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Can you say ridiculous?

So, right now on Ebay, someone is selling a lot consisting of *1* of each of the Princess *mirrors*, making the whole listing 3 compact mirrors, on which the seller could not have spent more than $60 (plus tax). You know how much its listed for? Hmmm? Guess? Its increada-ridiculous.


Not $100...

Not $200...

Not $500...

Not $1000...

Not even $1500...


But $1,689.95! Of course shipping is free out of the goodness of their heart.




Seriously? Ridiculous.

Re: Can you say ridiculous?

Don't test it. The order will go through and then you'll be on the hook for payment. At thousands, the seller can and might sue you in court for the amount.

Re: Can you say ridiculous?

@lilyyy - if i order it is from Sephora not ebay Smiley Wink   what i can't unload i could return Smiley Sad    Smiley Happy

Re: Can you say ridiculous?

I shouldn't have used my original Vice palette, then I could have sold it and the new one for the incredibly low price of $3378! (Going off the model of this person, where 60 becomes 1689 >insert eyeroll<)



Re: Can you say ridiculous?

Sad thing is... Im sure there are people out there dumb enough to buy it, thinking that is how much they are worth. (I know some personally lol) 


they are Disney mirrors people! Not the Queen's!! 

Re: Can you say ridiculous?

i mean order all that from Sephora to see if it will go thru - like to see a truck drive over that box Smiley Wink  thud - kerplunk - front axel on the ground...skids to a stop!   errrhhhhhhh brakes - too late - LMAO


we can just entertain each other Smiley Happy Smiley Happy Smiley Happy

Re: Can you say ridiculous?

I know! Anytime I find something on Ebay I always make sure I know what its actually worth and what to look for when I receive it. I have only bought makeup once, usually I buy other stuff. But its crazy how often people sell things (successfully) that are still available in actual stores for way less. Thankfully I have never had a problem with any of the sellers I have bought from but I can't even imagine thinking that any mirror (especially one that is meant to get carried around), unless its crusted in jewels and dipped in gold and the blood of the last living dragon would be worth that kind of money. Smiley Tongue

Re: Can you say ridiculous?

Dragon! Anyways, with $1.6k I could've qualified for Rouge AND cleared out my love list..... *daydreaming*

Re: Can you say ridiculous?

I dont think i  can ever clear out my love list, i find something new every week! ahh

Re: Can you say ridiculous?

Dude, this is ebay, somebody sells air guitar and others will buy it. There's always those couple of ppl that post ridiculous price hoping someone will get lured in

Re: Can you say ridiculous?

Ouch...sorry as I laugh! I can imagine seeing the listing and thinking "Really?, hmmm, good luck with that!" lol

Re: Can you say ridiculous?

@beautytester And how! Gone on a serious shopping binge and still gotten tacos afterward. XD

Re: Can you say ridiculous?



1.6K just for mirrors? Girl, you can buy almost 4 vanities with that amount!! Or tons of makeups!!


I just hope no one falls for that crap and decide on getting them so these sellers incure losses. lol. #sorrynotsorry

Re: Can you say ridiculous?

I will have to admit, I bought a pair of Hunter rainboots from the website for $89 and then there was a glitch and apparently they were not available anymore Smiley Sad I was so sad but they were the only ones I wanted and that color only.  I found them in ebay magically in my size and I was so excited so I bid on them and long story short I ended up paying $135 for them.  But, I justified this because the regular price for Hunters are $140 and these just happned to be on sale for their site.  For the seller, they made some nice money off of a mistake for buying the wrong size.

Re: Can you say ridiculous?

I sold some old video games on eBay last month. In case you were wondering, the seller probably made $10 off that deal--eBay fees are really high! (Plus Paypal fees on top of that.)

Re: Can you say ridiculous?

woah I never realized they charged a seller!  Well I am happy that I got the rain boots I wanted (even though it hasnt rained since I purchased them, of course it always works that way) and the seller is probably happy that she at least got her money back so its a win win situation I guess.  Except I am now $135 poorer...

Re: Can you say ridiculous?

I guess people in other countries who can only get it on Ebay are their target demographic, which is still insane because it's just a regular product with Disney decorations. Yikes.


It's crazy to sell it for that much, but crazier to actually pay that amount LOL.

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