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Challenge of the Week

Some of us have been having a lot of fun "shopping our stash" lately in an attempt to curb our spendings, but we're starting to get the itch to buy new things again.


It'd be fun to take part in a weekly challenge where we all try one type of makeup item/look/trend per week.  For example, despite admiring many who do so, I've never successfully rocked the perfect red lips.  If red lips is on the agenda, we all try out the red lips at some point during the week.  I tend not to be very adventurous with my makeup despite my many purchases, and I think it might help people like me to break out from the ordinary routine.  Also, it's just plain fun to play with makeup.  Smiley Very Happy  (And an excuse for those without the items to buy and test new things. Smiley Wink)



  • Red lips (week of Feb 14) COMPLETED
  • False lashes (week of Feb 21) COMPLETED
  • Colourful eyeliner - something that's not black or brown (week of Feb 28) COMPLETED
  • Bright pink blush (week of Mar 7) COMPLETED
  • The perfect nude lips (week of Mar 14) COMPLETED
  • Blue eyeshadow (week of Mar 21) COMPLETED
  • No makeup makeup look (week of Mar 28) COMPLETED
  • Something coral (week of April 4) COMPLETED
  • Purple eyeshadow (week of April 11) COMPLETED
  • Red nails (week of April 18) COMPLETED
  • Pastels (week of April 25) COMPLETED
  • "Golden sand" eye shadow (week of May 2) 
  • Glitter/shimmer (week of May 9)
  • Creative nails - e.g. moon manicure, nail art, nail stickers... go nuts! (week of May 16)
  • Your perfect bronzer/self-tanner (week of May 23)
  • Sunscreen! Try to wear together as many items with SPF as possible. (week of May 30)
  • Monochromatic look (week of June 6) <<<<<< CURRENT

And so on.  What do you think?

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Re: Challenge of the Week

@Katie - Buy 1 Get 1 sales ALWAYS have to be taken advantage of.  Smiley Wink  And orange lips are totally back, so it's worth it, too!


Okay, ladies - this week's challenge is to wear false lashes!!!  Some inspirational looks:










I have two sets of full lashes and one set of individual lashes.  For those who have trouble with glue, DUO lash adhesive is the best.  I'll wear them for dinner with a friend tomorrow night!

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Re: Challenge of the Week

@officegal. I did a falsies look this AM, but lately I've been having trouble getting them to stay put and/or put on evenly! Cursed migraines make my hands unsteady Smiley Sad But anyway, one of my cowokers said that she really thought the individuals were the way to go. This moring I was thinking of those starter kits that have holders to help put the full sets on. So toinght after work, I popped over to the drugstore--and they were having a buy 1 get one on falsies! So I gor a starter kit with the applicator as well as individual lashes, for the exorbitant price of $8.49!!! Smiley Very Happy

I'll try them out tomorrow.

Meanwhile, here is the pic of today's look.  Pardon the bloodshot eyes!



Re: Challenge of the Week

YAY! These are so pretty. If I can't apply my own (MAC) lashes, I'll definitely be on the hunt for some new ones. They look lovely!

Re: Challenge of the Week

@katie: Ardell. This is truly a great drugstore brand! Although I think I am going to go back to my original application techinque of putting the glue on my lid and attaching the eyelashes rather than putting the glue on the lashes! It's easier and they stay on better!

Re: Challenge of the Week

Woop! Woop! I did my fake eyelashes for the week. The eyelashes I wore are Ardell 105 black. I love these lashes. Super dramatic. I did it with a rainbow eyeshadow look, that I acheived with my coastal Scent 88 palette. The way I apply the glue to the lashes is I make a small dot of duo glue on the back of my hand and I run the lashline of the lashes through the glue. Then I bend the lashes in a u shape and let the glue sit there for about 30 seconds, so its tacky, Then I apply it to my eyelid/lash line.



Re: Challenge of the Week


Beautiful as always!!! I tried that method this morning and failed miserably!!! LOL!

Re: Challenge of the Week

@mermade, yeah thats the way that works best for me. I don't think there is a wrong way or a right way to apply lashes, just what works for each person. As long as you get them on and you look fabulous thats all that matters! lol. Love your eyelash look by the way! very pretty!

