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Bye, everyone! :(

Hi, everyone. Just wanted to tell you all that you won't be seeing{or reading from me} anymore here on beautytalk{well at least not as much as i usually do}

It's just that I found i was spending too much time on here{i mean 3 hours a day!}

And because of it, I was really putting off more important things that i needed to do, and my life got really bad because of it.

I just wanted to say that I do have fun on here talking to all you girlies about makeup, but I do have other important things to do, and I don't want to have my life get really messed up again.

I need to be balanced.

I may post something here and there, but not on here day and noght as before.

Just wanted to say farewell. I didn't want to worry my good frinds out there on beautytalk.

Thanks to prettyipa,sephoramustahave,tenngal,artemisgem, cleocorky, katie1724, j12003, likeavampire,mermadlove, katimae, and many more for giving me a great experience here on beauty talk!

It's been a joy and pleasure, but I have to get backk to my real life now....

Hope you gals have fun on here.... but at the same time being balanced, that's what I learnes=d the hard way...

C ya,

thanks to all of you!

Cheers to beautytalk and the great friends I made!

Brooke{Bee} Smiley Happy

Re: Bye, everyone! :(

Bee, my friend, I will miss you, but I completely understand.  Beauty Talk can become quite an addiction and it's easy to let hours go by without realizing it and then other things in your life don't get accomplished because of it.  I have been spending less time on Beauty Talk as well and just now saw your post.  I am trying to do the same as you and better balance myself by spending less time on Beauty Talk and spending more time with family.  I will miss your uplifting, wonderful posts, but I do understand.  Be sure to pop in from time to time and keep in touch.  Your Beauty Talk friend forever, tenngal. Smiley Happy

Re: Bye, everyone! :(

So formal Smiley Wink

That's almost a full day a week that you will have to enjoy for the spring/summer enjoy!!!!!



Re: Bye, everyone! :(

ugh I know what you mean! It's good to take a break every now and then. I remember once I didn't go on beauty talk for almost a week which was very good for me to do and now I can better monitor my activity.


Have fun! your advice will be missed!

Re: Bye, everyone! :(

 I know just what you mean, Brooke! I was on bt so much I gave myself carpal tunnel! I've cut waaaay back on all of my sites. Good luck with everything. You will be missed!


Re: Bye, everyone! :(

Good for you Bee, that you are taking care of your life.  I will look forward to your posts whenever you have time to interact on Beauty Talk.


Anytime you want to say hi, just PM me, I always love to hear from you, my friend! Hugs!!!!

Re: Bye, everyone! :(

Message board addictions are really difficult to break because you keep wanting to check to see if people are responding to you. And I get that a part of the reason people post goodbye messages is to attempt to stick to the self-promise to stay away. You're not the first to be addicted. I've been there. Smiley Wink Beauty Talk really has become a community and it's nice to belong somewhere.


Having said that, you've already posted a few times in this thread even after a dramatic goodbye. I can see that it's going to be a difficult battle. All I can say is I hope you find the strength and courage to deal with whatever issues are plaguing you and don't feel guilty about enjoying your time here or even posting. But do try to adhere to the rules you set up for yourself (generally in life, not just about this), because you made a decision to do better and you made that decision based on good reasons.


I'm guessing that Beauty Talk isn't really the problem but it can become an excuse. If it's not Beauty Talk, something else might substitute for it. That's the thing with addictions. So be mindful of that and confront your issues head on! I'm sure you can accomplish it.


We didn't talk much but I hope you don't mind my advice which most definitely comes from having been in the exact same boat at some point in my past. I used to feel guilty for spending a lot of time online when I didn't pay attention to the people directly around me in "real life." If your issues are very serious, I hope you seek guidance from parents, teachers or other trustworthy people around you before things get more out of control. And for the times when you need more than the people around you, BT will still be here.


Brooke, I'm going to challenge you to stay away from BT for ONE FULL DAY. You don't have to do it, of course, but I hope you do. Not to prove yourself to me or to the rest of us but to yourself that you have the will power and strength. It gets easier after that. Baby steps, right? Once it's under control, or when life gets better/worse, let us know how you progress, okay?


Good luck, Brooke!

Re: Bye, everyone! :(

One Day at a Time Brooke!  Smiley Happy

Re: Bye, everyone! :(

Thanks for being so understanding everyone! You're good friends! Smiley Happy

Re: Bye, everyone! :(

Right there with you! I cut waaaay back a few weeks ago.  Isn't this addicting?

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Re: Bye, everyone! :(

yup.... Smiley Happy

Re: Bye, everyone! :(

Aw Brooke! You will be very missed but we all understand why you need to take more time for yourself! We look forward to seeing you around BeautyTalk whenever you have extra time.


Take care!



Re: Bye, everyone! :(

Aww I'm going to so miss your awesome posts! I hope you get the things you need done and when you get a chance to come back on message me! I also was on here a little much in the beginning and was neglecting my homework (college) and was falling behind (mainly because I was putting it off and getting consumed by beauty talk and 5 minutes would turn into an hour)!

Hope everything works out and everything starts becoming balanced again for you!  

Re: Bye, everyone! :(

Well, Brooke, you will be missed.  But I have a feeling you'll be back a more reasonable amount of the time. And then you'll appreciate it more.  I started getting involved  on BT when I was spending way to much money on Sephora.  for me it was a way I could stay in the makeup scene but not spend money. So see, I had gotten in a really bad place with it too.  I know that with summer coming I'll be inside less often and won't be on quite as much  again til next Fall.  You are doing the right thing for you.  We all get a little OCD on here and it's really good that you caught yourself. Very mature.

We'll see you around.Smiley Wink    (((((hugs)))))


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