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Can we talk about Engagement Rings?

Off topic.. But I can't do my paper, my job keeps calling me with questions and distracting me like crazy (I took off to do this final today and it's getting nowhere...ugh)

Show me your pretty rings, or your dream rings Smiley Happy


This one is my dream ring:


....Yeah, I want to marry that ring.

Re: Can we talk about Engagement Rings?

Yep.  Fancy ring or half the down-payment on a house is not a tough call in my book.

Re: Can we talk about Engagement Rings?

Ten years later mine is just as lovely as the day I got it and it's been through hell, garden work, major renovations and got knows how many loads of dishes.  Plus it's guilt free.

Re: Can we talk about Engagement Rings?

We know you don't mean to be a Debbie Downer, and I'm sure the OP (IllegallyBlonde) didn't intend for this thread to be just a light-hearted, off topic thread to post some eye-candy in the jewelry world (we've had plenty of men eye-candy threads lately). The issue of blood diamonds is something that each individual will have to take into consideration if they so choose and when that time comes to where they do want to invest in a diamond. Yes, an engagement ring can be backed with the factors of consumerism and commercialism, but it doesn't solely have to be based off those factors either.


The reasoning you have behind not favoring diamonds and the ideal behind a physical manifestation and extension of an engagement through the means of a ring by all means are rightfully yours to share, and it's definitely a "to each their own" mentality. I hope everyone that reads your post can understand it as that. This could very easily be translated to someone posting in the Naked 3 palette thread, with all the buzz and anticipation its generated, and merely stating how it's just way too hyped and don't understand what the big deal is.

Re: Can we talk about Engagement Rings?

There are plenty of alternatives. These days, plenty of people use stones that aren't diamonds in their rings.


Getting married doesn't mean you will throw out your values.


Some people tend to go for the over-the-top affair and some have intimate, understated ones. Some wedding websites (The Knot...yuck) push the ultra traditional, blinged out affair, but there are lots of beautiful wedding sites that aren't about buying Swarovski encrusted cake knives that you'll only use once and custom printed paper napkins that no one will remember.


Re: Can we talk about Engagement Rings?

One of the main reasons why I'd prefer a sapphire. 

Re: Can we talk about Engagement Rings?

My wedding/engagement ring was my husband's late grandmother's.  Simple and free (and conscience-free too)!  My wedding day was the best day of my life.  I was lucky that my father had some money that he was willing to spend on my wedding.  I did not have a lavish wedding, but it was nice and elegant and I treasure the memories.  I agree that people over-emphasize the need to have incredibly expensive rings and weddings, but so long as they can afford it, I am not going to tell them how to spend their money (after all, this is a board on a website that sells high end makeup that nobody actually "needs")!  

Re: Can we talk about Engagement Rings?

For a few of these reasons I limit my engagement ring fantasies to Etsy shops. Many of them use alternative stones (sapphires, moissanite, heritage diamonds) that don't contribute to the diamond monopoly or blood diamond industry, the prices are not grossly inflated, and you're supporting small business owners, and oftentimes, the arts. 


The wedding industry is its own animal. But the growing trend of DIY weddings is helping with that, I think. I helped my best friend construct all of her centerpieces and bouquets with faux flowers a couple of years ago. Not only did she save money, but it gave us hours of time to bond with one another, and I know the same applied with her mother and sisters. It was a really nice experience.


NOW for the pretties! I'm in a natural resources field, and a lot of the time I have to chose my makeup and accessories carefully to avoid female stereotypes. (ie no red lips when doing field work. It's a problem of its own.) That combined with just my general love of all things nature-inspired led me to this set:upload_609678855650726963.jpg
Which is a moissanite .5 carat. I'd looked at bigger, flashier rings, but with the amount of dirt my hands attract, I decided that this style would look as elegant in an evening gown as it would with hiking boots and flannel-lined jeans. And it makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Re: Can we talk about Engagement Rings?

I'd say that because of wedding blogs, the DIY route really took hold about 8 years ago and isn't going anywhere.


That luxe, hotel wedding is always going to be gorgeous, but I love the pretty, elegant weddings at a farm or inn or vineyard with all the little personal touches. They are so charming!

Re: Can we talk about Engagement Rings?

I have a colored stone. It's not just diamonds that have ethical issues. I hope mine was mined ethically, but there's no way to know. Canadian diamonds are a great option for those concerned. If you live in the Western world, you have stuff produced in less then ideal ways. Let's be real. Hypocrisy is sad.


You might think it's gross, but these things ARE actually important to some women AND men, and they are not lesser for it. I couldn't have cared less about my wedding; my mom planned the whole thing without me. But I'm not going to apologize for wanting to get married or have an engagement ring.


My 10th is coming up and I'd love a 2ct emerald cut ring Smiley Happy. Not going to happen, but I can dream!

Re: Can we talk about Engagement Rings?

Not a Debbie Downer, more like a Ramona Reality. Spot on.

Re: Can we talk about Engagement Rings?

^ Agree 1,000% with this. Thank you. ♥

Re: Can we talk about Engagement Rings?

I agree with your most of your comments, especially about the wedding industry. But at the same time it's kind of judgmental to talk about the consumerism of other people when you are a VIB Rouge. Smiley Happy

Re: Can we talk about Engagement Rings?

This is my custom ring during our sketching session. The diamond (which is over 100 yrs old and a family heirloom) really looks nice in it and it is perfect. It has happily sat on my hand for over 12 years now.  



Re: Can we talk about Engagement Rings?

Mines looks very similar to this one, and I love it. I get so many compliments on it too Smiley Happy

Re: Can we talk about Engagement Rings?

I didn't get an engagement ring - but have asked that I get a ten year anniversary ring (coming up!) to replace my current silver wedding band. 


I have my eye on this one:



And I also like this one:

This is my third runner up: 



In case my spouse wants to replace his to match, I've also picked something out that's more his style than mine: 
with these bands:
All are from independent jewelers in the US, none contain actual diamonds. I'm more about something pretty in my style than I am about the value of the metals or stones. (Though selling his wedding band from a previous marriage that was actual gold and sapphires was a nice, tidy sum that we put toward expenses when we moved in together those many years ago.) 

Re: Can we talk about Engagement Rings?

for those that are conflicted with the issue of blood diamonds, if you get an engagement or wedding ring in the future, make sure the jeweler or country participates in the Kimberley Process.  it tries to ensure that any diamonds or gemstones are not from areas using them to finance wars in those regions and must be certified.  There are some areas they could improve, but it does cut down on diamonds known as blood diamonds entering the legal, legitimate market.

Re: Can we talk about Engagement Rings?


I'm a yellow diamond kind of girl, I would like the top one but with the center stone a yellow diamond. I am not getting married any time soon but I like these rings anyways, just for being pretty rings.


Re: Can we talk about Engagement Rings?

OOh, that top one is so pretty!

Re: Can we talk about Engagement Rings?

Ohhh I love yellow diamonds, but have seen too many light ones. When they are really light they almost look like a bad diamond. 

The really bright ones are usually lab created, or are a precious stone, unless it's really expensive Smiley Tongue 

Tiffany's has my perfect pink diamond, but I would never want my boyfriend to spend that money on a ring. So I can settle for a pink sapphire.

Re: Can we talk about Engagement Rings?

I always think if i received a ring with a fake yellow diamond, or yellow colored semi precious stone, i probably wouldn't even notice. 

Re: Can we talk about Engagement Rings?

My dream ring is sitting at the jeweler's, all ready and sized for bf to pick up. We chose a marquise solitaire with a cathedral pave band. It had to be made custom, since apparently no one likes marquise cuts these days.