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China Glaze Crackle


I'm excited, I'm giddy like a little school girl. Ulta is sold out, and last I checked so was Sally's. and everywhere else was either a site I've never heard of and therefore don't trust, or it was too expensive for me. But I just checked and it's back in stock at Sally's it was only $4.99 per bottle with my membership, and nail polishes are buy 2 get 1 free. so I bought all six shades. 
I'm so excited. I've never been into nail polish really until about a month ago. I've been applying it religiously so I don't bite my nails, and I haven't bit them since I started. lol instead I just pick the nail polish off. It's been fun experimenting with colors though, since I pick at it I'm changing it every 1-2 days to keep it looking pretty. 
so now I have 12 bottles of polish coming to me. the six crackles, 3 other china glazes, and 3 mini ORLY.
Someone be excited with me so I don't feel dumb.


Re: China Glaze Crackle

That's so exciting Smiley Very Happy I've been curious about the Crackle / Shatter phenomenon, but I don't own any myself. Be sure to post pictures!

Re: China Glaze Crackle

Yes post pic's! I have a nail bitting probem as well my nails are thin and weak and in need of some change. I'm excited for you!Smiley Wink

Re: China Glaze Crackle

Ya, that's exciting, I've also been interested in those polishes! I really like china glaze, they have a good selection of colours. Here, that is most of the nail polish used at spas, so it's really good quality!

It's good to be excited, because now you're not biting your nails, and you've got colourful, pretty, healthy nails to boot!  Smiley Happy

Re: China Glaze Crackle

I'm excited for you, too! To be able to wear a manicure and change it every couple of days would be such fun! I like to do my toes, the polish actually stays nicely on there. I would like to get the black crackle, but the ULTA that I stormed a couple of days ago was out of it.


Good luck with your nail biting cessation!

Re: China Glaze Crackle

I haven't had luck finding a Sally store that has it in stock. I've founf OPI's Shatter polishes. Foudn the balck one at a store in another town I was doing shopping in (the best shpooing cities are 70-someodd and 80-someodd miles from my middle-of-nowhere town). Happened to see the silver shatter today while at my closest mall (only 25 miles from me). It's part of OPI's Pirates of the Carribean line which I though didn't come out til next week. I was so excited.

Re: China Glaze Crackle

I really wish I could have long pretty nails. But I have to keep them short for school and work. Plus when they are long I just want to bite them more.

Re: China Glaze Crackle

@pariah: Nails don't have to be long to be pretty! Short and neat is a perfect palette for seriously funky manicures. I have been a nail polish freak lately and I just picked up the white, black  and the teal crackle. I really wanted the whole collection, but I was lucky to find the ones I did! I also found them at a Sally's. There aren't any Sally's anywhere near me, but Iwas out of town visiting a friend and lucked out!

I also picked up some other colors while I was there. I just did a mani with three of my new colors:

Skin Tight Denim- NYC $0.99 (base color)

Starry Silver- NYC $0.99 (top coat on 9 fingers)

Across the Universe- Deborah Lippmann $18 (topcoat on one finger)


Yes, quite the opposite ends of the price spectrum, but I don't discriminate. If you are fun, you're in! Especially if glitter is involved! Smiley Very Happy 


Re: China Glaze Crackle

@mermadelove- Wow, you sure sparkle great!  That's an awesome manicure!!!Smiley Happy

Re: China Glaze Crackle

You know me, I LOOOOOOVE the glitter!!!!! Smiley Very Happy

Re: China Glaze Crackle

I have to keep my nails pretty and not chipped or else i bite and peel them and its just not pretty at all! haha

I'm so excited for! You're going to have a whole new set of toys to play with! haha

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