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Christmas hauls!

hey dolls! merry Christmas, what a wonderful time of year to celebrate friends, family, jesus and presents! here you can post your hauls of presents you got for other people or what your co-workers have gotten you or wait until after tomorrow to share your Christmas haul from santa! peace and love,skye <3

Re: Christmas hauls!

I already got my gift from one of my office mates. She got me VS (Victoria's Secret) Fantasies body spray and one lotion in Vanilla Lace and another lotion in Strawberries & Champagne. I'm giving her gift tomorrow, a Bath & Body Works set in Sweet Pea. The gifts I got family is too numerous given my immediate family consists of my mom, brother, and two sisters. I also want to give a donation to a cancer related charity/foundation in memory of my dad.

Re: Christmas hauls!

ahah, I was gonna post on the products I bought for friends and family, but then I realized I have bought a lot for myself too (on vacation in the US, from Canada). I think I'll have to hit this back up after christmas and Boxing Day shopping to see what I end up with after all of it!!!

Re: Christmas hauls!

I opened some presents early. iPhone, nail polish diary, a kate spade hat!


Re: Christmas hauls!

Cute hat! Owl drink to that! Smiley Happy

Re: Christmas hauls!

I got something! It's pretty rare for me to get an actual Yule gift but I got one. My spouse got me a lovely onyx bead necklace (36") 

I bought myself a moto-style jacket. It is longer than they usually are (my other one hits at my natural waist, which isn't always practical, this one is hip length.) 

Re: Christmas hauls!

@ladymeg I adore that motojacket!,@lilyyy your kate spade hate is to envy Smiley Happy

Re: Christmas hauls!

Because my boyfriend and I are 12, we had an early Christmas. (I am still a stickler for stockings Christmas morning, though!) I bought him The Art Of Shaving Black Friday set, as well as some Clinique for Men products that he is not a fan of... so we have a return in our future. 


I got the Smashbox Wondervision Mega palette that is an Ulta exclusive. I sort of mentioned it on a daily basis so he'd get the hint.  Love the product, but horrendous packaging. I bought myself Naked3 and the matching liner. Why not give yourself presents? Smiley Wink


My nieces are in middle school this year, and I wanted to make sure they got special gifts. I bought them each the Sephora Bling palette and a brush set. Their first makeup should be special. 

Re: Christmas hauls!

love your thinking jesibeads, merry Christmas to you and your boyfriend as well Smiley Happy

Re: Christmas hauls!

What a cute idea! I got Pink Sugar perfume last week, and that's it for my beauty hauls from Saint Nicholas. 

You see, I never understood what the birth of Jesus and Santa had in common. Saint Nicholas day is December 6th. So shouldn't you be getting presents then? 

Re: Christmas hauls!

Aww, your name is Skye? That's one of my very favorite names! We named our puppy Skye. It's so cute because the daughter of the kennel owners where we bring her when we go on vacation is named Skye. Smiley Happy Skye (the little girl) loves that our doggie and her have matching names Smiley Happy I've always thought it was a cute, wonderful name. Anyway, sorry for being so off-topic XD 

Re: Christmas hauls!

@marydiva thankyou so much, you brightened my day Smiley Very Happy you are so sweet, my mum named me that after the island of skye near Britain, thankyou so much that is a wonderful compliement <3

Re: Christmas hauls!

You're quite welcome! Smiley Happy

Re: Christmas hauls!

hey everyone! merry Christmas!!!! I just wanted to show y'all what I got, I cant wait to see yours <3 P.S my joujoured trench coat is displayed with me wearing it Smiley Happy (my first picture of myself on BT!)

1.)Red trench coat by joujou

2.)Hollister long sleeved white shirt

3.)delia's varsity jacket

4.)oxford university hoodie

5.) American dream lace top

6.)delias tie front hot pink top7.)200$ of forever21 giftcards

8.)food dehydrator (don't even ask why I asked for it, im so weird with food Smiley Happy )

9.) holiday greeting lindt truffle pack

10.) 10$ amazon gift card from my auntie

11.)10$ starbucks giftcard from my mum

12.)delia's combat boots

13.)hair elastic lollipop

14.)bodyshop cranberry body and hand cream (2)

15.) bodyshop shower gel

16.) Russell stover pecan delight chocolates (I ate three they are huge and they are amazing!!!)

17.)Sephora giftcard

18.) Sephora mirror

19.)peanut m&m's

20.) (2) godiva truffle bars

21.) temptation cat treats in chicken flavor (for my furry children)

22.)russel stover santa chocolate bar

23.)trident strawberry gum

24.)choceur chocolate balls (I will admit I have an obsession with chocolate!)

