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Challenge of the Week

Some of us have been having a lot of fun "shopping our stash" lately in an attempt to curb our spendings, but we're starting to get the itch to buy new things again.


It'd be fun to take part in a weekly challenge where we all try one type of makeup item/look/trend per week.  For example, despite admiring many who do so, I've never successfully rocked the perfect red lips.  If red lips is on the agenda, we all try out the red lips at some point during the week.  I tend not to be very adventurous with my makeup despite my many purchases, and I think it might help people like me to break out from the ordinary routine.  Also, it's just plain fun to play with makeup.  😄  (And an excuse for those without the items to buy and test new things. ;))



  • Red lips (week of Feb 14) COMPLETED
  • False lashes (week of Feb 21) COMPLETED
  • Colourful eyeliner - something that's not black or brown (week of Feb 28) COMPLETED
  • Bright pink blush (week of Mar 7) COMPLETED
  • The perfect nude lips (week of Mar 14) COMPLETED
  • Blue eyeshadow (week of Mar 21) COMPLETED
  • No makeup makeup look (week of Mar 28) COMPLETED
  • Something coral (week of April 4) COMPLETED
  • Purple eyeshadow (week of April 11) COMPLETED
  • Red nails (week of April 18) COMPLETED
  • Pastels (week of April 25) COMPLETED
  • "Golden sand" eye shadow (week of May 2) 
  • Glitter/shimmer (week of May 9)
  • Creative nails - e.g. moon manicure, nail art, nail stickers... go nuts! (week of May 16)
  • Your perfect bronzer/self-tanner (week of May 23)
  • Sunscreen! Try to wear together as many items with SPF as possible. (week of May 30)
  • Monochromatic look (week of June 6) <<<<<< CURRENT

And so on.  What do you think?


Re: Challenge of the Week

@sarithor: Welcome back! we missed you!

@kristamarielund: Looking great with that blue eye!!!! 🙂

@officegal: O.M.G. I love the blue eye nude lip combo! Actually, that'w exactly what I wore last week and what I'll be wearing today. Those pics are great!! -- except for that one blonde girl with the blue going 360 degrees around her offense to her, but she looks slightly zombieish!!!!!!!!

Re: Challenge of the Week

I just have to add, thank you for your comments and I think its funny you said you can't see any reminents of a break out because I've been hiding it from my husband for the last week, cause he's like acne crazy... he will give me a 1000 suggestions on why I broke out and how to prevent next time and it gets annoying. Well, one day this week I was feeling under the weather and I didn't conceal it and he was like " Babe, you're breaking out!!" Haha, I was like " No, I broke out... I've been recovering for days now" and he was like " daaang.... you're good at concealing, if only we met in high school." LMAO it was soo funny.


Re: Challenge of the Week

@officegal, first off Happy Birthday! I hope its a good one. Second, I'm the master of concealing lol. Well, I did clear up most of it though. I don't spend a lot on my acne treatment. I use the Wal-Mart brand Equate Sensitive Skin Astringent after I wash my face, I just dab that all over and let it dry. It has about 0.5% salicylic acid, so it isn't the strongest, but it works for me. I do that twice a day. I also use Clean & Clear Persa-gel 10 Maximum Strength. This is where I use the strong stuff. I use this as spot treatment, just dab it on the zit itself and a little around it. I only do this at night, because this has 10% Benzoyl Peroxide and it will dry out my face hardcore. I do it at night because it can damage your skin if you were it in the sun. It tells you to wear sunscreen with it, but I just rather do it at night then worry about it during the day. Then to even my skin tone I use Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer with SPF 15. I like this moisturizer, but I don't know about its effectiveness to even out skin discoloration. I might try something else next time.


But thats what I do to treat it. To cover, I use Sephora Collection Concealer Palette, which I just started using a month ago and I love. I use the green tint to cover the redness. and let me tell you its super effective. I put my primer on first, then I put the green corrector on, then my foundation and again I put the corrector on ( I'm all about layers when it comes to concealing something, it seems to be the most effective way). Then I apply a concealer on top of that which I use Benefit Erase Paste. Then I set it with MUFE Microfinish Powder and Voila! Invisible zit haha.



Re: Challenge of the Week

Thanks, ladies! 😉  I'll take your advices and give the blue shadows a try tomorrow.


@Sarithor - You've been missed - looking gorgeous, I see!!!  I don't see any remnants of a breakout - what do you use?


Here are some more pics for those who are much more daring than I can ever be!  Funny, they're all doing nude lips, too.









Re: Challenge of the Week

Happy Birthday Officegal!!


This is my plan for tomorrow. Its a lot "more" than Id usually do for work, but I feel like being adventurous. 

Mac shadow in Clairity. UD liner in flipside. Stila all day liner.


Photo 67.jpg

Re: Challenge of the Week

@officegal:  Happy Birthday! Smiley Very Happy  I think the brightest blue in the bottom picture (looks like a cream shadow) would make a great eyeliner--it's such a pretty blue! Smiley Happy

@sarithor:  Welcome back!  Love your eye makeup!  Smiley Happy

Re: Challenge of the Week

@mermadelove- That nude lip look is great! And the blue shadow, just right for spring! I'm going to have to get some of that Buxom gloss, it's a cute look.


I did nude lip with MAC Wuss Monday and Tuesday and Urban Decay Midnight Cowboy gloss the rest of the days, I don't have very many nude colors and I already spent this month's and next month's beauty budget at the Kinerase sale.

