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Celebrity Man Crush(es)

Hi ladies! I hope you all are doing well. I just wanted to ask a fun question and start some interesting conversation. Who is your celebrity man crush? You can list as many as you want but put the most important at the top. Smiley Happy 3,2,1, GO!



1. Henry Cavill ( he is so drop dead gorgeous, I can't even!!! Smiley Very Happy If I could be his girlfriend I totally would :3. PLUS THAT ACCENT *swoon*)

2. Ian Somerhalder ( I love my Vampire Diaries)

3. Robert Downey, Jr. (I just think he's adorable Smiley Happy)

4. Corbin Bleu ( He's an amazing dancer!!)


Re: Celebrity Man Crush(es)




I love Elijah Wood!

Re: Celebrity Man Crush(es)

Okay, should have said I could listen to Eric Clapton read/sing even a telephone Book. Duh. I guess I got too excited and all discombobulated.


@veronika23 - Thanks for reminding me or Danny Pino - huge major hottie!! How could I forget.

Sure I'll be back with a few others.....

Re: Celebrity Man Crush(es)

Anyone who reads my posts or PM's will know the first 2 on this list.

1 - George Clooney **sigh**

2 - Derek Hough - DWTS - A live human walking, talking, gyrating orgasm!! **cigarette please** and I don't even smoke!!

3 - Eric Clapton - I simply love this man, could listen to him speak or sing anything, even a telephone Adore him.


Not necessarily in this order, I'll be back with a few others. Yummmm. Thanks for starting this thread, I feel cheerier and warm and tingly with my heart beating 100 mph. Thanks. Swoon......

Re: Celebrity Man Crush(es)

forgot one Smiley Wink

Danny Pino



Re: Celebrity Man Crush(es)

ok one more. It's more of the character he plays in The Originals, Elijah Mikaelson :


Daniel Gillies


Re: Celebrity Man Crush(es)

I am and forever will be in love with Sir Patrick Stewart.   <3

Re: Celebrity Man Crush(es)

Niall Horan and Shemar Moore from Criminal Minds

Re: Celebrity Man Crush(es)


Had to add Bennet (Jerome Flynn) from Ripper Street. (The one on the right)

Re: Celebrity Man Crush(es)

Tom Hardy.  Always and forever.



Re: Celebrity Man Crush(es)

Thank god someone finally mentioned him. He was beyond amazing in The Warrior - it's one of my absolute favorite movies!

Re: Celebrity Man Crush(es)

Oh my gosh the Warrior is easily one of my favorite movies now.  He is just beautiful in it.  That body, that face, he's just perfect.  

Re: Celebrity Man Crush(es)

Yes, Tom Hardy! He is so yummy. Of course, all of these celebrity guys are way out of my league but, "You mustn't be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling!" Smiley Very Happy

Re: Celebrity Man Crush(es)

Ha!  You are awesome!  I just tell myself his ring finger is bare because he is waiting for me!  Even though he is engaged to a beautiful girl, I can still dream ha.

Re: Celebrity Man Crush(es)

Smiley Very Happy

Re: Celebrity Man Crush(es)

I forgot another one of my favorites, Peter Giles. Gorgeous and ridiculously funny.



He was "The Boss" on The Life and Times of Tim, which is pretty much my favorite show ever (thank you HBO for cancelling it!).



Re: Celebrity Man Crush(es)

Henry Cavill is fiiiiiiiiiiiiiine. I really love guys with beards also.


and Jesse Williams from Grey's Anatomy. Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnee. Haha.



Re: Celebrity Man Crush(es)

Vin Diesel

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

Gavin Rossdale

Tony Gonzales

Tim Tebow

Blake Griffin

Re: Celebrity Man Crush(es)

1. TOM HIDDLESTON!!!! I die for his cheekbones and his sexy voice. Yes, I'm a fangirl. And yes, I'm currently obsessing over Thor: The Dark World and all of its wittiness.



2. Chris Hemsworth, especially as Thor. I'm kind of jealous of his hair . . .


3. Hugh Jackman (have you seen him in Australia? *drools*)



4. Chris Pine


5. Viggo Mortenson (as Aragorn in Lord of the Rings)


6. Christian Bale

Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne.jpg

7. Bradley Cooper


8. Michael Fassbender


9. James McAvoy


10. Orlando Bloom



I probably could think of lot's more, but then I think I've already taken up more than my share of space Smiley Very Happy

Re: Celebrity Man Crush(es)

I had the biggest celeb crush on Wentworth Miller for *years*. I even had a prison break poster on my bedroom wall. I have to admit, my heart did sink just a tad when I found out he was gay.


And Jensen Ackles and Ryan Reynolds!

Re: Celebrity Man Crush(es)

Wentworth Miller!! What the heck has happened to him?? He was THE reason Prison Break was so awesome. Not just because of eye candy factor, but because he played the role just exactly right. His career could have exploded.

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