25.)lottery ticket, didn't win Smiley Sad JK, im super lucky Smiley Happy

26.) bodyshop cranberry joy body,room,linen mist

okay dolls, that's my haul I cant wait to see yours!

Re: Christmas hauls!

You look lovely in that trench! Merry Christmas to you, you did must have been nice this year Smiley Wink


P.S. Any extra chocolate can be mailed to me! Pick me! Haha. You are not alone in your obsession, believe me! Plus--I think the dehydrator is so cool! You can make veggie chips and such!

Re: Christmas hauls!

My place of work is one where you give almost everyone a gift (it is more like a thank you gift than anything else to those who are not your office friends).  Luckily most people I work with are ladies! I got everyone a Victoria Secret smelly (lotion, scrub, or mist) and then some baked goods I had made.  For my close friends I gave a Stila lip glaze and a homemade candle (they were so fun to make!)



Re: Christmas hauls!

@ prospon, how kind of you Smiley Happy

Re: Christmas hauls!

got Cherry in the Air, several eye shadow & eyeliner sets as well as Sephora Lash stash & Super stars set.. Santa brought me the Rollerball collection early & he redeemed the certificate for the full size Boyfriend perfume. Also, See's & Godiva chocolates, a sweater, shoes & some lingerie. I've been a very good girl this year

Re: Christmas hauls!

Merry Christmas everybody!!!! WOOHOOO!!!! Now we have to wait another 365 days till next year hehe! I haven't been on in awhile due to family events and a lil event of my own which I'll explain in a moment's time. It was hectic here this morning and just getting to relax, yes Sephora BT is my way to relax sometimes Smiley Very Happy


Anyway, I'm entirely thankful for the gifts I received today!

  • A goose feather down comforter (allergy free) THANK GOODNESS for this, so my kitty can stop sneezing from all the dust in my old one!
  • MARC JACOBS Daisy Eau De Parfum from Ulta which came with a chevron style white robe and a huge GWP goodie bag. YES!
  • Victoria Secret PJS (a tradition with my sisters)
  • TJ MAXX gift cards (my fav)
  • Automatic cat feeder with portion control!
  • A substantial check from Santa aka Mom and Dad

OH HO HO! Drumroll please *****


The reason why I've been so busy and not on here for the past week or so...


I bought myself a gift this year that I've been researching into for 4 months now, a NEW (slightly used) car! I'm a big girl now, and made my first loan last week, and I'm going to pick up the car which is 9 hours away tomorrow. For all those wondering it's an Audi A3 TDI. Diesel baby! I'm so excited, after my wreck in September with my truck I thought it was time for something smaller with better MPG, and well I always loved Audis, so it hit me. AHHH! I hope i didn't just jinx myself in the ride up there tomorrow Smiley Tongue




Re: Christmas hauls!

@spyski you sound so happy, good for you, I love seeing people happy Smiley Very Happy


Re: Christmas hauls!

All for myself one for my sister lol wowii hip hip hurray 

Re: Christmas hauls!

Hubby got me iPad Mini, Hoola bronzer and the Dry Bar Lemon Drop brush. The last two he got from my loves list and went shopping on his own without me knowing. 


Mother in-law got me the Formula X Twenty-two. Friends and co-workers got me Sephora gift cards (they know me so well). My parents and sister got me cash. Lol. I'm really difficult to shop for so they opted to let me buy what I want. 


I also ordered some some stuff for myself but due to the holidays, shipping has been delayed. Hopefully I'll get them by this week, then I can post pictures up. 


Hope everyone got what they wished for Smiley Happy

Re: Christmas hauls!

I got the lemon drop brush from my hubby too! Smiley Happy

Re: Christmas hauls!

I got lots of goodies from my hubby and family this year. Here's a photo of my xmas haul courtesy of my husband:


Can you spot all the Sephora goodies?! I was super surprised to see the Lemon Drop brush under the tree this year! Especially since I only mentioned it once and it wasn't on any sort of "list." It went a little something like: "One of the girls on BT RAVES about the Lemon Drop brush. I'd like to try it out." I'm sure you can all guess who the raver was. Here's a hint: she's spoiled. And a brat. Smiley Wink So a big "thank you" to spoiledbrat for enabling me to enable my husband to buy that for me. Smiley Happy


I also got a surprise ipad air courtesy of my husband's boss who gifted it to my husband, who in turn, gifted it to me.


As for my family, I got tons of kitchen gadgets (mom loves that I've shown such an interest in food since becoming an adult), plush blankets, beachy decor things (I dream of moving to the beach one day), VS and Sephora giftcards, towels, and other household items.


I can't wait to read about what everyone else got this year! Smiley Happy

Re: Christmas hauls!

Great stuff killah

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