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Cheap thrills!


It had been years since I purchased anything from the drugstore until a good friend started telling me all about the great stuff she would find. Lilahtov found those amazing Milani lip colors. Since I am on a serious low buy the next few months I thought I would give some of her product suggestions a try and VOILA! Many of the things she suggested are great!! Then I realized that there should be a thread specifically to share these low cost gems! I mean the Queen of Blending swears by Milani lipsticks, Spoiledbrat loves Wet&wild....why shouldn't I branch out? Maybelline full and soft mascara is my HG after all. How awesome would it be to actually have an idea of what you are buying, and to have even maybe have seen a swatch?  Please share your drugstore hauls, swatches and reviews here and share your wealth of knowledge! I know there are lots of us who have favorite things that come from a drugstore And for those of us on a low buy this could be a life saver! Smiley Wink 


Here I go: I bought a Milani lip liner in fuchsia ( love it- definitely worth 4$) , a wet & wild palette in Poster Child, Milani baked shadows in I heart you (red) and Must have fuchsia ( hot pink), and Revlon super lustrous lipstick in creme Cherries in the Snow ( inside swatch) and Revlon super lustrous lipstick shine in Fuchsia shock! So far I know I LOVE both lippies  and the lip liner. More to come...


All right my savvy shopping beauties! Share your best kept drug store secrets with the rest of us. I can't wait to hear and see!!!


for those friends interested in cruelty free drugstore cosmetics here are the brands found to be cruelty free so far*****

sulfate found : Milani, NYX , ELF, Wet & Wild, Burt's Bees, Physicians Formula and Jordana

Re: Cheap thrills!

Almay Stay Smooth Anti-Chap Lipcolor in Rich is my default lippie.  Must have some methol-type of ingredient because it has a cooling effect.  This line is discontinued but I made sure to buy backups. Smiley Happy


Re: Cheap thrills!

I went down to Target today and was just browsing the makeup section when I come across this magnificent Wet n Wild palette in "Comfort Zone" for A DOLLAR AND THIRTY-FOUR CENTS! That's right $1.34! I didn't hesitate to grab one.. Or seven. That is such a steal and the pigmentation is amazing! I've never tried any of their eye shadows before, but I'm sure excited to play with this tomorrow! 

The last shade pretty much an EXACT dupe of Too Faced's "Girly" and resembles Macs "Club". And the other shadows are GORGEOUS!


Get your booties down to Target and pick one of these up! Smiley Happy

Re: Cheap thrills!

Love my Comfort Zone Smiley Happy

Re: Cheap thrills!

Comfort zone is so good, the pigmentation is awesome and the greens are some of my favorites. It's great that you got it for such a discount too, were any of their other palettes on sale because I might need to do a Target run. Smiley Wink

Re: Cheap thrills!

No, this was the only one on sale! I scoured the entire makeup section to see if their were any others! 

Re: Cheap thrills!

This is one of my favorite pallettes, and I've even hit pan on it!  

Re: Cheap thrills!

I love this palette! Hope you enjoy yours!

Re: Cheap thrills!


Re: Cheap thrills!

I love it! I've used it every day since I've picked it up! Best dollar I've ever spent Smiley Happy

Re: Cheap thrills!

Glad you like it!  Enjoy!  You've inspired me to pull out my palette.  The shadow trio's are great as well!

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