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Canceled TV shows that you miss!

I was talking to a friend the other day, and I brought up a TV series that I really missed! I was wondering if any of you were devastated when the final season of your favorite TV show/ series was canceled or ended!  Mine are:


The Golden Girls (my favorite TV show ever): Thank goodness they have re-runs at night, and that I own the first two seasons on DVD Smiley Happy (to me it's like it's still on the air lol)


Pushing Daises: I own the first two (and only seasons) of this series and cannot believe they took it off the air! It had a unique plot, mysteries, and drama! It was also very upbeat! I'm so angry they canceled this show!


Harper's Island: It was like one long movie, extremely suspenseful and creative, and had the best twist (I almost cried at the end lol -- and I have never cried watching a movie!) The characters were all so different and just great. I wish there would be another series like this. Has anybody else seen Harper's Island?


So please share the shows you miss! I'd love to see if I recognize any! Smiley Happy



Re: Canceled TV shows that you miss!

Arrested Development -- hands down the most hilarious, brilliantly written show I have ever seen -- period. I never tire of it, ever.


I loved Golden Girls, too -- it was one of my childhood staples, along with Family Ties!


: )

Re: Canceled TV shows that you miss!

I miss Monk.  It was so funny and I was really sad when it went off.

Smiley Happy


Re: Canceled TV shows that you miss!

I grew up watching Home Improvement starring Tim Allen.  That was an awesome sitcom.  "More power!" lol

Re: Canceled TV shows that you miss!

SOOO many!!! It seems like every show I love or discover has been ended Smiley Sad so sad:

Ugly Betty- My FAVORITE-EST show in the entire world (i have all the seasons on dvd!!! I also know every episode by heart! lol)

The Nanny- Fran is the best!! She is so funny and it is very easy to watch. (i have some seasons) 

Monk- It brings out the OCD side in me! I love the cast and the story line. I love comidies, drama, and mysterys (an odd combination I know) and this has it all Smiley Happy 

Full House- Like the nanny it is funny and nice to watch from time to time

24- After months of begging, I finally gave into my friend's requests of 24... and IT IS EPIC!!! I am actually glad this one is over so I can watch it all in order without waiting for the next episode and I can rent them all from the library lol

I think that is it. 

I have tried watching Glee, and some others and they were not as good as the old shows.

Re: Canceled TV shows that you miss!

Free Radio (love me some Lance Krall)



Veronica's Closet

The Nanny

3rd Rock from the Sun

The Oblongs

Grace Under Fire

Designing Women

Family Matters


There are others I'm sure but that's what I got so far.

Re: Canceled TV shows that you miss!

I loved Family Matters!  "Did I do that?"  lol  Gotta love those 90s shows lol.

Re: Canceled TV shows that you miss!

The one I miss the most is Veronica Mars. The 3rd season didn't quite end, so I wanted more!!!! I'm also sad that Smallville is now over!


The others are mostly french TV shows

Re: Canceled TV shows that you miss!

ohhenri wrote:

The one I miss the most is Veronica Mars. The 3rd season didn't quite end, so I wanted more!!!!

I was seriously depressed when they cancelled Veronica Mars. I know it was on the verge of cancellation every season and admittedly the series declined as it went on, but even the craptacular Season 3 was 10x better than most of the other shows on air at the time!


I also miss Deadwood. Despite the crazy amount of cussing in the dialogues, it was one of the best written shows in the history of television.

Re: Canceled TV shows that you miss!

Oh and bonus points if any of you even remember:


Alien Nation


That was a pretty cool show, didn't last that long though.

Re: Canceled TV shows that you miss!

The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency. I used to watch it religiously when I had HBO and I think they are making the second season right now because I can only find the season one boxset in stores. I LOVE this series. Big Love is pretty addicting too and they are on their last season right now...bummer.

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