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Can we talk about Engagement Rings?

Off topic.. But I can't do my paper, my job keeps calling me with questions and distracting me like crazy (I took off to do this final today and it's getting nowhere...ugh)

Show me your pretty rings, or your dream rings Smiley Happy


This one is my dream ring:


....Yeah, I want to marry that ring.

Re: Can we talk about Engagement Rings?

Good point on the proposal being a surprise. Knowing what the ring will look like is one thing, but NOT knowing when and where he'll surprise you with it and how he'll formally ask for your hand is what keeps you on the edge of your seat!

Re: Can we talk about Engagement Rings?

It also took the jeweler a few weeks for to make the ring once he finished pick out the parts (I just picked the setting). 


I also learned that he was adamant about the proposal being it's own special day, so he avoided my birthday and holidays, which threw me through a loop. There were a few months between that day we when shopping and when he proposed. Smiley Happy

Re: Can we talk about Engagement Rings?

Kudos to you Danny on the choice you and your man have made together. I definitely believe having a home is very important. Which for me and my guy we're going to work on a home before a wedding. 

Re: Can we talk about Engagement Rings?

We also chose house over ring/wedding here as well!  My best friend had a lovely wedding, but I think overall that year about $20K was spent wedding related -- and that seems insane for my lifestyle, our earning level, etc.  I'm not judging, and it's totally up to an individual, but I'd rather save up for my dream house (and live in the cute little one we have now).


We also made the choice because we are in a nontraditional relationship, we didn't feel that traditional "marriage" was a good description of the life we were making. We're very in love and committed for the long term, we've been together about 5 years so far.  If we really grow apart or our lives take seriously different directions, or in 10 year we aren't right for one another/don't want the same things any more, we will re-evaluate; this means more to use than traditional marriage.  We also take a bit of a stand to call attention to marriage inequality (i.e. gay, and other marriage issues).


All of that being said, it's not meant to be a damper on this fun thread at all Smiley Wink, just a broadening of the discussion to play off what has already naturally come up in comments!  


On to the fun stuff ---


I had never heard of tension rings, and love some of the rings on here!  Neat.  I love ring "sets" where there is a band and a ring that fit or go together and perhaps both have stones, I like that "chunkier" band style.


I also love the ring that OP posted as her dream ring, really pretty and kind of "historic" looking to me, while still clean and modern overall.


Hate to sound like a downer AGAIN, but I can't deal with diamond mining/the diamond industry -- so I am hugely in favor of "recycling" the stones from a family ring if possible, or choosing something (probably not a diamond) that certifiably sourced.


I also heard about this cool charity where they accept donations of unwanted diamond rings (i.e. from a divorce) for a tax write off for the donor -- and then they make the stones available to people who are getting engaged.  AND a donation (the bulk of the value) goes to charity of their choice when the new couple buys a stone/ring.  This seemed really cool to me, and the realities of [avoiding supporting] diamond mining far outweigh any superstition for me of having a "used" stone.


Back to the fun stuff: I LOVE nontraditional rings and colored stones of all kinds as wedding/engagement rings.  So cool.  I particularly like yellow stones, and star sapphires.

Re: Can we talk about Engagement Rings?

tension rings are so cool but i would still always worry about the diamond falling out!! even though i know that that is not a common issue.. it just seems so scary to me Smiley Surprised

Re: Can we talk about Engagement Rings?

My bf and I went to a local jewelry show this year and this one vendor B.Tiff caught his eye because they work in stainless steel and their designs tend to be more on the clean-cut/linear line. There's definitely a very mechanical feel to their pieces and since he's a long-time mechanic and technical guy it instantly grabbed his attention.


They have some pretty nifty tension rings on their site:


There was no ring purchasing for us, but he did buy me a necklace, it's a circular stainless steel pendant with a silver cursive "L" on one side and on the other is another "L" but it's more etched in with a gem accent.

Re: Can we talk about Engagement Rings?

Gorgeous rings !. I haven't a clue what kinda ring my guy will get me in the new year but be it cheap or expensive, I will fall in love with whatever he picks for me :-)

Re: Can we talk about Engagement Rings?

I have a split-shank halo with a round diamond in it. When I first saw it, it was one of the few rings the jeweler had set with a diamond (since most buy the stone separately).  My husband did a great job picking out a stone for the setting I liked. Smiley Happy



Re: Can we talk about Engagement Rings?

That's gorgeous!

Re: Can we talk about Engagement Rings?

who makes this setting!!!??

Re: Can we talk about Engagement Rings?

Mine? It's by Norman Silverman. I'll paste in the "where to buy" link from his website (remove the spaces).


Split shanks and halos are big right now, so you can probably find similar ones in many stores. What I aob ed about thwas one was that the setting isn't too high, so it doesn't get caught on anything and I can still wear my leather gloves. Smiley Happy


http:/ /normansilvermand

Re: Can we talk about Engagement Rings?

I just love halo settings 

Re: Can we talk about Engagement Rings?

Same here! Some people said they were trendy and would go away at some point, but I don't care. I love that setting!

Re: Can we talk about Engagement Rings?

I will marry the first guy who can get me a Tahitian black pearl with black diamond accents, set in a black gold ring. Not kidding.

Re: Can we talk about Engagement Rings?

Do you have pictures of something like that?? I'd have never thought of it!

Re: Can we talk about Engagement Rings?

I wish! Such a ring does not exist sadly. But it needs to!

Re: Can we talk about Engagement Rings?

Check out artmasters on Etsy Smiley Wink No pears but pretty sure they can make it. Here's a sneak peek Smiley Wink 



Re: Can we talk about Engagement Rings?

I actually pinned artmasters on pinterest awhile back... didn't realize it was from Etsy though! 

Re: Can we talk about Engagement Rings?

I LOVE ETSY!!!!!!!  seriously am on there all the time. 

Re: Can we talk about Engagement Rings?

SAME! my boyfriend bought me a necklace for the holidays on Etsy...I think he was lurking all over my favorites list Smiley Tongue 

Re: Can we talk about Engagement Rings?

ME TOO!  I love it for vintage stuff mostly but they do have some great new stuff as well.  One of my fav places to shop. lol Smiley Happy


Although his shop is closed until Jan 1st check this guy out: ConcreteStarDesigns.  Love his stuff!

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