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Okay so I kept hearing a strange noise in my kitchen.  It sounded like some type of bug chirping.  I went in, turned on the light and saw nothing.  I turned the light back off and then heard it again a few minutes later.  This time I grabbed a fly swatter and turned the light back on. 


So what do I see....a cricket/grass hopper (not sure how you tell the difference) at least 4 inches long on the wall over my kitchen window.  Now I am freaking out.  I am not a bug girl.  I am trying to figure out how to kill it without it attacking me (yes I know that this won't really happen, but that isn't what goes through my head when I see a bug - blame all the B horror movies I watched as a kid).  So as I am arguing in my head between just going to bed, hoping that someone else kills it later or putting on my big girl panties and taking care of it.


So, what do I do, I get the vacuum, pull out the handle and suck it up.  So now the bug is alive and well in the vacuum container.  I'll just leave it in there and make someone else get rid of it in the morning.


Just wanted to share.  I can't be the only one that had been creative in getting rid of a bug.

Re: Bugs.....

I'll stick with the lucky jade peanuts that one of my coworkers brought me back from Taiwan.  I'd rather the crickets stay outside my house. Smiley Happy


Re: Bugs.....

Okay so we just got back home from a mini Labor Day shopping spree.  After we finished watching the end of the Ohio State football game, my mom wanted to watch something other than football.  I was channel surfing and we came across the Indiana Jones movie marathon on USA.  So we are watching Indiana Jones & the Temple of Doom and they just had the scene where they are headed into the temple and there are all those bugs on the floor, walls, etc.  I have the heebie jeebies just watching it.  When the bugs were crawling on her arms & in her hair, I was wincing.  ugh!

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