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Challenge of the Week

Some of us have been having a lot of fun "shopping our stash" lately in an attempt to curb our spendings, but we're starting to get the itch to buy new things again.


It'd be fun to take part in a weekly challenge where we all try one type of makeup item/look/trend per week.  For example, despite admiring many who do so, I've never successfully rocked the perfect red lips.  If red lips is on the agenda, we all try out the red lips at some point during the week.  I tend not to be very adventurous with my makeup despite my many purchases, and I think it might help people like me to break out from the ordinary routine.  Also, it's just plain fun to play with makeup.  😄  (And an excuse for those without the items to buy and test new things. ;))



  • Red lips (week of Feb 14) COMPLETED
  • False lashes (week of Feb 21) COMPLETED
  • Colourful eyeliner - something that's not black or brown (week of Feb 28) COMPLETED
  • Bright pink blush (week of Mar 7) COMPLETED
  • The perfect nude lips (week of Mar 14) COMPLETED
  • Blue eyeshadow (week of Mar 21) COMPLETED
  • No makeup makeup look (week of Mar 28) COMPLETED
  • Something coral (week of April 4) COMPLETED
  • Purple eyeshadow (week of April 11) COMPLETED
  • Red nails (week of April 18) COMPLETED
  • Pastels (week of April 25) COMPLETED
  • "Golden sand" eye shadow (week of May 2) 
  • Glitter/shimmer (week of May 9)
  • Creative nails - e.g. moon manicure, nail art, nail stickers... go nuts! (week of May 16)
  • Your perfect bronzer/self-tanner (week of May 23)
  • Sunscreen! Try to wear together as many items with SPF as possible. (week of May 30)
  • Monochromatic look (week of June 6) <<<<<< CURRENT

And so on.  What do you think?


Re: Challenge of the Week

Teaser: I did my nails in RBL Sheer Red ( which comes out a lovely  sheer pink color on mw) with Deborah Lippmann "Today was a Fairytale" over it. I'll post pics later, but that's the start of my  glitteriffic look for this week! 😄

Re: Challenge of the Week!

@Mermade:  Hey honey!!!! Thanks for the clue!  Sometimes I most certainly need them!  I''ll stop by the drug store today and pick some up.  What would be really good was if I did have a lot of glittery stuff and went down to Hershey to the Psychiatrists Office with it on 2moro! hahaha oh, it'd be GREAT!  Maybe I will look around at the drugstore!!!  LOL

Re: Challenge of the Week

This thread makes me feel like time goes by so fast lately... feels like every other time I look in here, a new week is beginning.


Have fun with the glitter, everyone!

Re: Challenge of the Week


Loved last week challenge (I love yellows, light pinks, purples, peach and even some light green!!!). It was lots of fun, even some of my students mentioned my pastel looks!! (One even told me that I looked like an Easter egg, so I looked at her funny and she told me it was a compliment.... Not sure about that, but!!!). As far as the gold, it will be more difficult this week, I'm more a silver than gold type of person... Oh well, maybe I can finally use my Maui Wowie... I find that color pretty weird, like a rusted 1 cent!!! And I must admit that I don't really know how to use it!! That being said, have a great week 😄


Re: Challenge of the Week

I'm so excited about pastel week starting tomorrow! I LOOOVE pastels, especially since they work good on my fair skin, so I'll have fun with that! Can't wait for tomorrow! 🙂

Re: Challenge of the Week

What is Golden sand eyeshadow? is that a certain shade from a certain brand, or is any golden sandy shade ok?

We could do a Glitter/shimmer challenge.

Or something where you use a product designed for one area on another area like lipstick as cream blush, or dark shadow as liner etc.

I"ve always been intimidated by bronzer since Im so fair, but Id like to find one that works, that could be a challenge.

Maybe a moon manicure challenge, I've been wanting to try that out.

Re: Challenge of the Week

@katimae:  I'd love to see your red, stamped nails.  Try to post a pic if you can find a way! 🙂


@lashreece:  I totally flunked out on red nail polish week, too, so you're not alone, ha ha! 🙂


@kristamarielund:  If you're worried about bronzers on your fair skin, I'd try Bobbi Brown's Bronzing Powder.  It's really amazing.  I have very fair skin and with the BB bronzer there's no way to get too much on with the first swipe of the brush.  I like to use the matte, not the illuminating.  Just wanted to let you know in case you're interested for our upcoming challenge. 🙂


@officegal:  You totally rocked this challenge!  Love the pic of your true-red nails!  🙂


@sarithor:  You do great makeup work...seriously, you should consider going into the makeup profession!  Love the pics you posted, too.  Looks like you guys had a lot of fun! 🙂


@ beebrunet:  I'm excited about pastel week, too. Smiley Wink


@marinaanne147:  Thanks for posting the photo of your purple eyeshadow.  It's never too late to post a pic...I'm always ready to see makeup photos!  I will try to get a picture of my wild and unusual pink Easter dress and post if I can remember. 🙂

Re: Challenge of the Week

@tenngal: Can't wait to see your dress!

