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Can we talk about Engagement Rings?

Off topic.. But I can't do my paper, my job keeps calling me with questions and distracting me like crazy (I took off to do this final today and it's getting nowhere...ugh)

Show me your pretty rings, or your dream rings Smiley Happy


This one is my dream ring:


....Yeah, I want to marry that ring.

Re: Can we talk about Engagement Rings?

I LOVE marquise cuts! So timeless and elegant. My mom's engagement ring is a marquise cut diamond. I think mine will be a marquise cut pink sapphire, spinal, or morganite. 

Re: Can we talk about Engagement Rings?

They really are great. I love all the sparkle, and they are flattering on lots of different types of fingers. They used to be very popular 20 years ago, so some  people think they look dated. They will make a comeback eventually. Smiley Happy

Re: Can we talk about Engagement Rings?

this is the one i have picked out Smiley Happy white gold, aquamarine, white sapphire and diamond. 


ring 1.jpg

they have it in emerald, too, which i fell in love with first, but then i saw this one. and bonus, it's only $300. can't get much better than that! 

Re: Can we talk about Engagement Rings?

Aquamarine is my birthstone. My dad bought me a ring fairly similar for my b-day last year. I love it. 

Re: Can we talk about Engagement Rings?

mine is december so zircon/topaz/turquoise. this is just such a pretty blue, though! and i honestly don't want a ring like everyone else, and i don't want a big fancy wedding either. i already planned one that never happened (i even have a dress and had the invitations made! it sucked) so this time around i just want small, fun and intimate Smiley Happy i don't even want a wedding party! just my daughter as my maid of honor and my son as best man Smiley Happy and in disneyland. haha. is that weird? i don't even care Smiley Happy 


i just used a lot of words. way too much coffee already this am Smiley Happy 

Re: Can we talk about Engagement Rings?

OOhh fun! This is the one I have, with a 1carat moissanite instead of a diamond. Smiley Happytacori-channel-set-diamond-engagement-ring-4415rd-2-L.png.jpeg


i want to get this one for my wedding band, but haven't decided if i want to spend the $$ since i want a new car and a house lol. 


Re: Can we talk about Engagement Rings?

My fiance (now husband) and I mined our own stone. I don't know how I came up with that crazy idea, but once I thought of it, it had to be done! LOL We contacted a local geology club, and they were planning a rockhounding trip to a nearby quarry. That's where we found the stone. It's called a rhodochrosite.


My husband then found a nearby lapidary workshop and learned lapidary skills from scratch so he could cut and polish the stone.


The setting was made by a local jeweler. I wanted a flat ring so it wouldn't catch on things, and I chose palladium as the metal because I'm allergic to nickel, and nickel is often added to other metals like gold or silver. I recommend a nickel allergy test, and if you're allergic to nickel, make sure you ask specifically whether the ring has nickel.


Here are pictures of the raw stone and the finished ring. The color of the ring isn't showing well, at least on my monitor. It's a deep pink in real life.




We made more than one rockhounding trip even though we ended up using a stone found toward the beginning of the first one LOL. On another trip we found agate stones, and he made pendants out of them. I'm not sure if the rock in the picture is one of the rocks used for the pendants, but it gives you an idea. The dime is there to show you the size. I wear one of the pendants as a necklace and get compliments about it all the time.




The experience was really time-intensive, and it cost probably more than a thousand dollars because we took more than one rockhounding trip, including a trip a bit away from where we lived, requiring us to stay 2 nights in a motel. But I loved the experience, and we both learned a lot!


Re: Can we talk about Engagement Rings?

I love this! That is so romantic of your husband to take the time and do that!!!!

I have had several stones cut from our mining trips, but never got around to getting them set. I have a couple rubies and sapphires but I just don't know what I want to do with them. I need to hop over to etsy and get some ideas I guess.  Your ring is really pretty!!!

Re: Can we talk about Engagement Rings?

Holy cow! How/where did you mine rubies and sapphires?!?!

Re: Can we talk about Engagement Rings?

That's amazing! Did you end up finding a new hobby you enjoy, or was it mostly just those couple of times you went for the stones?

This sounds like something I would have talked about doing as a joke or idle fantasy, but never would I actually think I could make it a reality

Re: Can we talk about Engagement Rings?

It was a one-time project. After the ring was made, our attention shifted to planning for the wedding. Two months after the wedding, we graduated and no longer had flexible schedules that would permit going to the lapidary workshop during "business hours" nor whole weeks off in December and March. Then we moved across the country, and there are no lapidary workshops within 2 hours of here (and no Sephoras either!).


But this thread has made me want to plan our next vacation to include rockhounding!

Re: Can we talk about Engagement Rings?



This is my ultimate fantasy ring.  I'm THIS close to printing out that picture for my boyfriend haha!

Re: Can we talk about Engagement Rings?

i love pear cut halos!

Re: Can we talk about Engagement Rings?

I'm a brand junkie when it comes to something important, and I wand something cute. diamond, but wearable for everyday 

This one is from Tous. love the bear 

Tous diamond.jpg

and this one is from Tiffany <3 

티파니 다이아.jpg

Re: Can we talk about Engagement Rings?

Saw this on Pinterest a few months ago. So simple, yet so elegant!d4e45e13b255a28f9fc1cd176d656578.jpg

Re: Can we talk about Engagement Rings?

Wow, so pretty....

Re: Can we talk about Engagement Rings?


Re: Can we talk about Engagement Rings?

my cousins ring looks like that, i always stare at her hand when i see pictures pop up on my news feed

Re: Can we talk about Engagement Rings?

Wow! She's lucky!!!!! Smiley Happy


Re: Can we talk about Engagement Rings?

That's what my ring looks like. My hubby got it from Blue Nile. I never wear it, or my wedding ring. My hubby doesn't wear his ring either. After the ink dried on the marriage certificate, as it were, we knew we were married and we're the only two people who really care about that fact Smiley Happy


Rings are pretty things we trot out for big events, like anniversaries and what not, but honestly, we both hate wearing jewelry, which is why we opted for simple. But I personally hated having random people gawk at my rings and ask me questions. Besides, I love the raised eyebrows I get when people find out I am married. 

Re: Can we talk about Engagement Rings?

Same with the raising of the eyebrows. Also, no one ever asks why I don't wear my ring (because they know it's none of their business), and I like that they don't know why.