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Cake Batter flavored Chap Stick !!!

I was in WM a few days ago and ran across Cake Batter flavor / scented Chap Stick !!! Who knew ... I was so excited I bought all of them  (5) since I will inevitably loose them or they will end up in the washer or gawd forbid the dryer and ruin my jeans. UGH hate when that happens. SO what other flavors of Chap Stick are out there that are unique???

Re: Cake Batter flavored Chap Stick !!!

I've been curious about the green apple one myself. I saw the cake batter one the other day when waiting in line after grocery shopping. I was tempted to get one but I already have a dozen lip balms.


Glad I'm not the only one that has lip products go through the wash. I've lost count of how many lip balms and glosses I left in pockets. I recently left a mini Fresh Sugar Rose lip balm in the pocket of one of my work pants. Uhgh!

Re: Cake Batter flavored Chap Stick !!!

lip balms if I really like them go by fairly quickly I used one up in a month over in the desert 4 yrs ago, I was so proud of myself. Usually I don't like food flavored things on my body, but that called out to me. Turns out I love them and might pawn one off on my husband and 1 off on my sister so i'm not stuck with all 5 of them. But yes the laundry has eaten so much of my stuff and my fresh sugar lippie ended up the the washer too very sad day. Oh no in the work pants yikes hope no major damage was done as i know how that can be from first hand knowledge. Smiley Happy

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