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Challenge of the Week

Some of us have been having a lot of fun "shopping our stash" lately in an attempt to curb our spendings, but we're starting to get the itch to buy new things again.


It'd be fun to take part in a weekly challenge where we all try one type of makeup item/look/trend per week.  For example, despite admiring many who do so, I've never successfully rocked the perfect red lips.  If red lips is on the agenda, we all try out the red lips at some point during the week.  I tend not to be very adventurous with my makeup despite my many purchases, and I think it might help people like me to break out from the ordinary routine.  Also, it's just plain fun to play with makeup.  Smiley Very Happy  (And an excuse for those without the items to buy and test new things. Smiley Wink)



  • Red lips (week of Feb 14) COMPLETED
  • False lashes (week of Feb 21) COMPLETED
  • Colourful eyeliner - something that's not black or brown (week of Feb 28) COMPLETED
  • Bright pink blush (week of Mar 7) COMPLETED
  • The perfect nude lips (week of Mar 14) COMPLETED
  • Blue eyeshadow (week of Mar 21) COMPLETED
  • No makeup makeup look (week of Mar 28) COMPLETED
  • Something coral (week of April 4) COMPLETED
  • Purple eyeshadow (week of April 11) COMPLETED
  • Red nails (week of April 18) COMPLETED
  • Pastels (week of April 25) COMPLETED
  • "Golden sand" eye shadow (week of May 2) 
  • Glitter/shimmer (week of May 9)
  • Creative nails - e.g. moon manicure, nail art, nail stickers... go nuts! (week of May 16)
  • Your perfect bronzer/self-tanner (week of May 23)
  • Sunscreen! Try to wear together as many items with SPF as possible. (week of May 30)
  • Monochromatic look (week of June 6) <<<<<< CURRENT

And so on.  What do you think?

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Re: Challenge of the Week

@officegal:  I'm going to miss your Challenge Of The Week thread, but I totally understand how it can take a lot of time and other things need to come first.  I noticed that naturalbeauty21 has started a New Challenge Of The Week thread so I'm going to subscribe to it and I hope to see (or read, ha ha) you there!
Smiley Happy


@naturalbeauty21:  I just wanted to say that you're a doll for taking on the task of leading the New Challenge Of The Week thread!  I have subscribed to it and, although I'm not on Beauty Talk as much as I used to be, I'll be participating whether posting or not.  Thanks for taking the lead!
Smiley Happy

Re: Challenge of the Week

I like this!!!!!!!!!!!

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