@katimae: I want to see your nails too! When my purple chipped, I did another composite nail in red for this week's challenge:

This is China Glaze Paint the town Red (a pinkish red creme) and Tony and Tina Seductress ( sheer red base with red microglitter) over top of it:



I think a glitter challenge would be fun! I LOOOOOOOOVE glitter!


Sparkle on!

Re: Challenge of the Week

I'm all for each and every one of the challenges mentioned! Smiley Happy But now, I'm super excited for PASTEL week! 


@tenngal: Thanks! Looking forward to it! 


Happy Easter to everyone who celebrates!

Re: Challenge of the Week

I usually avoid pastels because they're too pale for my yellow skin tone but I'll see what I can dig up. 🙂

Re: Challenge of the Week

@mermadelove:  Beautiful nails!!!  That's a great color!!! 🙂


I hope that everyone had a wonderful Easter!!! 🙂

Re: Challenge of the Week

@tenngal: I certainly did and I hope you did too! By the way, I was on your profile looking at your top ten products ( Smiley Tongue ) and saw the picture of you in your easter dress. I think it looks fabulous! Smiley Very Happy

Re: Challenge of the Week

Happy Easter everyone!!!!


@tenngal I see that  you're now a "Hall of Famer" - I think they hit the nail on the head!  Congrats 🙂




Re: Challenge of the Week

OMG! @tenngal & katie1724: HALL OF FAMERS! I don't think it gets any better than that! Awesome job! You are the best! Smiley Very Happy

Re: Challenge of the Week

I did this one without even noticing.  XD


Tried a Shu Uemura palette yesterday (Florescent - Graceful Bloom).  Pulled off a really soft purple look with a tiny bit of the green near the lower waterline.  Finished off with a dark green mascara (YSL's Mascara Singulier in Deep Green (3) ).  Was quite pleased with the results (someone else must have been too).


I never knew these were so pigmented.  Sadly only had a few brief encounters with the brand (in stores) but tend to love most of what i've tried.  I thought the palettes looked interesting and bought two of them about a month ago (right before they took it off the site).  Figures... I added the eyeshadow and creme blush to my list of favorites.  

Re: Challenge of the Week

So far this week I haven't had much reason to wear makeup so I painted my nails Sunday with a pastel pink nail polish called "Baby Pink".  In the picture it looks a lot brighter than it actually is.  But here's a pic anyway...:)

Re: Challenge of the Week

Just stopping by to Hi everyone! Busy, busy with the baby. I wish I could post some pics! I definitely need to get some pastel nail polish or something. Pastel make up will wash me out. I hope everyone had a good easter and is having a good week!

Re: Challenge of the Week

Hi, Sarithor! 🙂


Guys, I keep forgetting about the challenge and haven't bothered to look for pastels aside from nail polish yet. Has anyone with yellow/olive undertones found success with a pastel eye shadow?

Re: Challenge of the Week


officegal wrote: Has anyone with yellow/olive undertones found success with a pastel eye shadow?


A light, but warm green/turquoise has worked for me. Kind of like this:



Re: Challenge of the Week

I am loving gold week!  Metallic colors are my favorite, I must have 10 different shades of gold, so I can go nuts this week.  I used the golds from the Stila Color wheel palette today, found it over the weekend looking for my cuticle remover in the back of the beauty closet.

Re: Challenge of the Week

Finally got my pastel toe nails painted! I'm wearing Essie's 'Neo-Whimsical'. I'd show you my finger nails, but they're not pastel, they're hot pink. Here's a pic:

Photo on 2011-05-02 at 21.35.jpg

Wait - that does show my fingernails! Yay - 2 in 1! Please excuse the background and my weird little toes. Smiley Tongue


Would have done a pastel makeup look, but I don't really have pastel eyeshadow...I should go and buy some....

On the pastel makeup look though, I did do a pastel pink lip. It's Kimara Ahnert 'Azalea' Lipstick under Bobbi Brown 'Baby Pink' Random gloss in a tube. Smiley Happy It used to be my mom's and its probably like 5 years old...Oops. Here's the pic, sorry if my comp. washed it out:

Photo on 2011-05-02 at 21.42.jpg

Photo on 2011-05-02 at 21.42.jpg


Got to go start thinking up gold looks! Awesome! Smiley Very Happy



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