Re: Challenge of the Week

@sarithor: Thank goodness, too! Otherwise I'd never get them on! Smiley Happy

Re: Challenge of the Week

I don't think I'm brave enough to do this challenge! I love how the false eyelashes look, but I feel sure trying to do it would be a real disaster. I don't have the time or patience right now....maybe one day.


Sarithor & mermadelove, love the pics! Great lashes Smiley Happy

Re: Challenge of the Week

@sarithor, @mermaid,  awesome pics and thanks for the tips.  everytime in the past i have tried false lashes it has been a disaster.... glue everywhere and lashes running up and down across my eyes.....Smiley Tongue  But, it definately is something i need to conquer because i have the thinest shortest lashes in the world!   

Re: Challenge of the Week

I do love them so!

By the way, beauties, here is a product review on the UD Urban Lash mascara for false lashes:


It works, but you MUST use a sealer after you put it on, such as She Laq or clear mascara, or else it WILL smudge!!! And that's what you want, isn't it? Black spots al over your upper lid and under eye area after you just worked your a$$ off to perfect your eye makeup and get those stinkin' falsies on??? LOL!

Seriously though, if you've already bought it use it like that. otherwise, I would skip it. Just use a curling rather than a volumizing mascara to blend together your real and false lashes. And make sure you curl your lashes before applying falsies if your lashes don't curl up. That will help blend them together.

Re: Challenge of the Week

It all sounds so complicated. Glue...curling....sealer....

Re: Challenge of the Week

@ daisy:  the sealer is just if you use UD's new Urban Lash mascara. With other mascaras, you don't. The UD formula is pretty liquid.

Re: Challenge of the Week

Hope you feel better, tenngal. Migraines are terrible Smiley Sad

Re: Challenge of the Week

I've been following these threads since they started...and just finally signed up for the boards!


Can't sleep at this point, it's 5:12 am on the west coast, so I'll just list what I plan on wearing today.  Going to be doing Clinique starry plum eyeliner or MUFE's bright turquoise liner depending on what I'm wearing today.

Re: Challenge of the Week

Well, my makeup look yesterday was no makeup because I had a terrible migraine and I still have it this morning. Smiley Sad Usually I can sleep it off, but this one is really a kicker.  Just wanted to check in and let ya'll know that I haven't forgotten about you and our challenges.  Looks like today will be another no makeup day unless my migraine suddenly goes away so I'll check in again when it's better.

Keep on keeping the world beautiful . . . Smiley Happy

Re: Challenge of the Week

The bright eyeliner looks good! You have nice eyes, tenngal! Smiley Happy

I did a glitter eyeliner look today, but I think it more belongs in the shop your ouw stash challenge, so I 'm going to post the pic of the finished look there later!

Re: Challenge of the Week

OK, I can’t believe I just found this thread last night!  So, today’s eyeliner look was eyeshadow in the color Honey and the eyeshadow color Peace from the UD Deluxe Shadow Box Palette layered over UD 24/7 Eyeliner Pencil in Yeyo.

@sarithor:  Thanks for the idea!  My version of shadow over white eyeliner didn’t turn out as colorful and pretty as yours, but I had fun with it anyway…

@mermadelove:  Your blue eyeliner is beautiful—great pic!

I’ve taken a picture, but all you can really see is my red allergy eyes thanks to my pitiful photography skills.  The only pic that ever seems to turn out decent is when I have the camera turned around the right way and take a pic of the makeup products I used (sigh).  I’m gonna keep practicing until I get it right…




Re: Challenge of the Week

Very pretty, mermadelove!


Today I'm wearing an Urban Decay pencil in 1999. It's like a plum, but not a very deep plum and a tiny bit sparkly. It's actually pretty! I like this better than the blue I wore yesterday.

Re: Challenge of the Week

My yesterday bright liner was MAC Fluidline in "Haunting," a pretty lavender with a dark purple MAC shadow, MAC "Mauvism" in Paint, which acts as a primer/shadow all in one. (Doesn't last as long as primer + shadow in hot weather, but it wasn't hot here yesterday).  All from my stash, I have a great choice of bright liners from that baby!


Today is UD 24/7 liner in Covet (bright green)!


Love all your photos, they are so inspirational!!!


Re: Challenge of the Week

@mermadelove: that's such a great look and it looks great on you!  My blue liner (see Monday) didn't look anywhere near as nice. Too bad the glitter didn't show up, bet it was awesome!

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