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Caught red-handed at work!!! WOOOPS :)

As I was doing my nails with Shellac in the office, the boss walked in as my nails were under the light! haha luckily my dad is the owner or I probably would be in big trouble! What have you been caught doing at work?!

Re: Caught red-handed at work!!! WOOOPS :)

I'm a hairstylist and I used the work at a JCP salon. My best friend worked there also and I would wax her eyebrows and lip whenever our boss had left. But we didn't check good enough because she walked right into the Wax room, looked at us and then just said your not supposed to do that. Then laughed and walked out. She just needed to say that so none of the other stylist would think its okay. 

Re: Caught red-handed at work!!! WOOOPS :)

I did my nails in first period a few times sophomore year of high school.  I was never called out on it, but I'm sure my teacher knew.  I got my work done and got good grades, so I knew I could do pretty much what I wanted.  Then on the flip side when I started teaching I behaved myself Smiley Happy

Re: Caught red-handed at work!!! WOOOPS :)

Haha i do my nails all the time at work. I'm an analytical chemist and everyone else in my lab is a man so they're all "WTF" and i'm "WHATEVER"

Re: Caught red-handed at work!!! WOOOPS :)

I personally am still in high school, so I don't have a work experience like that, but I have been caught on multiple occasions in the bathroom putting on makeup because I slept in too late and had no time to do it at home! I've also done my friend's nails during study hall, and have gotten in trouble for braiding hair in class on multiple occasions. Whoops Smiley Wink

Re: Caught red-handed at work!!! WOOOPS :)


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