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Cataloging your makeup stash

Anyone ever done this? Any suggestions or tips?


I was telling Mr. AznAngelLiz that I am going to keep better track of my spending this year (ie keep my receipts, keep an excel file of what I purchased and when, etc) and he said I should start cataloging my current makeup as well. 


I've never really thought about it but it sounds like a good idea to know what you have, when you got it (for expiration purposes), etc. 


For those of you that do this, do you just keep a word doc or have a fancier way to do this? I was also thinking of swatching the items and taking pictures for reference and in case I feel up to starting a blog in the future.


I started getting a headache thinking about all the stuff I have to do since I have a pretty sizeable to de-stress, I went shopping. Just kidding, but any suggestion is much appreciated 

Re: Cataloging your makeup stash

A year or two ago when I was cleaning out my stash I decided to make a Google Docs spreadsheet of my obsession. I try to update it after every purchase, opened item, tossed item, returned item... 

it's great because I can check it on my phone, iPad, computer, friend's computer... I just need to sign into Google & it's there Smiley Tongue 


Screen Shot 2013-11-19 at 6.09.42 PM.png

Re: Cataloging your makeup stash

I created a spreadsheet that includes drop-down boxes for type of product and brand, and other columns for purchase date, colors, price, discount (if any), and a few other things.  I primarily used the emails from my shopping confirmations folder to populate it, though I've filled in some gaps here and there.  It amazed me how I kept finding things I needed to add (esp. things I'd bought in person.)


I decided not to include samples because I was overwhelmed.  I may go back and work in samples in the next couple months, because I can see how that would be useful in tracking whether I liked things, etc.

Re: Cataloging your makeup stash

I created a google doc spread sheet and started working with one type of product at a day (sometimes 2 product types if they were very few in that types) until I'd done it all. It took a while but it was worth it because now I only have to take a minute to add things in as I buy them

Re: Cataloging your makeup stash

Got some good ideas from that thread. Thanks for the link! 

Re: Cataloging your makeup stash

Actually sounds like a really fun and interesting project! Good luck!

Re: Cataloging your makeup stash

Re: Cataloging your makeup stash

Make sure you let us know what you decided to go with and how it works for you!

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