, beachy decor things (I dream of moving to the beach one day), VS and Sephora giftcards, towels, and other household items.


I can't wait to read about what everyone else got this year! Smiley Happy

Re: Christmas hauls!

Love the shoes!! Those are some serious great colors Smiley Happy

Re: Christmas hauls!

The best part about this haul: The bras match the shoes! =D

Re: Christmas hauls!

I'm so annoying about being matchy-matchy with my workout clothes. And you can bet that my headbands and/or hair ties match as well! haha. I'm slightly ridiculous in this aspect. *hangs head in shame*

Re: Christmas hauls!

Great stuff killah

Re: Christmas hauls!

Thanks, Roxy! I think it's pretty easy to tell I'm a gal who: A) likes to play with make up and B) who needs to work out. haha.

Re: Christmas hauls!

Wow, you must work out a lot! Good for you--I um...walk? Haha.

You were clearly on the REALLY nice list this year Smiley Tongue Enjoy killah Smiley Happy

Re: Christmas hauls!

Thank you, lilahtov! Smiley Happy Working out is *slightly* bearable when you've got cute workout gear (or at least that's what I tell myself)! I typically spend from February to August being in shape and eating clean. But as soon as September hits, my workouts go on hiatus and I leave no holiday cookie uneaten. Smiley Tongue

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