Re: Challenge of the Week

@pocketvenus - Don't worry, that's not a lecture. I totally agree that a more intense eye balances out the washed out lips. What you said about AMc is true - I was too lazy to type it all out.  LOL


@mermadelove - I also love those looks that you like. It's weird but I really like the Olsen twins and their luxe hobo style.


@sarithor - ME TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My skin was fine all winter and as soon as it stops freezing, my skin freaks out and thinks that summer is around the corner. Like... RELAX, SKIN. Ugh. So so frustrating.


This has been a hellish week and I haven't had much time to on makeup in the morning. Nude lips didn't help the matter, unfortunately, so I'd say maggy made a wise decision not to participate! LOL! I'm kind of doing it wrong, I guess, but this is the wrong week for nudes for me. I've gotta stop and put on some colour tomorrow before people think I'm dying.

Re: Challenge of the Week

@mermadelove:  Glad to hear you're finally better! 🙂  Increased my daily dose of migraine meds so hopefully that'll start working for me.

@sarithor:  Sorry about the big breakout! Smiley Sad  It really bites when you buy new makeup and it turns around and breaks you out! Smiley Mad  Anyway, glad you're on the mend...

Today I've combined Shopping My Stash with Nude Lip Week!  I dug out a LipFusion Micro-Injected Collagen Lip Plumping Pencil in the shade Buff.  I don't think LipFusion even makes these pencils anymore.  It reminds me a lot of the NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencils.  I can pull off the nude lip today because I've got some wild eye makeup going on.  I don't have a clue as to what I'm going to do for a nude lip for tomorrow.  I guess I'll be digging in my stash again.  TTFN... 🙂 

Re: Challenge of the Week

@kristamarielund:  Welcome and glad you've started the challenges!  The Viva Glam Gaga from MAC is great!  I hate to cheat on Sephora, but I have to admit that I am a bit of a MAC addict, too!  You'll love that shade of lipstick because you can wear it with just about anything. 🙂

Re: Challenge of the Week

If everyone hasn't seen the new issue of Glamour, in the beauty section they have a spread on bright blush and highlighter!  Great timing!  (And some fantastic bright blush/pink blush suggestions besides the requisite Orgasm.)

Re: Challenge of the Week

I think I've only worn makeup once this week! Smiley Surprised  But today I'm back at it and I'm wearing Make Up For Ever Powder Blush in Candy Pink.  I'm loving "pink blush week"! Smiley Very Happy

Re: Challenge of the Week

Actually, this is an easy challenge week for me because I almost always wear pink blush.  Today I am wearing Make Up For Ever Powder Blush in the shade Fuchsia 26 which is a very vibrant matte pink.  I love pink blushes! 🙂

Re: Challenge of the Week

I have fallen behind with these challenges! I took photos, but can't find my camera cord!! I combined the red lip and false eyelash looks together and used Make Up For Ever's aqua cream in red(#8) for lips and a pair of volumizing Duo lashes. For the bright eyeliner I used Sephora's Nano.eyes in silver green (it came with last years birthday gift).

Re: Challenge of the Week

I just read this post and I definately want in!!  I just started workng again so i can play too!!   omg gosh I've never worn red on my lips!   I wana try Kat Von D's HellBent or Adora. 


The way you keep the lipstick or gloss off your teeth is after you put your color on, stick your finger in your mouth, close your lips around your finger (like around a straw) then pull out.  it works!


prettyinpa, i just reread your post.....your hubby is probably messin with ya!  or maybe he's afraid that when he kisses you he'll get red on his lips and his buddies will tease him!

Re: Challenge of the Week

I would love to do this as well! I purchased Make Up For Ever's Aqua Cream in Red in late October and have only used it on my eyes for halloween (I was a vampire!), but have been meaning to try it on my lips.


I also bought a more down-played pair of false lashes that I wanted to use during the day but haven't gotten around to!

Re: Challenge of the Week

@katie - Thanks for your suggestions!  I'll definitely check them out.  🙂


@everyone - Welcome aboard!!!  So the red lips should be worn for at least 6 hours from Monday to Sunday and try to keep the colour as close to true red as possible.  The idea here is to step out of our comfort zone and be a little daring with our makeup.  (And if you're already a pro at the red lip, you get to practice it some more.  :))


This isn't a rule but just a guideline so that you put some effort into maintaining the look instead of immediately wiping off the scary colour as soon as possible, which I'm likely to.


Post pics of your look or product as well if you're inclined.  🙂

Re: Challenge of the Week

oh my gosh!  I can't believe i'm SO excited about this!  office gal, this really is a fantastic idea!  I've already marked everything on my calendar!  I'm going to Sephora tomorrow!  

Re: Challenge of the Week

LOL!  Sephora should pay me commission for whatever you pick up!!!  😉


I'm excited, too!  I'm going to try to shop from within my own stash (because I've bought things with the intention to be more adventurous but rarely followed through) but I honestly don't have a red lipstick and feel that as a cosmopolitan woman in this day and at my age, it's downright shameful. 

Re: Challenge of the Week

YAY! This is so much fun. Officegal, let us know which shade(s) you ended up getting.



Re: Challenge of the Week

I am warning you guys now that the pics I post might look a liiiiiitle scary-- I only have an iPhone for a digital camera and whenever I take pictures of myself with it, I end up with this HUGE disproportionate nose! Kind of like when you see videos on TV of puppies getting really close to the camera. LOL! I'll try to get my hubby to take my pics, but if he can' afraid.

Be very afraid!

I'm going to rock my red lip TOMORROW! It'll be fine to be that bright on Valentine's day at the hospital, but I would be really freaked out to wear it to work any other day!

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