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Celebrity Man Crush(es)

Hi ladies! I hope you all are doing well. I just wanted to ask a fun question and start some interesting conversation. Who is your celebrity man crush? You can list as many as you want but put the most important at the top. Smiley Happy 3,2,1, GO!



1. Henry Cavill ( he is so drop dead gorgeous, I can't even!!! Smiley Very Happy If I could be his girlfriend I totally would :3. PLUS THAT ACCENT *swoon*)

2. Ian Somerhalder ( I love my Vampire Diaries)

3. Robert Downey, Jr. (I just think he's adorable Smiley Happy)

4. Corbin Bleu ( He's an amazing dancer!!)


Re: Celebrity Man Crush(es)

oh yeah Colin and Tom! <3

Re: Celebrity Man Crush(es)

Scott Eastwood....HELLO!

Re: Celebrity Man Crush(es)

My faves -


Matthew McConaughey

Hugh Jackman

Adam Levine

Shemar Moore

Tim McGraw

Re: Celebrity Man Crush(es)

Once you get me going, I can't stop! Oh, Rob Lowe, you handsome ladies man, you.

Re: Celebrity Man Crush(es)

OMG every time I refresh BT there's a new pic. lol Smiley Happy 


Re: Celebrity Man Crush(es)

I know right! That's because this is such a fun topic! Smiley Happy

Re: Celebrity Man Crush(es)

All us ladies are going to have sweet dreams tonight haha

Re: Celebrity Man Crush(es)

Gaspard Ulliel Smiley Happy


Re: Celebrity Man Crush(es)

I have no idea who he is but he is HOTT! 

Re: Celebrity Man Crush(es)

He is a French actor! I don't know why I remember this, but when they were choosing an actor to play Edward Cullen in the Twilight series, it was either going to be him or Robert Pattinson. He is also the face of Chanel's men's fragrance Bleu de Chanel Smiley Happy

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