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Can we talk about Engagement Rings?

Off topic.. But I can't do my paper, my job keeps calling me with questions and distracting me like crazy (I took off to do this final today and it's getting nowhere...ugh)

Show me your pretty rings, or your dream rings Smiley Happy


This one is my dream ring:


....Yeah, I want to marry that ring.

Re: Can we talk about Engagement Rings?

Beautiful! Congrats!!

Re: Can we talk about Engagement Rings?

Ring!.jpgMy brand new shiny! xmas cookies.  I love simple things, and he got it exactly right. 1 carat conflict free diamond solitaire!

Re: Can we talk about Engagement Rings?

I prefer rubies over diamonds Smiley Wink


Re: Can we talk about Engagement Rings?

In high school my boyfriend at his best friend both bought engagement rings at the same time. I was with them to pick mine out. Mine was 1/4 caret and I loved it. His friend bought a 2.5 caret diamond ring.  The other girl always bragged about her diamond and would always make sure we showed people our rings at the same time so people could comment on how big hers was. The big secret she did not know was mine was real and hers was a fake. Fast forward 20 years, me and my boyfriend broke up but she married hers and I still see her at the grocery store flaunting her fake diamond. To this day I don't think she knows and I never had the heart to tell her.